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This is an older video that I thought might be helpfull. I get alot of questions on buying {solar lights}. There is a ton of data on a {solar lights} that most of us including me say “what”.. Im going to try to show what I feel is important. When buying panels remember quallity,voltage,shipping costs,UL listed or not and cost. You can buy some top of the line panels that may not out last or out perform some of your less expensive moduals. I am not telling you wich way to go Im just sharing information the best I can..


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  1. Yep, if you use them to charge batteries, you will lose rated power out put, unless you use a mppt type of device…

  2. Idaho Spyder says:

    Was hoping this would answer some questions….instead you show how to mop your panels.

  3. Doug Mcginn says:


  4. You can learn more about it on INPLIX website.

  5. barackafeller is a nazi not a conservationist

  6. Go to Inplix if you'd like to build it yourself

  7. Berisso Geda says:

    I want to buy one for my trip to Africa, I want one that can light their house and power TV etc. I don't to spend more than $1000+$2000. please give me a suggestion anyone.

  8. dura max says:

    @ 4 minutes you state that when buying panels to make sure that the panel voltage is at least 4-5 volts higher than what one would expect to pump their batteries up to. Can you please elaborate on this for me/us. I want to get started in an off grid system and want to make the right choices the first time around.
    Thanks for the great video as well.

  9. WarsunGames says:

    You Sir have been useful in information.Where as others have not.Thank you.

  10. "These solar panels are keeping my guns dry."  Love it..

  11. wow!  I never even  thought about cleaning my solar panels!  I guess I just thought that rain would take care of it.  Well, I'm really glad I decided to mount my panels on ground racks.  I certainly wouldn't want to keep going up on the roof to clean my solar panels :)

  12. Alf Cara says:

    hehe…you have a tendency to mumble.

  13. Sounds like someone is on the shower singing lol

  14. The more you walk a roof the quicker you will have leaks.

  15. 808IslandWS says:

    1:36 man o man that dude singing in the back ground. LOL

  16. Red Squirrel says:

    Do panels have standard sizes?  If you buy them off Amazon or something will you be able to buy the same size/output/rating years down the line?

  17. Shawn Oswald says:

    Love this video. Especially the Obama crack!!!. Also anyone ever tell you your voice sounds like Ron white. I kept picturing him as you were talking. Love it. Great vid man!

  18. Nirotix says:

    What my political views are and who I would vote for are none of your concern or anyone else's watching video's like this. So what… you are energy forward thinking, no need for some ash sole to comment on who you support.

    Glad you put that out there and in perspective. Thank you, great video. :)

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