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GPISEN Outdoor Color-Changing LED Solar Mobile Wind Chime Windlights Wind Chimes

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Perfect Design:
Indulge your senses with this beautiful {solar lights} powered Colour Changing Windchime Light. Enjoy the soothing sounds as {solar lights} gently blows through the chimes while experiencing the wonderful light show as the glass globe cycles gently through a range of beautiful colours. Watch as the globe transforms from cool blue and turquoise hues through to a calming green, plus a bold magenta and vibrant red.
Four chimes hang from the top and nestled between them is the attractive crackle glass globe. From this hangs a beautiful butterfly pendant for an extra special finishing touch.
This {solar lights} powered garden light makes a wonderful feature to add interest to your garden. It will enhance any outdoor space whether you’re entertaining outdoors in summer or simply want to add a reassuring glow to your garden during the colder months.
The attractive design also makes this a great gift for garden lovers.

Energy Saving:
Eco-friendly and cost-effective, {solar lights} powered outdoor lights are the perfect choice when you want to enhance outside areas. During the day, the {solar lights}, located at the top of {solar lights} chime, harnesses the power of the sun’s rays. Then after dark, the light automatically comes on so once in position, you don’t have to do anything; simply sit back and enjoy.

✔Hanger Design:It very easy for you to hang it anywhere you like.
✔Supper Long Time Lighting:Wind chime with our GPISEN 2100mAH rechargeable battery,it can light up over 60 hours with full charged.
✔Energy Saving and Automatic Sensor:Glass ball light will light up automatically at night/when dark only.and automatically charge by sunshine in daytime.
✔Approximate Size:Total length 30inch.
✔Package Inclouded:1*{solar lights} Mobile Wind Chime

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