Free Energy Mobile Phone Charger – With OTG Cable

How to Make a Free Energy Emergency Mobile Phone Charger – With OTG Cable.


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17 Comments on "Free Energy Mobile Phone Charger – With OTG Cable"

  1. 100℅ not working

  2. AIGLE BLANC says:

    Mais on sens fou de vos vidéo vous tricher dans toutes vos vidéo donc nul nul

  3. Veli Karaca says:

    Telefonun şarjı, şarj olurken %71 'den %70 e düştü. Nasıl freeee enerji anlamadım.

  4. you know why is fake ..because the white and green there,s no power out of it

  5. I think all ur shit is fake cause you would be very rich by now about25 diff free energy anything seem fake boss wake up

  6. Akit ilyen primitív szarsággal meg tudsz zavarni , – az meg is érdemli a "sorsát " ! ! ! FAKE !

  7. Patrick B says:

    it is a true lie

  8. Fake!!! Im Motor sitzt eine Batterie! !!!

  9. akbrs says:

    free energy my arse

  10. So you're using your phone battery to charge your phone battery 🔋…?

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