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Horse, Stock Water Tank Trough Solar Powered Heated

Horse, Stock Water Tank Trough {solar lights} Powered Heated.


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2 Comments on "Horse, Stock Water Tank Trough Solar Powered Heated"

  1. I've had one of these for 15 years, I've had to replace the plexi-glass a few times, but it still works, never freezes and that's saying something in Northeast Pennsylvania.

  2. Sheila Smith says:

    Has anyone tried to get a grant?  I live in MN and it gets very cold here!  If I could use this instead of a hazardous electric element water heater I would do it in a heartbeat!  Once a horse feels the electric current in a water tank, it is extremely difficult and sometimes impossible to get that out of their head!  Sometimes they will NEVER drink from a tank again, stand over it in desperate thirst, wanting to drink but their better judgment stops them.  I've witnessed this from my own horses, years ago!  It's very sad and a real problem for the farmer/owner now faced with having to water this one horse multiple times daily so they do not die or colic from thirst!  I am going to see about this and will post again!

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