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Homestead GARDENS Change with Weather

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Our homestead gardens change with the weather. From one day to the next, we have to check our gardens. One day is too hot and dry, one torrential rain in 3 …


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41 Comments on "Homestead GARDENS Change with Weather"

  1. everythings looking good though. farming has sure gotten different. adjust or bust basically

  2. responder57 says:

    I appreciate the honesty.  I'm glad that you have put up so much food from harvests before…you look ahead and are the better for it.

  3. renae b says:

    Throw some mulch on top of that garden, problem solved.

  4. AZ Farms says:

    Praying and hoping for the best! Thanks for the video!!

  5. Hello deep south homestead I was watching your video on the fire ants getting​
    your potatoes & I thought of 2 natural remedies to kill the ants the first one that works well for me in south Carolina is diatomaceous earth the only thing is if it rains you need to reapply to be effective & the second one is a contact killer it's about 1/4 cup of salt & feel the rest of the way with water but I don't have time to stand guard so I personally have the best results with diatomaceous earth the super fine white food grade is my personal preference however the brown one is just as effective, I hope you are able to have effective results take care

  6. Kill them dam ants! Can't believe the damage they caused you. Hope you going to do a video on canning your baby potatoes. You have some good advice on just about everything. Thank You!

  7. If you set up an 'ant watering station' in a corner of your garden or at the end of the rows, would the ants leave your potatos alone?

  8. Aquaponics or hydroponics seem to be the rage lately. Have you tried them? What do you think about them?

  9. The local farm here charges an arm and a leg for these vs pei potatoes 🙂

  10. Amy Parker says:

    Over here in Foxworth we are having the same exact issues with our potatoes!! Weather & fire ants! Very frustrating! Thanks for the video though, gives me some comfort knowing that it's not something we've done wrong! Praying the weather gets better!

  11. Linda Hime says:

    our weather here in central kansas has been nuts… not much of a winter at all, so the bugs will be awful…. got some of our garden planted then had a freeze….got some more garden planted… now expecting 3 inches of rain and a rain snow mix tomorrow… had on shorts yesterday morning, coat last night… just nuts.

  12. Lots of rain here in Oklahoma. One day 80-90 degrees and down to 40-50 the next. Putting some squash and pepper into the ground this week. Hope they don't get washed away. Thanks for the great Video.

  13. mai pi says:

    here in nj, in april…. 85 , which is like overe 20+ hotter then normal. had to turn on A/c IN APRIL!!! this is not normal. but we were told. " And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine.  the food i believe will be effected in these days BIG TIME,,,,  this is happening everywhere. have a blessed weekend

  14. Do you have a video on you making cornmeal and grits if so how can I find it and if not could you please do one they would be real helpful!!!

  15. It must be hard keeping seeds for the fingerling potatoes.

  16. dub rd says:

    If you had enough organic material in your soil it would not compact with heavy rain or walking on it regardless of where you live or how much it rained or how hot it got. Of course getting the soil to this state requires a completely different way of gardening. I have been using this method for many years with better and better results as the years go by. The object is to feed the soil with organic material such as hay, grass clippings, straw, wood chips, manure or even weeds, and it will become more fertile year after year. Pulverizing the soil with farm implements such as roto tillers, disks and plows kills the organic material and soil web which includes earth worms.. Doing this machine soil conditioning can set a fallow field back by as much as 3 years according to tests I have made. A good reference for this different way of gardening is the "one straw revolution" also Ruth Stout's mulching method is worth looking into. Paul Gautschi's "Back to Eden method" is also on the right track.

  17. What are the best potatoes for 'Frying'?  Mine always turn to mush in the cast iron skillet.  It must be the wrong type.OR  am I just frying them totally wrong way.

  18. Blessed Farm says:

    This is our first year second year to grow potatoes when is a good time to harvest them? Do we wait until the tops have died off completely? Any help would be appreciated Thanks God Bless

  19. "Little Gold Nuggets" I love it! 🙂 Haven't tried them before, I will have to do that next year, too late for me this year….Although we did get SNOW here in Northern Nebraska today!!

