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23 Comments on "Free Energy Light Bulbs"

  1. Jiten Baro says:

    agar aisa hota to fir drone ko kabhi charge nahi karna padta

  2. Zhang Lee says:

    i don`t know this is real or not but in theory it could work but it don`t last long

  3. Manohar Ram says:

    Menebhut kuch kiya par Nahi chal rahi hai motor bhai

  4. joe Lynch says:

    FREE ENERGY FROM 1 ROTATION OF DC MOTOR + 100 cm PULLEY = GIVES YOU 100 ROTATIONS OF AC GENERATOR + 1 cm PULLEY —— TESLA RULES —– Multiplying Free Energy is super simple with this GEM-(Geometrical Electricity Multiplier=AC type) free electricity multiplying mechanism at This is a device that can be easily + cheaply assembled by using one large pulley attached to a DC motor, + at least one mini-pulley, (the smaller the better) connected to AC generators, both must be of the same voltage, 4 diodes to build a crude full wave bridge rectifier-(converts your AC output into DC input for your drive motor's needs), a lot of wire to connect your electrical components together, and a belt, strap or tied piece of rope or string, to connect the two or more pulleys together. This has to be dirt simple + cheap to build, as the people that will need to be built this are the soon coming Tribulation Saints, whom cannot buy or sell. Door closes on treaty signing = 2019.04 – “know that it's near, even at the door ” Mat 24:33

    This works on the simplest of principles, the principles of basic preschool pulley mechanics, where you only have to pay the small amount of electricity,(only a spark) that it takes to gain one single rotation of a DC motor, with a large 100 cm circumference pulley attached to it. With this one rotation of a large pulley, you can freely gain a long length of 100 cm of moving belt, which will give you a multiple of 100 rotations, for your one rotation of a DC motor. This could be multiplied by as many 1 cm circumference mini-pulleys that you wish to attach to this same belt. Then all that you would have to do is, attach AC generators to each of these mini-pulleys that you choose to attach to the same belt as your large 100 cm pulley.

    You could freely gain 1000 cycles of AC electricity from this single burst of DC current, if you chose to attach 10 mini-pulleys to the same belt/strap, with AC generators attached to each one. Please don't listen to these fake worries about torque being a problem, as these mini-pulleys would run free of any torque, as torque comes from when you need to generate power. Power is calculated by multiplying voltage time current, and although your many rotations of these mini-pulleys are generating massive voltage, (which is exactly what you need to crank over your DC drive motor), you are in need of only one mere spark of current. So, even massive amounts of voltage, when it is multiplied by the almost zero amount of current that it takes to rotate a DC motor once, it would equal out to practically zero power, cost practically zero torque.

    You are seemingly cheating the laws of thermodynamics by using pulley mechanics to freely multiply the # of rotations, and then by adding an AC generator to your mini-pulley, you are actually multiplying AC cycles of electricity. The AC generator is running very free, as it is only winding up massive voltage + practically no current, as it only needs to generate one mere spark of DC current, just enough to rotate your DC drive motor once. This one rotation of a large 100 cm pulley, can be converted into 100 rotations of a mini-pulley of 1 cm circumference. Since AC electricity is created by rotations, and more rotations is more AC power, multiplied rotation is equal to multiplied AC electricity.

  5. joe Lynch says:

    TIME IS SHORT = the Pre-Trib Rapture + the infamous 7 year peace treaty with Israel MUST START before the Door closes on 2019.04 –
    We were given the best Gift from God, (other than Jesus) right here in Atlantic Canada + just before the infamous 7 years Peace Treaty, + 2nd half as being the (Great Tribulation) where most all of the fallen angels, and Nephilum = angel offspring with women, will be sent to the earth by God. This is not only the ones that are still alive, but also the spirits of all that have died. This could be massive amounts of evil spirits, considering that this includes the ones from before the flood.
    Do you want to hear how super simple this technology is,
    You only pay to crank over one 100 cm circumference pulley,
    Then you use the moving 100 cm of moving belt off this large pulley,
    + run it past 10 mini-pulleys of only one centimeter circumferences,
    All that you have to do is add AC generators to these 10 mini-pulleys,
    Giving you a free return of 10X100=1000 cycles of AC electricity.

