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[HD] Introducing SolarEdge’s Inverter-Integrated EV Charger

SolarEdge unveils the world’s first inverter-integrated electric vehicle (EV) charger. By supplementing grid power with PV power, SolarEdge’s Level 2 EV charger …


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2 Comments on "[HD] Introducing SolarEdge’s Inverter-Integrated EV Charger"

  1. Marc Fontana says:

    Is the SE3800H with EV Charger available yet? Your latest brochure shows both the SE3800H and SE7600H with the EV Charger option and the EV Charging Specs are the same for both models. How is that possible? How can the SE3800H inverter deliver the full 40A for EV Charging? Presumably, the SE3800H is available for homes where only 100A service is available, limiting the solar breaker to 20A. On a sunny day the inverter might be able to boost power to the EV charger some, but what is the highest current the SE3800H can deliver to the EV?

  2. I like it but what would be really useful is a system that allowed you to charge the car with solar during the day and the tap into the car battery to power the house during the evening. EV batteries are typically 30-40 kWh which is far more capacity than you get in a Tesla Powerwall.

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