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Free Energy Charger using Magnet Motor

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37 Comments on "Free Energy Charger using Magnet Motor"

  1. Hello Technical info!
    I can help you by making a video for you, you can see examples on my channel, I expect an answer from you! All the best!

  2. Fait gaffe tu vas griller ton téléphone à envoyer du 220v. Oui du 220v voir ta video précédente ou tu allumes une ampoule 220v.
    Quoi tu nous aurais menti sur le tension de sortie ? 🙂 LOL
    Le mec se contredit à 1 semaine intervalle avec ses FAKE 🙂

  3. Entha motor fix pannirukinga DC r generator ila both DC please reply me quicly

  4. GrayMan says:

    Channel for downs

  5. One minute it's powering a 230 volt Bulb, now the same thing is charging a 5 volt Phone. Your a Dick…Also notice the Wood had a Mark on the Left hand side when he applies the Glue. Then the Mark suddenly appears on the other Side upside down and he does NOT show the under side again where the Power Supply is Hidden.. FAKE!!

  6. Beneran kagak tu soalnya kebanyakan yg bohong

  7. Ali Asif says:

    The black is like liter ignitor

  8. What is that switch like thing…..nice video

  9. abd arrazzak says:

    the fake vedio this is.Bullshit.lie

  10. Only indian makes this fucking shit…

  11. False, but ingenious. I like it. Congratulations

  12. Que buen montaje fake fake fake pero elegante :v

  13. Darktron says:

    total bullshit!

  14. Lee Ali says:

    The best way to break the law of physics 2017 on this earth

  15. fatin islam says:

    it can just show the icon of charging,can not charge at all.

  16. Rey Mamayson says:

    the motor runs by the celphun.

  17. Ramesh Ram says:

    what an amazing fake vedio this is!!!!!!!!!

  18. Wow. It's working !!!! I can charge my Tesla car. …

  19. It won't work.. Even if this is DC motor there is no protection circuit between phone and motor, I mean the motor can produce way to high voltage/current so it can fry your smartphone easily

  20. Type GT says:

    button battery inside motor 3v x2. motor already modification.

  21. আপনাদের ভিডিও খুব ভালো। কিন্তু আপনাদের উপস্থাপন টা ভালো না ‌ খোলাখুলি ভাবে কিছু বলেন না।

  22. HomeStudio says:

    this magnetic field energy nice 🙂

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