    You are using the dirt simple laws of pulley mechanics to multiply rotations,
    + since AC electricity is generated by simple rotations
    You are using the dirt simple laws of pulley mechanics, to multiply your AC electricity

    IT IS TRULLY THAT SIMPLE…………………………….

    And don’t you believe that torque is a problem,
    You have 10 X 100 = 1000 cycles of AC electricity,
    To make up the one spark of DC current that you need,
    That this DC drive motor needs to be cranked over the one time,
    Giving you the 100 cm of moving belt = off 100 cm circumference pulley,

    + how powerful this spiritual warfare is,
    to be able to hide this super simple AC multiplier from us gullible humans…………..

    The making of GEM free energy technology
    You start with one large 100 cm circumference pulley,
    + you attach one DC motor to it, + this is your drive motor,
    can be any voltage, as long as the same as your AC generators

    Then you get 1 to 10 mini-pulleys, each of 1 cm circumferences,
    + then you attach 1 to 10 AC generators to them,

    YOU MUST attach all of these pulleys together,
    With a belt, strap, elastic, rope or even a piece of tied string,

    Now you connect these generators to 1-10 full wave bridge rectifiers,
    To convert your AC output back into the DC of your input drive motor,

    Then you run wires from the DC output of your full wave bridge rectifiers,
    + run them back into the input leads of your one single DC drive motor,

    Now if you only start to rotate your large 100 cm pulley, only a quarter turn,
    This will generate enough power to not only start your DC drive motor working,
    But it should be able to keep your DC drive motor running perpetually,

    It should be able perpetually keep the system running because of pre-school pulley technology,
    You see that the 25 cm of belt that you get from only a ¼ circumference of large pulley,

    Is more than enough belt to give you 25-250 cycles of AC electricity,
    By passing this 25 cm of belt by your 1-10 mini-pulleys of only 1 cm circumferences each

    So each of these 1-10 mini-pulleys get to rotate 25 times each,
    That’s 1 to 10 X 25 = 25 to 250 cycles of AC electricity,

    Now try and tell me that you cannot get the one spark of DC current,
    Out of these 25-250 cycles of AC current

    Remember that these 1-10 mini-pulleys are running free of most all torque,
    As the only resistance these 1-3 generators have, (other than viscosity of lubricant)
    Is the resistance of the power being generated by them,
    Which is P=I V, which is “P”ower is equal to “I”-current multiplied by “V”oltage,

    + remember that no matter how high of a “V”oltage that you are winding up,
    You do not need very much “I”current, you only need one short bit of current, (practically zero)

    + remember zero times any number is still equal to zero = (law of mathematics)
    So,,, even massive “V”oltage times practically zero “I”-current,
    Still equals practically zero Power = which take practically zero torque,
    = these mini-pulleys are running practically free

    Now, please remember, these 1-3 mini-pulleys, with AC generators attached, run practically torque free
    because torque comes from generating power, and P=IV, where “I”-current is equal to practically zero
    (on this site is a picture that shows basic idea of this GEM tech)
    (but the small pulleys should be much smaller + 1-3 not 4)

    Come on Canadians,,,
    Come on Nova Scotia,,,

    This is where this GEM-(Geometrical Electricity Multiplier) technology of free energy for the End Times was 1st started. Let's get out there and start taking advantage of it, by not only building GEM units to power all of our electric tools, toys + gadgets, but we could be starting companies that have electric appliances, utensils, devices, tools, toys, + gadgets with these GEM perpetual power supplies built into them, (let’s start letting electricity generate itself) + on our labels we could even proudly say "FIGHTING TERRORISM + FIGHTING POLLUTION"

