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Heating water with a solar panel

preheating water heater using 24 volt PV {solar lights} and a 24 volt DC element.


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17 Comments on "Heating water with a solar panel"

  1. Arturas1244 says:

    not economical and fire not safe, where is such thing as (Solar hot water) one panel inaf to make boiling water for all house, no need to invent what is already invented

  2. Roger Werner says:

    I see one slight problem with having two tanks. The hot water from the solar driven tank stays in one tank, and only travels to the second tank once there is water flow. This means that if you are not using the water, the mains electric water tank is still using energy to heat up the water when not being used due to thermal losses of the tank. I think the idea from another commenter to put the 24V element into the same water tank as the tank with elements driven off the mains, and this would both reduce the electricity when no hot water is being used, and while hot water is in use.

  3. Jest wanted too say that clear plastic over the windows is a really great idea ,not sure why I didn't think of that.

  4. timcat100 says:

    What a load of crap? There is no such thing as a resistive DC or AC heating element. The element itself is not the issue? Even if you had a five billion watt element and put 500 watts into it you end up with 500 watts of resistive heating. You a cousin of t-bag or what?

  5. Yes Dave can you lies at heart water Simply Now period. You need a hot water pump you need a basic radiator to place where you want Heat this is a small PC radiator that's level on eBay runs all day small fan PC fan so basically you hook the pump up you run lines to the radiator. Now you need to put the water back into the watering system. This is done by check valve you probably need two of them you do not want your hot water heater going back into your cold water line you're cold main water line. You also do not want two suck from the 110 electric water heater that will be cast graphic when you turn on a valve period. What I have described here is the basic heating system for a wood burning fire system the radiator is a basic car with meter type radiator you can also go with a cast iron radiator…… Thank you very much for your video I am thinking about completing something similar to this next you'll be trying to cool your house with a DC refrigerator how cool is that I don't know I just thought .. so if you did not understand completely what I said above I'll say it in a different way your circulating your solar hot water heater with a pump within a loop with two check valves on the side so you don't have to worry about robbing your hot water tank because it's tied into your system you do not have to add chemicals to keep water from evaporating because it is tied into your system if there is any build-up of steam it'll flow out of your system or by your water tank check valve..

  6. Robert R. says:

    Smart! Direct storage of an extremely costly daily usage commodity. Smart! ANy way to get around batteries is a smart thing.

  7. JW Rhyne Jr. says:

    Great information Thank you

  8. josh vizi says:

    why not get one of those unlimited water heaters that run on propane. prolly more efficient. it's unlimited and it only heats the water u need to be heated. this is neat though

  9. Ivan Krakow says:

    Why use second tank? why not add your dc element next to the ac element ? How much savings have you realized? Also would be interested in determining size of pv panel in the application. thanks , seems the way to go

  10. You can still use solar on the second 'ac' tank by using solar panels to a Limiter Inverter without feeding back to grid…http://www.ebay.com/itm/1000W-solar-grid-tie-inverter-with-power-limiter-prevent-extra-power-to-grid-/112008512079 they make the same model but with battery input, so be careful on choosing unit…
    And now there is a company called http://www.solarbandit.us making a full system…

  11. jfalbo says:

    Did you ever do a full sun test on the water temp? Thanks

  12. shahid wrind says:

    Dear Sir, i want to use 02 Charge Controllers 30amp and 06 PV Panels@ 3 Panel with each Charge Controllers and 02 Batteries 200ah in 12 volt Dc. I want to use only DC power in my all rooms with 6guage Wire, DC Fans and Dc lights. My question is how i handle 02 Charge Controller 12 volt dc.
    1. Can i joint both Charge controllers with same batteries 2x200ah bank? Boht charge controller will charge the batteries at the same time?
    2. Can i use Dc power for use of my appliances from both charge Controllers on same time as parallel or use Dc power from Batteries for house uses.
    My appliances Load will be not more than 34Amp 408watt.
    Please guide me if possible.

  13. I am setting up to do the same thing here for summer time heating.

  14. opera says:

    I have a similar two tank off grid hot water heating system , 9 & 20 gal. I use 2000W 120V elements in each which are common and cheap, a pair are $13 on Amazon. These are a good match for my 36V array that at power point is about 50V. These run off a little micro at power point voltage which doubles the amount of power you can get daily vs direct connect. In larger on grid water heaters people should consider replacing the lower element with one of these 2000w ones and provide supplemental heating of the tank. A low voltage rectified 24V transformer could supply about 75W through the night to keep the tank at a reasonable starting temp.

  15. xanataph says:

    Even with a relatively low current output the 24 volt nominal panels will eventually burn up the contacts of your AC thermostat. There is a simple way to avoid this though, especially with the low currents you are running: Wire a capacitor across (in parallel with) the thermostat contacts.

    What this does is provide a secondary path for the current for a brief moment when the contacts open. With tends to massively reduce or even totally eliminate any arcing.

    A grunty 6 microfarad non-polarised capacitor such as those found in fluorescent light fixtures or motor start caps would be ideal. This only works for DC – it wouldn't work on AC as current would continue to pass.

  16. fragwits says:

    I have the 12volt version , but it pulls 50 amps(600watts).. kinda of a problem with those small connectors…
    i have 2 ,so i could make a 100 amp dumpload…
    if you keep the volts and double the amps they are in paralell

  17. Have you seen my video of an AC thermostat burning?

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