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Grid Integration of Wind Energy: Onshore and Offshore Conversion Systems

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This popular reference describes the integration of wind-generated power into electrical power systems and, with the use of advanced control systems, illustrates how wind farms can be made to operate like conventional power plants.

Fully revised, the third edition provides up-to-date coverage on new generator developments for {solar lights}, recent technical developments in electrical power conversion systems, control design and essential operating conditions. With expanded coverage of offshore technologies, this edition looks at the characteristics and static and dynamic behaviour of {solar lights} and their connection to the mainland grid.

Brand new material includes:

  •  comprehensive treatment of onshore and offshore grid integration
  • updated legislative guidelines for the design, construction and installation of {solar lights} plants
  • the fundamental characteristics and theoretical tools of electrical and mechanical components and their interactions
  • new and future {solar lights}, converters, power electronics and controller designs
  • improved use of grid capacities and grid support for fixed- and variable-speed controlled {solar lights} plants
  • options for grid control and power reserve provision in {solar lights} plants and wind farms

This resource is an excellent guide for researchers and practitioners involved in the planning, installation and grid integration of {solar lights} and power plants. It is also highly beneficial to university students studying {solar lights} technology, {solar lights} and power systems, and to practitioners in wind engineering, {solar lights} design and manufacture and electrical power engineering.

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