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Foundation Friday Over 50 #24 Anastasia Stick Foundation

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Anastasia Stick Foundation in “Warm Natural”:
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Artis Oval 7 Brush: (Neiman Marcus), (Dillards)

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Hydropeptide Solar Defense SPF 30: (Amazon), (Nordstrom)
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Anastasia Stick Foundation in “Warm Natural”:
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36 Comments on "Foundation Friday Over 50 #24 Anastasia Stick Foundation"

  1. Susan Keller says:

    Hi Angie!
    I wish you would review any of the Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra foundations…they have a beautiful stick foundation! I know how much you like the Lancome Mascara products, you should try the foundations!

  2. Pat Denning says:

    I love foundation Fridays. You are saving your peeps so much money. I don't need to try this at all. Thank you

  3. Denise G says:

    OMG I"m surprised this failed this badly!! I guess I had higher hopes but I too never used a stick foundation before & thought how cool,how quick this would be. But for it to make your skin that old & ugly looking….well not really…it's a no buy for me!! THanks for reviewing this Angie,I won't be worrying about it anymore…..take care….xo Dee

  4. Tina715 says:

    Hi, can you try La Mer Soft Fluid Foundation SPF 20? $110!

  5. Ana Samuel says:

    Thank you for this review.Would you be willing to try the La Mer new Foundation and concealer?

  6. Good Luck with Kitty!! Thanks for another great review!

  7. Deb T. says:

    Requesting different home facials comparisons, high end and lower end please.

  8. As you can tell I am catching up on your videos, OMG you looked like you have applied cooking oil on your face lol, this must be one of the worst foundations you have tried. I am so sorry about your cat, I hope she will come back xoxoNisha

  9. Have you ever tried xoemin?? Would love a comparison with this one as well.

  10. I just love Chantecaille future skin foundation! I know you reviewed it before and liked it as well. It's the best foundation I've used on my oily skin. Also, their loose powder is an excellent accompaniment! Thank you for all your reviews Angie!!

  11. B. Walker says:

    I love Kitty.  So enjoy seeing her get her camera time during look book.  She is a sly one acting like she doesn't know the camera is out! 

    When I was a wee one, any cat that wondered into my yard I took to believe they were meant to be mine! Destiny!  For days/sometimes weeks I would dress them in doll clothes and put them in doll strollers and feed them from a spoon.  Eventually word would get around and my new doll's family would be at the door waiting for the hand off.  It is possible your Kitty is also enjoying tea time and footie pj's just like my temporary tenants were.  She will soon grow tired of straw hats and the door will be left ajar and she can make her escape back to your home!

    My sister in law recently lost her dog and someone told her about some app.  She posted about her lost dog and within seconds she got a reply from the person who had rescued her!  I think it is called NEXTDOOR or My Neighborhood it is some kind of neighborhood watch/contact/alert.  You choose the width and distance of the search/alert.  This is something we all need to use.  Do consider  trying technology.   Someone may have seen or heard something.  Beloved Kitty has a fan club and needs to do another "cat" walk in the next look book.  Just not the same without her.  Much love and support,  Bunnie

  12. Melly Mel says:

    Hi Angie!!

    Love Foundation Friday's! Hope you find your kitty. At $75 an ounce what a disappointment this was. Thanks for another awesome review.

  13. Would love to see a review of Oxygenetix foundation.

  14. kitty says:

    love this review, very honest! thanks 🙂

  15. Talacocheta says:

    Sorry about your cat. 🙁 If you leave out some soft cat food and put the carrier or a box near it, it might work. Put posters around your neighborhood in case someone took her in if you haven't. /fingers crossed

    Thanks for this review. What an awful foundation!

  16. chaiitea says:

    I have watched your videos for quite sometime and enjoy seeing your reviews on foundations. I must say that I was surprised to hear the review on the foundation stick. I work in cosmetics and am a make up artist in the St Louis Area, so I am going to speak from my expierence working with this product. I have also been trained by Anastasia as well on this product.

    I have used this product on many women, ranging in age, skin color and skin type. I normally prep the skin with of course having a clean face and then moisturize using a Philosophy moisturizer. Then, I will pause, so that the mositurizer has a moment to absorb into the skin, because I don't want any chance of the moistuizer and the primer mixing together. I normally prefer clients to come in with a clean and moisturized face and tell them to have moisturized 45 min to an hour before. Then I will use my tried and true Smashbox original primer. Smashbox is a little pricy but lasts you a VERY long time as you only need about a pea sized amount foucused on the T-Zone area of the face. I will put the Anastasia Stick Foundation on using a foundation brush, then I blend the product in. If there needs to be more coverage in the cheek area, then I will apply a bit more there (a stripe or two) and then blend. I, of course, set everything cream or liquid based with a powder. I recommend translucent setting powder, I use Tarte's Translucent Setting Powder quite a bit. Then, you must set the face with setting spray. I recommend Urban Decay's Setting Spray which comes in 3 different types. All Nighter, good for all skin types; Deslick, great for oily skin; and Chill, fantastic if you need a little hydration.

