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Going Solar and the Tesla Powerwall

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Equipment and accessories seen and used in the videos:

*Magnetic phone mount. It is amazing!

*Here are the floor mats seen in the car.

*Here are the seatback covers.

*And child seat bottom protectors we’ve found to be the best.

*Camera and stabilizer:

EVO makes incredible camera stabilizers for everything from mobile phones to Go Pros and DSLR’s.
Here is our GoPro stabilizer used for the videos.

*Our videos are almost all shot on GoPro Hero 4 which comes with the rear screen so we can see everything while filming.

*GoPro external microphone. It’s compact, durable and provides exceptional sound quality.

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29 Comments on "Going Solar and the Tesla Powerwall"

  1. Vinay Kumar says:

    Govt. rebate is the same in India, 30% from the central govt. and 30% from the state.

  2. kevin dahlr says:

    we should.all.get.together (we the ppl.that go.off the grid).and fight for.our energy freedom and sue their asses for.billions !

  3. yellow2000SR says:

    Need to knock that tree down that's shading the lower half.

  4. Conor says:

    All of the electricity is there for free in the sky! The hardest part has been waiting for this technology to evolve to a state where we are all able to store it and make better use of it. As always, a very interesting video from Like Tesla. 🙂

  5. Chris Rath says:

    want to see your tesla power wall – when its installed – I see you zero d your bill cool
    i also see you made 670 KWH in 21 days 0r possible avg 32 KWH per day and it looks like this is August.

  6. ti inu says:

    Very nice. Congratulations and thank you for sharing.

  7. its hard to adapt because not many people has that mucha money.

  8. Sulfen says:

    You'll probably be installing new panels before they actually go bad. Solar panels are still advancing every year.

  9. D Mitchell says:

    What are the output voltage availabilities of the Powerwall 2 and the Powerpack 2? 240 volts? 480 volts? 3 phase capable?
    Is there a website that can answer these questions? I am ready to order one of these, but I need the input and output specs first. What comes with the $1000 Powerwall 2 installation kits. What size solar array is needed with the Powerwall 2 and Powerpack 2, for off grid use.

  10. robert retka says:

    In the solar panel intro we can see the trees shading your panels on the west end of your house.


  12. M4 FI4 says:

    Y si mejor pongo un pinshi diablito!?

  13. Kevin W says:

    why doesn't it have a lightning protector on the boxes

  14. the sad thing… where i live, the government dont give you crap for changing to solar.

  15. wildreams says:

    Why would anyone buy electricity from the grid anymore? :3

  16. dashaB0553 says:

    I'm curious, I'm in Australia but what do the supply companies charge you per kilowatt hour, general tarriff and associated monthly/quarterly user fees, they've only been introduced here recently and it's about #120/qtr [3 monthly] which is a rip off, really enjoyed the video, many thanks

  17. Great video! I'm going to share it on my website.

  18. Jim Bob says:

    Having solar panels and electric car is like throwing up two middle fingers; one to the oil companies and one to the electric utility. love it.

  19. Like Tesla,

    We are a local solar company out of Asheville, NC and Greenville, SC. I'm not trying to sell you anything but couldn't help notice the number of "microinverters not reporting" on your MyEnlighten monitoring portal. If you need any help with your system let me know. Naturally your original installation company should take care of this but if not I would be happy to help. Just let me know.
    Nice install, good vid and awesome Model X.

  20. Max Tp says:

    There's One thing i don't get. Why is your model X charging at 230 volts? Aren't you in the U.S where the voltage is 110?

    Great videos.. happy being able to watch them all the way over in Germany 🙂

  21. jfbeam says:

    So, where was the Tesla Powerwall(tm)???

  22. Do you know if Tesla is recycling traditional photovoltaic panels to offset the cost of a solar roof?

  23. numbersix100 says:

    I have a five bed house. Over the last three months I used £85 of electricity. (My house is fairly emery efficient) That equates to £340 for the year.
    I looked at the Tesla Powerwall 2, their web page recommended 4 powerwall 2 panels. Cost $22,000! Or roughly 44 years to cover its cost.
    Sadly these battery packs don't last half that time.
    Which brings me to the output, they're a bit vague about that. Reading between the lines Tesla seem to be limiting the output to preserve the battery life. They offer a 10 year guarantee based on their battery output levels.
    Is the output enough when you put on the kettle, washing machine, oven etc?No, not even half the necessary output on my calculations.
    When Tesla and other companies are able to offer systems with double the output, double the battery life at half the cost they may have a "goer". We're not there just yet sadly.

  24. I really love everything in this video. The Tesla, solar panels and Powerwall. One more reason to add on my list to immigrate from NL to AUS 😃

  25. This guy uses more electricity than an antminer s9, how is that possible?

  26. Norm Yanke says:

    everyone else is subsidizing your power, otherwise you would have no payback EVER.
    Google, german solar failure, or nevada, ontario, spain. Its now working. You will come to discoverthe reality. Yes I would like it to work, but lots of people are making a lot of money selling solar, atthe expense of everyone else subsidizing it…..this won't last.

  27. can someone please tell me the name of the song in the intro??? please and thank you

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    Learn how to bring any battery back to life again

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    Learn how to bring any battery back to life again


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