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Hand-Built Teardrop Camper Trailer with Solar Power & Running Water – Perfect Mini RV

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In this video, we take a tour of a 5’x8′ teardrop travel trailer that was built by a family-run business in Ontario, Canada called The Teardrop Trailer. The founder, Steve, found out about teardrop trailers when he was searching online for hotdog carts he could buy to become a beach bum but he fell in love with teardrop trailers instead. Since they were so expensive to buy, he decided to build one for himself and his wife, Mandy. But when he lost his job shortly afterwards, he was forced to sell his teardrop trailer and in doing so, ended up generating enough interest in his design that he started building them in his own backyard, and just a year later, they’ve moved to a shop so they can build their tiny trailers on demand.

Their teardrop trailers have a 100 Watt solar panel on the roof to power electronics, fans, an electric cooler, and a water pump. The interior is cozy and comfortable and has ventilation from the side door screens, and the screen at the back to keep fresh air flowing in. In the back of the trailer, there’s a full kitchen with a sink, cooler, dishes & cutlery, a cooking element, kettle, and more.

These mini RV trailers are so lightweight that they can be pulled with most small cars which is pretty neat because not everyone has a big truck or SUV to tow a camper behind them. While most people would probably be interested in a teardrop trailer for their vintage cachet, or for shorter camping trips, Mat and I had fun imagining if we’d be able to live in a small space like this for an extended period of time and I think we could probably make it work for a few months at least 🙂

Steve, Mandy, and his Mom build these trailers by hand and they really inspired us with their passion for these tiny hand-built structures, and for the outdoors that they’re always exploring in their own trailer.

To find out more about Steve’s trailers, and to follow their day-to-day production, check out:

Thanks for watching!

Mat & Danielle


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All music in this video was composed, performed, and recorded by Mat Dubé of Exploring Alternatives.


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45 Comments on "Hand-Built Teardrop Camper Trailer with Solar Power & Running Water – Perfect Mini RV"

  1. roland ozuna says:

    hey I dont know if you'll read this but you can fashion a method to have the wheels turn a generator for storing electricity

  2. Zoey says:

    That's like being a turtle – bringing your house to wherever you go! I love the idea of being so mobile and having all you need in one concentrated space. Well done for the video quality too.

  3. Bears call these sardine cans! :)

  4. jMon says:

    very nice! however, 3,000 watt inverter…? seems like overkill to me.

  5. What a fantastic story. To build your dream and get more and more orders have to be fun. The Teardrop gives you the freedom to stop and sleep were you want :)

  6. jjeepster02 says:

    I want one so bad!

  7. Nice Teardrop, thanks for sharing! I have a little 4×8 and LOVE it! :)

  8. Thumbs up.


  9. Does anyone know of a teardrop with a potty? I'd love that!

  10. pinkysworn says:

    I particularly like the doors on both sides. They make it seem a lot less claustrophobic.

  11. Sooooo cute! A travel trailer that can be stored in a standard size garage. Sweet!

  12. Danielle and Matt. Thank you so much for showcasing our little teardrop
    shop. We had an awesome day with you guys that day and welcome you back
    anytime. Video editing and video quality is amazing. Keep on "exploring
    We look forward to seeing your next video on minimalist living, Happy trails…

  13. Love it! Thanks for sharing!

  14. Love it!!! Perfect :-)

  15. I'm taking one of these tear drops camping next week… can't wait!

  16. Bob Langlois says:

    Ok, where can I get one in the States?

  17. how much that unit costs?

  18. Kurt M. says:

    First, that thing is too small IMO. Second, I would be concerned about some idiot deciding it would be fun to take you for an unwanted ride, pushing you down a hill or off a cliff, etc.

  19. A little expensive, but if they went down 1-2k I might get one

  20. Would really appreciate it if you checked out my channel and subscribed! I do camping adventure videos and would love any feedback!

  21. buggeroff says:

    Nice little trailer . I am a bit surprised at the outdoor kitchen in a climate like Ontario's .

  22. Susie Mac says:

    how much for one ? any one know – TIA

  23. Cindy Derosa says:

    so cool and innovative

  24. Very cool! This makes trailer camper possible for anyone with any kind of vehicle. I could see my younger brother owning one to come up and camp with us in our Airstream. I also LOVE that there is so much love in each one.

  25. Jimmy Varner says:

    Really love this trailer, please tell us how much they cost?

  26. Awesome idea and a really cool design. Might have to get me one of those when I stop living on a boat!

  27. Super bien fait et très invitant…C'est pas grand est-ce qu'une grande personne s'y sentirait à l'aise? J'adore cependant!

  28. very interesting and very 'cosy'

  29. Alex Tucker says:

    Very cool little trailer! Thanks for sharing.

  30. Etamar1973 says:

    Does it have a porter potty when nature calls?

  31. Love it… we saw a few teardrops at the Outer Banks this past week while camping….Love the idea of them for a single person or even a couple…makes us want too consider one when our last child flies the coup…

  32. Another great feature. I just realised you guys are on the cusp of hitting 100,000 subscribers and deservedly so.

  33. This is brilliant, subscribed to your channel, love the editing, content and production of your videos. I'll be back! Thanks Roy in Spain on a plot in the middle of the desert in a little house trying to live off the land. Thanks for your hard work and effort. ;-)

  34. I sold my class C Rv and built me a teardrop but it's not round in the back took out the kitchen galls and built a shower & porta potty roof rack 25 gallon fresh water tank pump 24"X 24" kitchen inside and I pull it with a Nissan Xterra pro 4X

  35. Jen Shea says:

    I wanted to buy one of these until I called my dealer and asked what the towing capacity was for my car. Their answer (in the for of a question) was, "what towing capacity?" I drive a standard transmission, Mazda2. ?

  36. Very cool. I'd love to travel around the country with one of those.

  37. great job were do you get the aluminum and what size sheets do you buy?

  38. I live in Alberta and after seeing this I need one

  39. RustinR1 says:

    Loved your informative video. Loved the fact you were downsized, and turned it around and started a successful business doing something you obviously love. You also have something that all men wish. A wife who looks at you with not only love in her eyes but admiration. You have it all. It does not get any better in life then that. I hope I can afford one of your teardrops in the future.
    Rusty. (Austin, Texas)

  40. wish i could get one of these but i have 3 med/large dogs. so my truck camper will have to do for now!

  41. Jerry Court says:

    is the 9000.00 figure for a fully equipped one or a bare trailer?

  42. Awesome craftsmanship. Would love to apprentice with you for a few months. LOL. Id work for free.

  43. Can't wait to buy one

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