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Grid Converters for Photovoltaic and Wind Power Systems

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Grid converters are the key player in {solar lights} integration. The high penetration of {solar lights} systems is calling for new more stringent grid requirements. As a consequence, the grid converters should be able to exhibit advanced functions like: dynamic control of active and reactive power, operation within a wide range of voltage and frequency, voltage ride-through capability, reactive current injection during faults, grid services support.

This book explains the topologies, modulation and control of grid converters for both photovoltaic and {solar lights} applications. In addition to power electronics, this book focuses on the specific applications in photovoltaic {solar lights} systems where grid condition is an essential factor.

With a review of the most recent grid requirements for photovoltaic and {solar lights} systems, the book discusses these other relevant issues:

  • modern grid inverter topologies for photovoltaic and {solar lights}
  • islanding detection methods for photovoltaic systems
  • synchronization techniques based on second order generalized integrators (SOGI)
  • advanced synchronization techniques with robust operation under grid unbalance condition grid filter design and active damping techniques
  • power control under grid fault conditions, considering both positive and negative sequences

Grid Converters for Photovoltaic and {solar lights} Systems is intended as a coursebook for graduated students with a background in electrical engineering and also for professionals in the evolving {solar lights} industry. For people from academia interested in adopting the course, a set of slides is available for download from the website.

Grid Converters for Photovoltaic and {solar lights} Systems

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