    Get some AC + DC motors together of the same voltage, and start building these GEM free energy power supplies,, + not only for 1.5, 3, 6 + 9 volt batteries, but household 120, + 12 volt, for powering these new electric cars. Let's throw the oil companies the bird, + maybe even make some money with them, by throwing any excess power from these perpetually running energy generators that we have the time, + small amount of money to purchase parts to build. Think of it as not only keeping money in your pocket, but you are keeping money from the countries that fund terrorist. This is not to mention the experimenting that we could be doing with the anti-gravity + speeds approaching light speed. Now I know that there are many out there like me, that would enjoy knowing how one type of this motor was powering a UFO in the Bible, in Ezekiel 1:16.

    The thing is, that there is the most powerful spiritual warfare going on about this simple free energy technology, and evil forces will immediately start confronting you as soon as you start looking into this. I can be sure that evil forces will whisper in your ear, of many ways that this cannot possibly work. For why should evil spirits want us to be able to stop buying oil, from nations that in one way or another tend to promote terrorist, and their careless destructive ways. I believe that God gave me this technology back in the early 2000’s when He first gave me a Vision of a 10 speed bicycle going uphill in 10th gear, and then back downhill in 1st. This is very significant where AC electricity is concerned, where you may need massive voltage, to crank over the pedals on the way up, but it costs way less current, as the motor runs for only a few rotation. Then when you run the bicycle down the hill in 1st gear, you would be winding over your AC generators massive amounts of time. Please remember that AC electricity is generate through rotations of a coil of wire through a magnetic field, and the more rotations means more AC electricity.

    Although we are warned “but of that day and hour knoweth no man”(Mat 24:36), we are also assured that we can “know that it is near, even at the doors”, (Mat 24:33) Where the door closes on the Prophecy when it can no longer be fulfilled. My name is Joe, and I now live at a nursing home in Nova Scotia, and if you can find me an electronic simulator that I can use, I will show you how this free energy technology can and will work for man, instead of man having to work for energy. In any case, please let me show you how all of the barriers can be overcome, instead of taking Satan’s words for it, when he or the billions of evil spirits throw excuses at you, for why this will never work. My email is

    Having the first Door closing by 2019.04, we have less that 15 months now, before the pre-Trib Rapture + signing of the infamous 7 year peace treaty with Israel, ushering in the anti-christ + the “Great Tribulation” + then Christ will set His Feet on the Mount of Olives, to fulfill the second part/Door of this prophecy, when He Comes again to this earth. This coming cannot be the arrival that no one knows, because the Tribulation Saints will not only know when this arrival will be, but they will be counting down the days until.

  6. Its not possible he has hided button cells under paper roll

  7. yam chauhan says:

    Tuse greate ye emf ke karan sambhav he

  8. Dud up to which time it will work and what are motors you used

  9. Masum Rohit says:

    Kya eaisha ho sakta hai

  10. Vikram Singh says:

    sahi video's banya karo

  11. Kiran Kolhe says:

    not working
    yet fake!!!!!!!

  12. hi- tech says:

    Follow this link to join my WhatsApp group for letest invention and bussiness:

  13. lol – the 2nd law is non-negotiable.

  14. MiCKTO says:

    Estos videos son un engaño, no los vean, de seguro hay una pila oculta dentro del tubo. Creo que es mas incredible la cantidad de suscriptores.

  15. لم تنجح التجربة اسف

  16. Sk Singh says:

    Very nice video

  17. Mohd Waseem says:

    tumhare ghar ka bill kitna aataa hai

  18. hm karta hai to hota nai

  19. what are the names of the gears that you used for DC motors.can I find then in online stores

  20. 52 k likes and 7 k dislikes i think this is fucking real..

  21. Motar kuon sa upyog kiy ho sir

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    Learn how to bring any battery back to life again

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