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How To Charge Batteries Using A Solar Garden Light

charge batteris with {solar lights} garden light.I frequent a blog I’ve picked up some extremely valuable info and advice over there and this one resulted in an experiment I tried my self. It never dawned on me that the 4 buck {solar lights} garden lights that walmart sells,have rechargeable batteries un them. AA,s no less. It was a poster named “riverrider” that told me about this and sure enough when I went to the garden dept. In wallworld to find these.I popped one open and its a common rechargeable AA battery. It’s a great thing to know that,in the event of no electricity,you can still charge a battery with something as simple as a chinamart {solar lights} garden light. In the language of my childhood locale,it’s wicked cool!!!


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29 Comments on "How To Charge Batteries Using A Solar Garden Light"

  1. Isis Nite says:

    I had 40 of this use for nite lights some one stolen I'm omg people are ads holes try to save and they walk in you

  2. Jb Bennett says:

    A while back, after a huge storm, we were off the grid for a few weeks.  My wife hated being without electricity and she wasn't too hip in loading ammo in the dark, so I mounted our solar walkway lighting to the fence that had the most available sunshine. There were about 12 miniature lanterns.  My wall in the living room has about 16 feet of book shelving, so I spaced these out and our living room was well lit for almost 6 hours a night.  Some of our neighbors had noisy generators that kept them up all night long and also attracted riff raff that we didn't want.  We were prepared for the robbers who thought the house was vacant and chased them away.    I like your vid, that's really smart to pivot or angle the solar panel to get the most of your charging time .  Thanks!  Jb.

  3. spratsprat says:

    Couldn't you line a bunch of these up and connect them to a inverter like that runs of a car battery?

  4. Jiust saw this, three and a half years later, LOLOL. Better late then never, eh?  I guess you prolly figgered out if you use the adapter sleeves to go from AAs to AAAs, you can charge AAAs too.  I used one of these as a driveway marker, cuz I'm always losing my driveway when I'm out on the road after dark. Ripped the flag off of a bike safety flag, then mounted the solar light on top of the pole, wormscrew-clamped the whole now-4 foot tall unit up onto one of my wrought iron gate sticks, and….tada, I don't get lost any more!

  5. I found these at Walmart for $1.  I got a whole mess of em.

  6. do you have a link?

  7. hexsol13 says:

    They sell solar power AA battery chargers…

  8. Ariel Diana says:

    My roomates' buddy rides his bmx bike around the neighborhood late at night collecting all the lights he can find!Calls it goin 'yard sale'n'! 

  9. Craig Arndt says:

    I just picked up a few of these today, while looking them up I find that you did a video a few years back!  We will see how well they work.  You have to look through them at my Walmart because most of the batteries were stolen out of the units.

  10. He can't freakin' help it, he's like a moth and stupid is the street light. Liked the vid!

  11. Facc to tum says:

    Very good, i love it, thank u

  12. good idea! ill try better batteries.

  13. jayangli says:

    I like u roll? Good battery recharge method thanx

  14. 1997cr80r says:

    Rip the led's out so if you for get it out it won't drain the battery's

  15. haha and im from malaysia with just the same weather but currently living in uk with sucky weather so cant wait to go back and use this 😀

  16. lol you've said it all… people this days are sooo stupid

  17. I agree BCtruck…I rather buy the 3$ solar light one time instead of 20 batteries over and over…makes sense to me!

  18. the funniest thin on this video is the box of .22's in the back ground. I love it 🙂 I did put my rechargeable AA battery's in the to them. your upgrade to the tilt and yaw is a bit better.. Thanks for the upload and thanks for your time. great video..

    p.s. It does work…

  19. luznegra says:

    can we have a video about the redesign ?

  20. the fn batteries you buy for $3.00 are not rechargeable. the sun is free. why are you so dumb?

  21. j says:

    You have to buy solar lights so its not free. Spend $3 on a solar light or $3 on a fn pack of batteries.

  22. Sum faget says:

    perfect for hand held radios that take AA batt.

  23. thanks! ive since redesigned this and did that very thing. great advice!


  25. i love solar power. im just dabbling in illumination by solar but ive used solar to cook with extensively. thanks for watching!

  26. Joel says:

    Technically this is a rechargable flashlight. I am considering converting a flashlight, solar panel and rechargable battery into a floodlight for my shed. Solar Power is cool!

  27. Sasi Mallik says:

    Thanks. Really helped your video. I am from India with sunshine all through the year.

  28. LMAO I see the box of 22 bullets and I am wonderin if this dude shot the holes in the piece of wood lmaooooooooo

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