Gowe® Max. Power 400W AC24V Vertical Axis Wind Generator, Vertical Wind Turbine

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Please see more specifications on the pictures, Don’t buy others’ fakes. Only buy from Gowe Industrial can enjoy after-care service.1. Max. Power: 400 Watt 2. 6 blades 3. 20 Years use life and 1 year warranty
4. Small size, big power 5. Certified with: CE, RoHS and ISO 9001:2000 6. Which is using ultra-light composite materials and engineering plastics,
7. The headpiece can be arbitrary rotaded with anti-wind ability and automatically turned protection when faced with strong winds 8. As high efficiency, they can be made hybrid system with {solar lights}.
9. Applications: Marine, Boat, Street, Home, other outdoor place and so on….

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