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Go Power! 30 Foot Extension Cable For Portable Solar Kit

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* Tynex SKU# Ty151002, * Model # : GP-PSK-30X

*** Item Model # : GP-PSK-30X

Convenient charging with the interchangeable accessory line.

Go Power! Has extended the Portable {solar lights} Kit line to include two optional accessories that will provide more flexibility when charging your battery. The 7 pin adapter works with a trailer’s existing 7 pin plug for the most convenient and accessible battery charging method. You can extend the distance of the kit from your battery by using the extra 30′ of cable to increase your sunshine footprint where there is foliage overhead.

Both the 7 Pin Trailer Adapter and 30′ Extension Cable utilize the Portable {solar lights} Kit anderson-style connectors – allowing simple and easy connectivity. These accessories are sold individually and are not included in the Portable {solar lights} Kit.

UPC#: 839085002032
Box Dimension: N/A

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