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Harbor Freight Solar Panels to Portable Battery Pack

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I know this is not the optimum solar set up, but the cheap Harbor Freights were up there anyways doing nothing, and this gets me something until I have the $500 or so for a 200W panel and two more 6V batteries.

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26 Comments on "Harbor Freight Solar Panels to Portable Battery Pack"

  1. Randy Lee says:

    Does charging a battery not create hydrogen or something? Does the storage areas have proper ventilation? Or is that not a problem?

  2. nr3rful says:


  3. trobel with most elctrichens or folks that work with wierring they never leave enouf wier for redos

  4. MontiR Aruba says:

    When you add more batteries for your solar system, make sure you stay with the same battery type. Don't mix battery types. I ended up with the Trojan 31 AGM deepcycle batteries. I will have a total of a 6 battery bank since I do most boondocking in the desert of Utah and Nevada.

  5. 2012escapee1 says:

    Harbor Freight Solar Panels to Portable Battery Pack

  6. Mr40tt says:

    It is refreshing to view your video.  You did not pretend to be an expert, but only a person who solved an issue.
    From viewing your video, I gained a lot of respect for you and your approach to solving a problem.
    I see some very wise and knowlegable suggestions have been posted for your review and consideration.
    No doubt other people value who you are, and what you are doing. 
    I wish you the best as you share your experiences with us. 

  7. tgp ganesh says:

    What a great job…!! What a great job

  8. Larry Davis says:

    Great job and happy to see you attempt this installation. GREAT JOB Just do your home work first and work out your cost.Your thinking is in the right place for sure. I will not provide my input to your final goal. It looks as if you have plenty of advise from the comments below ( both good and bad ). The information you require is out there for you. You go girl  doing well.

  9. You really need to get educated about solar power.  Buying cheap components in a piecemeal fashion is not the way to go.

  10. keimo2007 says:

    handy setup

  11. 2012escapee1 says:

    Harbor Freight Solar Panels to Portable Battery Pack
    Harbor Freight Solar Panels to Portable Battery Pack

  12. Brian Blues says:

    Good job! You are a step in the right direction! Good charging & good luck!

  13. B2theBugOut says:

    Look what we have here. :)

  14. B2theBugOut says:

    They're a 12v output because they're wired in series

  15. There's so much to understand about these things….it boggles my mind. 

  16. ssj4goko4 says:

    they where right you cant really mismatch solar panels sizes by more then 30%.it would just pull down your larger panel. Harbor Freight are panels are overpriced and underpowerd you can pick up 100 watters off ebay for less all day long and get far better power. just pick up another 100 watt and wire it in parallel to your 95 watt. you probly will need a bigger charge controller and some thicker wire being you will be increasing the amps.

    as for the batterys modern g29 12 volt are 120 amp hrs they used to be 100 amp hrs so they got better. 6 volts have thicker plates and have longer life with care but if your on a budget and need to go on the cheap 12volts work fine.

  17. scott boyd says:

    You must be lucky,, my instructions for my set up said to cover the solar panels before doing any wiring as so not to damage the controller or short out the panels..

  18. Great video, I like that you jump in and tackle any project. I have just started view you videos and have gotten some good info.

  19. sailingsolar says:

    About your plans to add two more batteries Miss E,  you probably would be better off waiting until the one's you got need replacing and getting 4 new ones all at once. You really don't want to combine or wire together new and old batteries, it's not recommended by battery mfg.. What that does is reduce the performance you get from the new ones and shortens their usable life.  That increases the cost of what you get for what you pay. Like getting less miles per gallon when it can be avoided. You might also keep an eye out for a sale when your ready or close to being so and stretch you bucks that way. You probably do that already.

    I take it those batteries came with your coach? Is there a date marked on them? Sometines they marked so you know how old they are or when they were installed. You should look for that, that would be good to know. Three years of service from golf cart batteries is your goal, longer is gravy. replacing them in two years tells you, something is wrong, your system needs more panel /s or your bank is not big enough for your needs. One of those three.  When your batteries need replacing is, #1 when they start absorbing the charge slower, less effeciently.  You'll start to notice on similar days of weather and sun conditions the charge/float light will take longer to come on. In other words, with new bat's the charge controller will start to float the batteries by 1 of 2 pm and 3 years later floating starts at 4 pm. That tells you that are taking longer to absorb the charge. #2  If you check the voltage of your bank before you go to bed after turning everything off and it drops more than .1 volt over night when nothing is on, your bat's are starting to not hold their charge or drain faster when under a load, that is inferior performance. You'll know it's time to replace them when they can't keep up with your needs.

  20. I hope that you get resources to equip your RV with everything you want and need. Then, I hope that you get all the time and resources  you need to make more beautiful videos. Best wishes! :)

  21. You make me so proud!! Your such an independent woman 😉 I just have a few quick questions for you, if I may? I won't ask your age I just want to know what age bracket are you in? You're very handy. And what did or do you do to support your RV lifestyle?

  22. for the quality that you get you Get . Harbor Freight solar panels are horribly expensive per watt

  23. John Roland says:

    Maybe check this out, they have a lot of variants:
    For my upcoming RV I plan to use a 24V system. 4 x 6 volt golf cart batteries, a 24V 3kW inverter, and a Morningstar TriStar 60 Amp MPPT Solar Charge Controller. All solar panels will have the same power rating and connected in series.

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