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How the sun sees you

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We showed people what they looked like in ultraviolet, & wondered aloud if they wanted to put on some damn sunscreen already.


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46 Comments on "How the sun sees you"

  1. sunscreen secretly makes you black. thats why white folks love it

  2. Juliana Chen says:

    I love this video so much

  3. What camera and lens filter did you use? I want to get one for a T3 I camera and do cinematography with that

  4. Future Generations are gonna laugh at how stupid and small minded our times were, for the simple fact we look at "skin colour" as a "Race"? Come the fuck on ppl there's actual meaningful shit to worry about then skin tone. Let's say Jesus was (if he exists) was white. Do you think he would be favorable to a certain "Skin Tone", if so would that make him a righteous GOD?

    Live for the next life.

  5. Lol the comments section

  6. Miss Harmony says:

    This just shows you that sunscreen have melanin in it. No wonder people that lack melanin buy this shit all the time.

  7. The Turth hurts white people that's all …one mf talking about the smiles another mf talking about we being racist. we not being racist the video shows how the sun (a life giving source burns, ages and destroy a white person's skin) while darker skinned people are protected it's just a fucking fact.

  8. Jocelyn Wise says:

    WHITE folks just tell the sun that "whites lives matter"!!LMAO

  9. Red Hawk says:

    Very interesting, we should all wear sunscreen. This video made me really appreciate sunscreen lol

  10. No matter what skin color all evil people spirits look the same. Righteous white people that obey the Torah their spirits will shine amber like the sun. Shalom

  11. Those who cant get past judging itself, but even a whole race, how can you say ur a child of your GOD. How many things would GOD, ALLAH, BUDDAH or ever would except the shit comin out the mouth of their followers. People talking like money means anything, all it is, is a certificate for living. celebs make videos about being faithful to their relegion while talking about having goons to do their dirt, bragging about living an upper class lifestyle like it defines you and getting fucked up in the club. PRAY, thats all im gonna say just PRAY for you souls, because most and by most at least 90 percent will be taken against their will by the evil pressence lurking in the after life. I'm not saying im more perfect then most but I do have a non biased, non hypocrytical and RIGHTEOUSS soul, thats why death does not scare me, so for the sake of your souls……..PRAY.


  13. Our sun keeps us healthy. We should allow it reach our skin; to produce the hormones necessary for a healthy immune system. We should sungaze; staring at the early morning sun promotes good eye health. It decalclifies our pineal gland. Important for Alzheimer's prevention. Furthermore, most sunscreens are toxic and react with chlorinated water to produce CANCER. Please research the importance of sun-to-skin exposure… And choose other methods to prevent burn.

  14. Joey T says:

    i don't think white folks are from this planet…

  15. Moor Nation says:

    The sun exposing who the devils are.

  16. Yaki Tok says:

    At School, the kids try explaining how exactly they turned black yesterday. Teachers were forced to call the kids parents, Explaining how they're not racist for misunderstanding their children.

  17. I feel so blessed. And I am about to start wearing sunscreen.

  18. Even the sun hates you motherfuckers

    Liquid Africa ain't got shit on Melanin

  19. Jason Bailey says:


  20. Grew up in the tropics, so having brown skin gives me the needed protection against the sun – since I started wearing sunscreen three years ago, I noticed that compared to my peers of the same age, my skin was able to stay less "aged". Do your skin a favor folks, you won't regret it once you get old! 😀

  21. The moment some of them realize that you kinda need to be black and have that melanin gold to not burn in the sun, is just priceless!!! LOL!!! How is the hate gonna stop when you know can't jump higher, outrun , dance better, sing, compete,age better and have more melanin than them?!!!. They try to put us down but with history and science that's out there, it is futile to try and pin us down!!! I like this video and I'm gonna share it before it's taken down!!!

  22. Sunscreen is deadly to your health because the chemicals in the sunscreen are absorbed into the body.Steer clear of chemicals and you will steer clear of many illnesses. Wear a hat to cut down on the sun. Never, ever wear sun glasses because your eyes NEED the sun and the nutrients it gives. Please know that fluoride contributes to teeth stains. The disease is called fluorosis. A chronic condition caused by excessive intake of fluorine compounds, marked by mottling of the teeth and, if severe, calcification of the ligaments. If fluoride can stain your teeth it can also stain your skin. Drink well water, reverse osmosis or purify your water with sunlight.

