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DIY grid tie solar power using solar panels.
This is a grid tie inverter that is 200 watts. It actually reads a bit higher for various reasons. This was to see how well it worked. POWER INVERTERS.

Electric utility companies refer to residential grid-tie solar power arrays as distributed generation (DG) generators. They use this term because your solar panels are producing and distributing electrical power back into our utility grid.
Islanding refers to the condition of a DG generator that continues to feed the circuit with power, even after power from the electric utility grid has been cut off. Islanding can pose a dangerous threat to utility workers, who may not realize that a circuit is still “live” while attempting to work on the line. Distributed generators must detect islanding and immediately stop feeding the utility lines with power. This is known as anti-islanding. A grid-tied solar power system is required by law to have a gridtie inverter with an anti-islanding function, which senses when a power outage occurs and shuts itself off.

One common misconception is that a grid tied system will continue to generate power during a blackout. Unless there is a battery back-up system, the gridtie solar system will not produce power when the grid is down.


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20 Comments on "GRID TIE INVERTER SOLAR panel POWER EASY Electricity Savings"

  1. What seres and what is Parlor

  2. Dan says:

    First point: Um…… I'm not an electrician, but my common sense tells me that plugging into the wall like that is a HUGE FIRE HAZARD. It seems to me that there is specialized equipment made for grid tie ins. Second point: Anyone watching this video DO NOT buy the KILL O WATT meter shown in this video. (no offense). I bought that exact product to monitor how many kilowatts my electric car was using and it died after 2 months. Piece of crap.

  3. bruce don says:

    Hey. I have been a looking at your video for a long time now and I'm getting to do a set up like yours .i just pick up 2-24v-230 watt solar panels and I have had 2 -12v-60 watt solar panels with a sun 300 watt grid ti inverter what should I buy to set up this system to get the most out of what I have so far. I allso have 4 deep cycle marine batteries and one kills watt meter all will be set up in a shed 12 feet from my house and outlets

  4. Mike O says:

    Can I connect a grid tie inverter to 24 volt batteries (like he is using here) and instead of solar panels feeding the batteries, how about a 24 volt alternator?  Batteries still being used as a buffer.

  5. yes hi Dave how are you?…I must have watched your video here a 100 times…& I have shown it to family & friends to try & to help people save money…I just uploaded my 1st YouTube video…& would really appreciate your advice, tips, comments?…thanks, have a great day

  6. chop98 says:

    Man! Why does everybody want grid tie? Scuhrew that! Learn what you can power with a good tie box from a box powered by the inverter itself. You can get out with a damn decent system for about 3k$ power certain things that will not even touch the power meter. Everybody is doing this "Green Movement" which is good, but there seems a herd mentality to it. It's like there's only "green" if it benefits the corporations. Once again… Scuhrew that! Come on people! Think outside the box a little. Power just your fridge or your tv and lights by your inverter/s.

  7. Jason Davis says:

    Man I been dying to get me about 5 of the 600w inverter but someone told me if I have a one of the new power meters that the power company would charge me for the power I make and use I dun some reading and I can't get a strait answer now I live in the fucked up state of FL were it's now against the law!! if you have a Home there That's not tied in to the Gide other word if you don't send the power company a big fat check ever month they throw your ass in jail I just dug a hole to plant a orange tree and was fined because i dug the dam hole to big FL goverment is out of control!!

  8. Yes it must be the "greedy meter" and not the "greedy power company" -LOL! Interesting video a

  9. SP330Y says:

    @GREENPOWERSCIENCE Do the solar panels (for example if its 1000 Watts output) do they create that every hour or every day if the sun was shining all the time?
    I can't work out how much electricity i could save unless i know this information, so another example if a solar panel is 100 watts and its in the sun all day 24 hours (and imagine it was sunny for 24 hours constantly) would i have created 100 watts in that total time period OR 100 watts for every hour so a total of 2,400 watts, which is the correct calculation

    ALSO to use one of these inverters to put power back into my home do i need to turn off my house electrics or do i keep it all turned on all the time aswell as the grid tie inverter on too

  10. Nya Nguyen says:

    Can you recommend one that is this easy to use but has greater watts? Do we need a battery to store the electricity generated?

  11. Turk T says:

    I'm looking to getting an inverter to tie grid. Why do they say not to hook up to the batteries? I'm at a loss? Here they are hooked up to batteries even though the title reads it's for solar panels.

  12. Thunder Bolt says:

    hi dan, I just want to ask a  quick question , the 2 12 volt batteries you using for your grid tie inverter , are you just using them as a example for this demo, or can you permanently use them , or do you suppose to hook up solar panels to the inverter , and how long do the batteries last if they were fully charged, or do you just recharge the batteries again , or does it recharge it self , with whats going on with the inverter ….

  13. justruse says:

    hello, first off.. thank you for your very informative videos… i have
    a question maybe you could please help me with..
    i have a small grid tie inverter in a shed on one house circuit, and was
    wanting to put another inside the house on a different house circuit
    due to location of other panels.. i know these are only supposed to
    operate if they sense line voltage.. but will they sense the voltage
    from each other and try to operate if the main line is down for
    maintenance.. I'd hate to send juice up the line to a lineman.. any info
    on this would be greatly appreciated.. thx..

  14. 444,444 view i like that number

  15. John Smith says:

    Great vids Dan. Question on this one: With your main breaker open, your home should be disconnected from the grid. How did you expect the inverter (plugged into your home) to back feed the grid under those conditions? What did I miss?

  16. Mon Barrios says:

    Great video! very informative. thanks

  17. Keth says:

    Love your videos. Quick question. I have two 140 watt panels in parallel hooked into a 1000 watt Chinese GTI. See about 230 watts on meter in full sun on meter at the wall. The panels are rated at 7.91 amps but I am only seeing 2.08 amps on my KillAWatt meter at the wall. Why so few amps after the GTI?

  18. John B says:

    Im curious how to connect a mc4 cable from a 100w solar panel to the 600w grid tie inverter, which will then be connected to a power outlet in the home. (ill get more panels as time goes on) I don't think you offer a video on this unfortunately…

    How do I connect the mc4 cables from the solar panels to the grid tie inverter? What is needed?

  19. TRMTHEweasel says:

    bad money on grid tie inverters best to get off the grid mate you be better off in the next storm when it takes out the power lines then power out and why give away your power only to pay money to get it back ? … you do have a water tank don't you, look at it this way you get rain off your roof to go in a tank to use it. you can get sun off your roof to go into battery is just like a tank and you can buy DC to AC inverter better money spent on the right gear 1st time. cleaner free power from the sun just like free water in your tank then water the garden grow your food and even use led light to help grow them faster from the power you get from the sun to . great work keep the videos come happy to watch

  20. intechra says:

    I need help/ suggestion regarding setting up grid tie system.
    Before I continue, these are what I have so far, 4 Kyocera solar cells:
    Solar cell specs:
    Pmax: 130 W
    Vpmax: 17.6V
    Ipmax: 7:39A
    Voc: 21.9 V
    Isc: 8.02A
    Should i have a setup with all of the cells in parallel or two and twos in parallel, then series? Also, I feel like i need to mention my other confusions regarding grid tie devices. From what i can remember, this YT Vlogger says that (you) dont want to connect solar cells in series because they ( the part i missed) or which one can ruin which, the solar cells to the grid tie inverter or the other way around? The other is, do all the grid tie devices have that auto shut-off feature to prevent a lineman from cooking themselves? Thanks.

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    Learn how to bring any battery back to life again

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