    I have personally never had a problem with the foundation, never seen a problem with the foundation and clients that I use it on rave about how 'skin like' it is and how great it feels.

    The foundation is $25 for the stick, it should last at least 9 months. So, you are looking at $0.10 each day for your foundation.

    I would love to invite you, if you ever visit, to come visit me and I would love to have the opportunity to hopefully change your mind on this foundation.

  17. I would love for you to try Koh Ken Do aqua foundation. I hear wonderful reviews on it. 🙂

  18. lina Arroyo says:

    Sorry to hear. ❤️

  19. "it was like a 10 car pile-up on the highway" LOL!! Sorry this one didn't work out, you're a trooper for testing it all 3 days! Thanks, Angie Xo

  20. Leave her bowl of food and water or even her bed and maybe something that has your house sent or your sent out side your house, front door or back door.

  21. 10DaLin says:

    First, thank you for these foundation videos! They are so informative and helpful. I'd love to see your thoughts on the Loreal lumi cushion. Thanks again!

  22. I'm so happy that I found your channel. I just love that you are a 'real' gal giving her honest opinions about products so that we 'real' gals can relate…and may I add that you're hilarious! Thanks for taking the time do these great videos for us!

  23. I have a sudjestion for a foundation Friday review. …..Annabella Skin True natural lightweight makeup. I just love this stuff!!

  24. Lori Penzato says:

    Have you tried the Bobbie Brown foundation stick? I use it and it has great coverage and u don't have to use a lot. I am over 50 and have similar issues. I use a moisturizer underneath as I have dry skin. I don't use a primer.

  25. Sue Mitchell says:

    What primer do u use

  26. Hi there Angie, I just now saw this video, I haven't been watching much you tube lately except for a few political ones. I am so very sad about your kitty, I can't believe she is gone from you. I love animals and my kitty so much, and I have lost a lot of wonderful kitty friends throughout my life. They are family, they are beings with beautiful emotions. Your kitty is so lucky to have you as her mom, I know you gave her a lot of love, and I know that love and bond does not end, and I know we will see our babies again. Can you imagine what a glorious reunion we will enjoy! Right after this I will say a prayer that she will be able to come home to you very soon. I know how hard it is for you, and I am glad you have your pup with you, you need him now. I am so sorry Angie! XO, Ruthy

  27. ugh!!…..terrible foundation.
    sorry about your kitty

  28. 18Daisy Doll says:

    Oh puss😔 I do hope she's home soon…. we've had a couple of cats go missing, fortunately two of them returned after a few weeks. Bess with a severe gash on her back leg which had already started to heal- that was in New Zealand, and Bing (this time in Scotland) game home, his pelvis was broken in three place- he lived into his twenties!! Hoping for a happy outcome 🙏🏼

  29. Wow, you tried everything to get that foundation to work and it looked so greasy, for the money what an awful product. Thanks for the review! Sorry about kitty, I know it was breaking your heart. Hugs!

  30. Vickie Cox says:

    I had a question about Dr. Denese ny hydroshield face serum. I got a trail and ordered another trail along with the base/primer Sun screen 30 which are both nice. It is expensive and I do use many of the products you suggest but I really did like the serum as it makes my face feel smooth. I am not able to find many review but what I found said it was pricey for what you get. I was wondering as I do like oils and have other oils I have used and do like them after I put the Vit c you recommend and use so many other of your products. I wonder if you have any suggestions about this product in the serum and the base/primer.

    I do try to be careful with my money but I want to keep my face and neck and hands looking nice. Really didn't know where to ask this or if you can respond with better suggestions. I have friends who push Rodan and Fields and Neruim and even Mary Kay. I agree with getting the lowest price on most things so I can get injections and other from the dermatologist.

    I love you videos and have found many to be helpful.

  31. carrie snow says:

    wow! that is some BAD foundation!

  32. RitaG says:

    Any chance you can test Stila's Perfectly Poreless Putty Perfector? It seems like a really interesting foundation concept. There are not a lot of reviews on youtube for this foundation, but of the few reviews, most seem to be positvie. I am curious to see your take as I turned 50 this year.

  33. Mirage Sur says:

    I haven't like anything but the Chanel and for work I use Everyday Minerals mirenal makeup, the series for dry skin.

  34. Jess Cross says:

    I should've watched this before ordered it. I just got it yesterday and tried it twice. Each time trying a different way and with/without primer on each half of my face. I wanted to love this and I HATE IT!!!!! 😩

  35. Megan Eastin says:

    Hi Angie! Cannot believe I missed this video. I just wanted to comment about the Becca primer,
    I have it, and it bawled up and off EVERY time I put on foundation. So much so that I chunked . after watching many videos I subsequently learned there is a very particular way to apply it, and if not done in said way it will always look terrible. I never learned,lol. just a thought that may have played a factor! Thanks for the videos! XO

  36. Wow! Horrible results…taking off my wishlist!! Thanks for this review. It's the best I've seen on YT, and I've seen A LOT. I'm sorry about your 🐱

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