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Fix your cloudy Solar Light! It’s like magic…

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Here’s an easy way to fix your cloudy Solar Light. Over time the solar panel on top of my solar lights have become cloudy, hazy and the lack of light being able to …


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38 Comments on "Fix your cloudy Solar Light! It’s like magic…"

  1. twlght angel says:

    sure it looks great for about 6 days then it fogs even worse,,tried it,, have to sand it off

  2. Kris Carver says:

    You're a goofy person! Enjoyed video! AND I'm even going to try it on my favorite solar light — a mason jar. Thanks!

  3. James Horn says:

    I've found that using 91% Isopropyl Alcohol (not rubbing alcohol!!), which you can buy at your local drugstore, works great on removing these stains. I pour a small amount into a medicine cup (the little ones that hold an ounce or so) and dip a cotton swab into the alcohol. I then spread this over the surface (rub lightly as you go) and then Immediately wipe it off with a paper towel in two directions (across and then down). The stains come right off. I noticed that this leaves a brown stain on the paper towel. Not sure why. Another trick I use to make these lights last longer is to buy a tube of liquid silicone sealer for windshields, and when the lights are new, I put a bead around the outside edge of the cell, where the crack is. If you do this right, the liquid settles into the crack, sealing it. The bead will be about 3/16" wide. Make a continuous bead with no skips. The tops should be removed when you do this and then lay them on a flat surface until the silicone dries. This will keep water from seeping into the lights. The seal from the factory is pretty bad. Good luck!

  4. i didn't believe you but it really work good ..thanks

  5. Sue Doe says:

    how about just placing upside down glass jars on the lights…..protects from the elements.

  6. AljoniMusiCo says:

    Silicone lubricant works nicely also, waterproofs too …. :-)

  7. Nerys says:

    I have a better solution. i flat out refuse to buy solar anything where the cells are encapsolated. the crap epoxy encapsolation is what yellows.

  8. Heya, The best info that I have saw was on Volt daddy (just google it) Probably the most detailed info on batteries and this same that have found.

  9. Mike Roberti says:

    Mine get calcium deposits from sprinklers. Can I , or should I, use lime away to remove the calcium, and then spray them? Thanks!

  10. HolyCrapski says:

    If you cover the solar cell with Clear fablon vinyl, they don't UV damage from the start, I have some that are 5+ years old and out all year round, apart from changing the battery's they are still going like new.

  11. 86daytonaz says:

    Clear coat paint not the best solution!, buy 3000 grit sandpaper and use with water in spray bottle and spray water while sanding. Better result and you are removing film not covering it.

  12. My sister and I found if the batteries go bad just use regular ones of the correct size. They are way, way cheaper and last for months, some a year, give it a try.

  13. manuel faria says:

    thats a terrible so called fix,   here is a good one for you,  use some white colgate toothpaste and use it like a wax , like you were to wax your car, then just wipe off and all set, it removes ALL the weathering to the panel and can be used on the glass or plastic as well, looks new and works as well

  14. montgomb3 says:

    I thought those solar lights didn't need batteries.

  15. Thank you!!! I'm ding this today

  16. johnnieace45 says:

    or you could get some of the dirt from Fukushima. That will be glowing for a thousand years

  17. I would think a little toothpaste and a little rubbing with a terry towel would buff that right out..  rubbing compound would be better but.. we are cheap.  and most people already have the toothpaste on hand. 

  18. 876beauty says:

    my goodness your voice is so sexy !

  19. I dont see anymore just clear wood finish, there is clear satin, clear gloss, clear semi-gloss.. Which one should I get ? I have a whole bunch of lights I need to fix.. Is this thing also prevent it from going white again, or just clears it up for the time being ? What about rainX ?

  20. James Sims says:

    Whats the best (easiest) way to restore the plastic globes (lenses) that get cloudy over time. I have about 50 solar lights around my property, so I don't really want something that takes allot of time or buffing. Any suggestions would be great.

  21. Paul Johnson says:

    speak a bit faster please :)

  22. Cool idea, i saw someone on Pinterest using clear nail polish. They're so cheap now its awesome. I've decorating my deck around my RV with solar string light,  solar walkway lights, solar windmill light and copper tiki lights. THANKS!

  23. DoitalJosh says:

    He names his solar lights! How dare him!

  24. tomx63 says:

    just jack your wife's clear nail polish.  that works well too.

  25. JT Garbo says:

    Just want to know… does it affect the insides… I just hope when I try this, it wont seep through the panel sides where it has the square box lines around it.. ?

  26. rurutu M says:

    Magic? HE'S A WITCH BURN HIM!!!!. j/k, thx for the tip. keep em coming

  27. zulu1320 says:

    A.D.D. much ? "piece of wire tie " ….lol, love it , great video , keep it up

  28. You are awesome! Thank you for saving me some dough. (:

  29. John Douglas says:

    the fun part is, summer hasn't even kicked in yet, it gets the hottest in late December, early January., and I'm on in Brisbane, it gets even hotter the further north west you go, hottest day in my state 49.5c (121.1f) 24 December 1972 Birdsville Police Station Queensland. can you imagine?

  30. CheapGeek says:

    Wow! That's some serious sun! Maybe some clear spray with UV inhibitors in it? If that even exists..:)

  31. John Douglas says:

    I tried this, and in the insane Australian summer, it lasted three days before the clear paint frosted over 🙁 it's been about 98f 36c every day this week gah. 

  32. Tim Gomes says:

    Little solar doodads…

  33. 4eva68 says:

    I thought u were gonna say…headlight cleaner or carnauba wax.
    I see now why even in direct sun they don't last.

  34. CheapGeek says:

    Ha! Thanks for comment!
    Much Appreciated! :)

  35. Pearly Q says:

    What a sweet sense of humour you have! I love the peanut butter song and the solar light tip as well. Thanks!

  36. CheapGeek says:

    That's an awesome tip! Thanks :)

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