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Horizon FCJJ-39 Wind Energy Science Kit

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With the Horizon {solar lights} Science Kit (FCJJ-39) you can build a miniature power generation system that converts wind into electrical energy. Experiment with the pitch (angle setting) of {solar lights} blades and find out the optimum number of blades for generating electricity. Nine blades, with three types of profiled blade based on NASA aeronautics and one type of poly-propylene sheet blade, provide the opportunity to find the perfect balance of wind resistance, weight and angle.

• Uniquely designed blade profile based on NASA aeronautics
• Most realistic wind {solar lights} experimentation available on the market
• Complete {solar lights} curriculum covering vertical and horizontal axis turbines
• Blade angle adjustable from 0° to 55 degrees ( 3 postions)

{solar lights} Experiments
• How Many Blades Are Best – 1, 2, 3 … More?
•Using Three different Curved Blade Shapes
• Using Blades You Make Yourself
{solar lights} Eïffciencies
• Measuring RPM
• Tuning For Maximum Power
• How Blade Angle or Pitch ffects Output Power

Contents Include:
• Mini {solar lights} ({solar lights} generator)
• Kit for learning about {solar lights} energy
• Blade pitch, blade profile and number of blades can be evaluated
• Vane aligns the turbine automatically to the direction of {solar lights}
• Special 3 phase alternator for higher output power
• LED for output power demonstration
• Complete educational curriculum on wind energyConvert wind to electrical energy.
Design based off of NASA aeronautics.
Add or remove blades to find the most efficient set-up.
Power included LED lights or other small devices.
Own a truly unique, miniture icon of {solar lights}.

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