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Gear Guide: Solar Power in the field with Goal Zero

This week’s Gear Guide video is all about {solar lights} — something I use frequently in the field. I discuss my use of various Goal Zero Products, including the Sherpa 50 and Extreme 350 batteries, as well as the Nomad 13.5M and Escape 30 {solar lights} Panels. I use these products to charge my batteries in the field, as well as keep my large format film cool.


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13 Comments on "Gear Guide: Solar Power in the field with Goal Zero"

  1. Very good ben, it was informative. You know your stuff. 

  2. shaun365 says:

    Ben, what camera is that over your right shoulder??

  3. Ben Horne says:

    That's my Fuji GX617. Super fun camera to use.

  4. shaun365 says:

    Agreed. I have the older G617 camera and I love it! Just wish the lenses were interchangeable..!

  5. Thanks for sharing. 

  6. websuspect says:

    You can daisy chain 2 panels together and that will cut your charge time in half.

  7. MogrooT2 says:

    you work in desert dam this product is made for you

  8. jonesey65244 says:

    You are a VERY good presenter. Clear, and you KNOW what you are going to say. Thanks.

  9. Shayd says:

    You probably don't have that Panel anymore but do you have idea if It's possible to plug 12v Car adapter directly into the panel and then Usb dapater into it?

  10. JonaZLove says:

    where are the links ?

  11. xzxfin120965 says:

    You do a better job selling their products than they do.

  12. Lee Butler says:

    Thank you. I saw one of these devices today in the local I can shop. Now that I have seen his video I will go back and buy it. 

  13. People still use actual film????

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