Green Free Energy from Sun 10W Solar Panel Fan Portable Cooling Fan (Yellow)

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Free {solar lights} from Sun

Product Description:
— Under the standard light of the sun, the stronger the sunshine is and the higher the temperature is, the higher the output current is.
— The {solar lights} and fan is light in weight, so that you can take it everywhere easily.
— This product is suitable for outdoor activities, such as camping, hiking, climbing and fishing, and so on. Especially in the hot summer, it is more convenience for you enjoying cooling wind.

1. Power: {solar lights}
2. Panel: 10 *11*0.2 inch
3. Fan: 6 Inch
4. Color: Multi-Color
5. Weight: 0.2kg

When the weather is sunshine, the {solar lights} can work better; but if the light is weaker, the effect will be decreased.

Package include:
1 x fan 1 x {solar lights} 1 x USB

If you have any questions about out products, welcome to {solar lights} with us, we will work for you.Energy saving
Best choice for outdoor activities
Clip on the cap
100% Brand New

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