  20. CUMMINGSJ32 says:

    I really like your channel !! 🙂

  21. Tom Mathews says:

    I feel your pain, Danny! The swings in temperature and rainfall this spring have been crazy! We are doing a little better on rain than you, but not much. I know people everywhere face their own set of challenges in gardening, but if you haven't gardened in the deep south I don't think you can fully appreciate the problems we face. I was able to keep my potatoes alive last year through that awful drought, only to have them nearly wiped out by fire ants for the exact reasons you describe. April rain shortfalls don't bode well for our summer! Good luck the rest of the year. I'll be watching !

  22. Frugal Drew says:

    You guys and the plants will pull through hang in there

  23. Frugal Drew says:

    Deep south Hippy homestead
    Loving the style!

  24. grizz270 says:

    danny i dont know how this would work for ants but for gophers i drop dry ice in their holes . the gasses from dry ice are heavier then air and drop into the soil and kills the gophers . i have not noticed any harm to the plants . im just wondering if it would work with ants

  25. Tracy Garns says:

    Pa. has been a little crazy, too. Could you just plant your sweet potato slips one at a time as you remove the potatoes?

  26. Kelly Hale says:

    This year I used all heirloom seeds, well the tomatoes and peppers should be in the garden but they are still like 2-3 inches high! Its like the goofy weather stunted their growth. I usually end up giving tomato plants away because I get so many but this year I either lost the plants or they are still too small for the garden. I did take the tomatoes yesterday out of the 6-pack containers and put them in a little bigger pot and will do the peppers the same today just to see if that will get them going to put in the garden.

  27. I know what you are talking about the corn, my corn as done the same thing. I am going to replant it. So give the glory to GOD, for what you do have. My rows are about 100 feet long, and l use a earth way. know I am going to plow it up and try it again. Only GOD knows what is good for us.Thank GOD for letting me see your videos, keep pressing on. thank you for what you do. May GOD bless you in a mighty way!

  28. We are having weird weather here in California too, I've sowed over 100 tomato seeds and only two have germinated, hoping the rest germinate , we've just had in constant weather, rain when it's supposed to be sunny, lows of 50's and highs of 80's for a few days, Not enough time for seeds to germinate . I've got potatoes going beautifully! Thank you for the update Danny! I'm hoping for the best for you!

  29. Same down here in texas…40 degrees in the morning and 90 degrees at 4 O'clock. We still haven't gotten rain. May God keep y'all safe!

  30. Dang ants! What do you feed your corn Danny? Mine is just now knee high.

  31. Danny, I am praying that God blesses your land with a miraculous growth from heaven, to were people look and say…how can that be? and you can give all the open glory to God, in His Holy Name, Amen! 💕 😇 ☮ Kellie p-b_FAM 💕

  32. Diana H says:

    Danny I was told you can use coffee grounds or even cold liquid coffee it works like Miracle-Gro it might help your corn grow quicker at least give them a boost.

  33. lisa norwood says:

    suppose to be really bad rain this sunday hate to say neighbor.. maybe mississippi wont get it like louisiana🙇‍♂️

  34. Diana H says:

    do you grow African sweet potatoes I tried them I was not impressed the flesh is white and verry dry
    I got them from the grocery store I wanted to try something new.

  35. Shari Fain says:

    maybe use your gray water to give the ants what thay need away from the garden. don't know if it will help but worth a shot. I think if you have a pest you cant get rid of you might can move them to  another spot.

  36. Thanks for showing the good, the bad, and the ugly.. I guess that's the way it is with nature. where did you get your big containers for your container gardening?

  37. edith rugolo says:

    God bless you and your beautiful family! What a great video.I really enjoyed it.

  38. I totally understand the weather situation. Living here in Colorado, one day it's 70 degrees and the next we get 4 inches of snow. Praying God will provide the exact amount you need to live off of. Blessings !

  39. up here in Canada I grow small potatoes in the large grow bags – 2' or more tall.  Start them off at the bottom in about 8" of soil and then add dirt as they grow up (same as hilling but more extreme) .  Get a huge yield that way and the large container holds moisture better.  Thanks for the great videos.

  40. J Merritt says:

    you have a meal,,potatoes, green beans, onions and Dannys bacon. fit for a King. can you keep replanting green beans in the pots. re seed as they start slowing production. poison the ants. I hate poison too, they gotta go. thank you have a good day. we got 5 days of rain coming. check out my garden in Illinois.

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