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Harnessing Solar Energy with Concentrating Photovoltaic Solar Panels

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Chevron repurposed a former mining site in Questa, New Mexico, into a solar field that generates 1 megawatt of electricity for the local community while testing …


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30 Comments on "Harnessing Solar Energy with Concentrating Photovoltaic Solar Panels"

  1. Theorb23 says:

    false. thanks for playing.

  2. Tech Lee says:

    Whatever portion they don't use gets transferred back into the grid!!

  3. SoNaturaI says:

    From an article in Forbes entitled, "Climate Change: Hoax or Crime of the Century": Even global warming alarmists have conceded that CO2 is not the primary driver of climate change when they responded to the relative cooling in recent years by changing their story and telling us that the earth is likely to cool for a few decades in spite of still-increasing atmospheric CO2. The earth has been warmer in 7,000 of the last 10,000 years than it is today.

  4. TaxTheFed says:

    Pretty much all you ever hear is 'small test bed' because it's so god awful inefficient. Inefficient both in energy production per area and financially in kw per $ spent. But yeah, it sure sounds good.

  5. Rhett Bogan says:

    It just goes to show how many stupid folks post comments on here. I can't wait 'till this solar thing takes a full hold and rid us of oil dependence along with all it's greedy, hateful & mindless people. After all, how many holes can they drill in this planet before it starts to crumble and fall apart?

  6. Robbie Cee says:

    Well, well, well. I see Chevron has had a change of heart. Just last month or so they didn't believe in this sort of thing. I wonder what happened?

  7. These are the projects that lead to more projects using alternative, green energy. The weather changes in the past few years confirm what scientists have said for 2 decades; Global Warming is a reality. Weather experts commented during storm reports that we must start, in every area of our lives, using clean, green, energy, or "Super Storm" Sandy, that has devastated parts of New Jersey and New York, will continue to increase until it doesn't seem unusual anymore. and, yes, New Mexico=1 of 50

  8. Jose Salas says:

    Why kathy, Just why? New mexico, really? You don't know where New mexico is? really, I mean really?

  9. Scott Pease says:

    Wow, learn Geography…..

  10. Another child go left behind, lol ;-P

  11. blakedm2 says:

    Where do you think New Mexico is?

  12. why are we once again doing the stuff in a another country when America is in such bad state why are we not doing for America first it is always about other country's that is not right.

  13. inggoj says:

    Why did Ronald Reagan during his presidency and the REPUBLICANS DISMANTLE the solar panels from the roof of the white house?

  14. Don Moel says:

    I agree! I have a hemp lariat that I used to use for calf roping- far superior to braided rawhide or the standard 'grass' ropes! But I seriously doubt if enough hemp could be cultivated to even make a dent in the need for petrochemicals….plus the security that would be needed to keep Woody Harrelson, Cheech and Chong, and others out of the fields!!

  15. David Fowler says:

    Hemp can do everything crude oil can do and more. I am not one of them legalize marijuana people. Just that hemp is a valuable plant.

  16. We already have all we need to meet 100% of the energy needs. The problem isn't production, it's distribution. Copper is a poor mineral for transferring electricity, as it can only pass over the outside surface, & not through it. To pass through it, copper must first be cooled to the temperature of liquid nitrogen, which is what NYC does for their supply. We need a better mineral in order to distribute, and with it, there would only need to be a few power plants for the whole country.

  17. Don Moel says:

    We have been 'bound ' to 'big oil' ever since that day in Beaumont TX that the Spindletop #1 blew in & ushered in the age of oil….the petrochemical business is so much more than fuel….think plastics, vinyl, and every synthetic fiber you can name; all are petrochemical based as are a number of medical devices and pharmaceuticals. Without the petrochemical industries, refrigeration & A/C as we know it wouldn't be available and we would not have the personal mobility we all enjoy today.

  18. Don Moel says:

    Problem is that oil is so much more than gasoline or electric power…..synthetic fibers, plastics, vinyl, refrigerants, and most non-lead coatings are petroleum based…. Don't want to be "tied to oil"? Get ready for a 1920's world! No refrigeration or A/C….no central heat…..no computers, cell phones, I-pods, etc…still sound good??

  19. Don Moel says:

    Photovoltac cells produce direct current that must be inverted to alternating current to be utilized; is the 1 m/w rating the capacity before inversion or after? If the rating is pre-inversion, then what is the coefficeint of loss of the inversion? Lastly, how much is this experiment costing and is any of it subsidized by any gov't anegcy?

  20. ric martin says:

    i agree! and coal,coal,coal also! and natural gas….hell we have so many viable resources in our Country there is NO reason why we need clean crap

  21. they make is sound so good…85% during the day…what do they do for night…AND..its only 512 families in the 2000 census..and ONLY 1875 people total…. Maggieclark is right..way to little, and sooooooo expensive…but, they sure make it sound good.

  22. Too little, Way too late. I hope they scale this technology (and wind) up super fast.

  23. Robert Lima says:

    to bad it's not in California stockholders need more profits

  24. williedenver says:

    its a good thing there but not in connecticut.not nearly that many sunny days.

  25. Very good. But you could do better than that.
    Please find ways to make the solar panels affordable so not only Questa could benefit from solar power.

  26. S. Sauter says:

    This is just another Solyndra project costing millions. The people of this town will pay a fortune per killiwatt hour for their power unless the goverment subsidises it.

  27. Way to go Mexico. Show the way to a safe sustainable future for our kids and the planet! Keep those economy debiltating and ccancer causing nuclear blood suckers out!

  28. Scott Allen says:

    obama has a huge connection with HUGO CHAVEZ…… and if you say thats bs….you havent read enough……or have a self interest…………..the tech works but it isnt cost effective……coal nuke and fossil still lead …but this need to be further developed……till then used as a helpe
    r system

  29. Bob Doyle says:

    The Petrodollers can afford to switch trajectories, all of them have plans to stay as a supplier of energy from whatever is doable. The issue is not 8th grade politics, it is reality.No President, least of all Barack Obama, is in cahoots with Hugo Chavez. When you do not know facts, take your juvenile rant to the local school gossip area, let the adults communicate in your stead.

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