  23. 🌈🦋I appreciate the calm beautiful music you have picked for this video,beautifully done.

  24. TheWalper says:

    IDK why but people in black and white colors look prettier

  25. Chifish says:

    So we are all people of color?!

  26. Majid Nobles says:

    With this video alone, my habits have changed. I have used sunscreens every time since I have watched this video a year ago.

  27. gi4dtv says:

    So that means everyone that uses sunscreen is doing blackface(racist and offensive) XD

  28. Yasha El says:

    Just look how surprised and happy they become when they see their pale skin melanated. The young lady @2.23 is just speechless! In awe of what she is seeing. I would love to know what was going through her mind at that moment!

  29. 01BugLady says:

    I am a white woman. I love my skin 💚💚💚 if you are a black woman I love your skin. If you are a red woman,a brown woman, a green woman I love your skin

  30. Adria Jones says:

    Black people were made to be in sun driven environments. Truth. White people were made to be in cold environments.. not so true. Blacks benefit from being in the sun but whites don't. If whites were made to be in cold environments, then they should benefit from the cold, like we benefit from the sun… but they don't. The cold doesn't benefit white people. In fact, they get frost bit jus as quick as a black person, if not quicker. They aren't natural to the planet

  31. zlw82498 says:

    Lot of we wuz kangz afrocentrists in the comments. "White devils" have melanin too you know? If we were white, then I'd be an albino. And don't give me that recessive gene bullcrap either!

  32. "BLACKS" are full of carbon and melanin which is condensed sunlight. We R the sun 🌞

    Anybody who ain't "black" is VAMPIRE

    ESPECIALLY WHITES lol oh the envy

  33. These bastards are not human..

  34. Black don't crack. XD

  35. Sunscreen secretly mocking black people!

  36. M'Ceek says:

    Why not try this kind of camera out for paranormal?

  37. Dwayne Corry says:

    This video gives validity to the fact that black people are the original people of this planet therefore proving undoubtedly that caucasians are a mutated species of human .

    This video also can give validity to caucasians being unnatural giving reason to there nefarious mentalities over the entire world and within their lifetime existence and currently!

    The sun gives Life to every living being on Earth!

    When Caucasians are in the sun without melanated (Melanin is the chemical that gives black people our skin color) sunscreen they will have a plethora of illnesses that can lead to fatalities even with sunscreen.

    A hue-man is a person that is naturally & original in color! Anything other than that is unnatural.

  38. lmao the most natural thing created HATES them oh dear no wonder they forced black folks into cotton fields their pasty skin couldn't take it……cancer on this planet Caucasians even the sun thinks so lol…I love it.

  39. MrParitoshJ says:

    We all become niggers in UV

  40. Why the hell is the comment section a sea of racial salt?
    I completely understand why upon seeing this video black people would be proud to have melanin or a "natural sunscreen". So what's everyone's problem? And yeah, sunscreen is an artificial melanin more or less! Why the hell is everyone so offended?
    Our skin ages the worst because it has the least melanin! It's basic science.. stupid to start fights over.

  41. Sunscreen: culturally misappropriating black people since 1946.

  42. Black Panzer says:

    I was gonna save this video on favorites to show people as an example of how racism is bad but I had to forget about it when I saw this was full of racist comments…

  43. The sun is natural and makes EVERYTHING on this planet grow and live yet for some reason our idiotic society has decided we need to block the sun from "harming" our skin?? Sorry is it just me that thinks this is madness? In fact I know it's not just me. When you put sunscreen on it not only stops your body being able to produce vitamin D which is essential to preventing cancer but also you're putting chemicals onto your skin. I don't care if the bottle says "non toxic" because any chemical like this are toxic to the human body. So people put chemicals onto their skin and then go into the sun which makes them hot, opens their pours and the chemicals leach straight in, then the sun basically burns those chemicals into the skin and people wonder why we have so much skin cancer around now? Well I'm sorry but 99% of people are all doing the same thing and getting extremely sick from it so I'm gonna go against what all the mainstream media is telling us and against what 99% of people are doing because clearly it's not working for them at all.

  44. Bill Bixby says:

    The song for this is so fitting.

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