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Suaoki 400Wh Power Supply Less Expensive 220Wh “Little Brother” Optional SOLAR panel Goal Zero Yeti 400 Lithium…


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  1. Suaoki 400Wh Power Supply
    Less Expensive 220Wh "Little Brother"
    Optional SOLAR panel
    Goal Zero Yeti 400 Lithium
    The wife's MONSTER hair dryer!!!

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  2. does that work with laptops???

  3. Fossil fuels do not exist, that is a lie from the EPA/Oil companies! Oil is a mineral and all things that come from the ground are minerals not fossils which would come from supposedly dead animals like dinosaurs. They have a huge source of oil but to get the price up, they lie! Just like they do with diamonds and other jewelry, they control it to keep the prices high!

  4. roger shahan says:

    I just bought the new smaller version the s270 i love it !

  5. Can this unit be charged from more than 1 source at a time? ie solar and ac

  6. Fattie says:

    What is the AH on this battery?

  7. What do think about Goal zero……

  8. Eric Smith says:

    I'm not an electrical engineer, but if I were, I'd probably have really hot women chasing after me so they could properly power their hair dryers in the boonies. Hmm….where is that tech school catalog…it may be time for a career change.

  9. Check the Kodiak solar generator. Only one having a 30 Amp outlet…you can power your entire Airstream

  10. Wise OwL says:

    does anyone know what cord/adaptor you need to charge this generator with a kingsolar portable folding solar panel 60w. Ive used a bunch of 2.5mm to 2.3mm that fit into that input but they wont charge the generator. any help would be amazing

  11. Can this recharge the batteries for the trolling motor?

  12. We have Goal Zero Yeti 400 with a piggy back battery for c-pat machine and a yeti 1250 for heater thermostat and frig or freezer for power outages — we have Renogy panels and GZ has come out with bigger units lately –they are AWESOME pricey but AWESOME got the 1250 on a Amazon deal

  13. Amazon sells the same one under a different name

  14. leke femi says:

    Can one attach an extra battery to it eg 200ah ……will it make it run longer

  15. roggie77777 says:

    Do you know how much pollution is crated in getting lithium. Fact , a tesla has 8 years of carbon storage built in before you drive one mile. Add that most electricity comes from coal , a tesla is more polluting that a average cars over its life cycle. Never let fact get in the way of a good story, for the population

  16. Don Borracho says:

    Question sir. If i wanted to plug a single electric burner and fry bacon or maybe a rice steamer while camping is this adequate?

  17. Ron Spruill says:

    OMG. Too funny. ROFL.

  18. joe m says:

    I think your wife's hair drier is the Binford 3600, my wife has the Binford 3800 with the Liquid filled ball bearing spacers and the thermo nuclear SPF 9800 upgraded to the ear wax melting limited edition flame throwing power sucking LMNOP2100. So if Christie needs an upgrade, I'm sure there's still time to get one. Just thought I'd throw that out there or whatever.

  19. ray bon says:

    In britian they , abolished fossil fuels by 2100. I was at a tail gate party last year. And I saw a dude power for the games duration a 19 inch, and his portables with a goal zero 400. Where I live they already have 3 electronic ports for electro cars at the library and one at city hall. And I saw a dude park an electronic bmw at the library…Lloll. I drove a Toyota pruis the other day. And yes it feels different. Doesn't have the rawness of a gasoline powered device which is what you might be referring too. But like it or not in 20 years everything will be going electric.

  20. We were in South Dakota in morning and pulled into a KFC drive up window that had a overhang wasn't marked for height and we were just waking up and smashed into overhang with our class3 cab over camper E350 Ford. Luckily we were able to their insurance because of no signage. It caused about $6k damage that we fixed when we got back . Duct tape came in handy again. The rest of trip was great. Dan and Renee Lohoho

  21. Brent says:

    Very cool! I'm a newb to this type of power source! This would be perfect for weekends dry camping at the beach! I would love to get one to power my TV so I can watch my UCLA games streaming off my phone in the trailer! Please test it on a TV and show us how long it will last!

  22. TA Lindsay says:

    Very interesting video. I would like one for my RV. However, when I clicked on your link to amazon, it says it doesn't ship to Canada πŸ™ I am sad now. Great video series! XO

  23. Patrick EH says:

    It isn't a generator in the sense used by, well almost anyone. It is simply a battery. Change the title

  24. its great they are making these its a start just think how this can be better and better with future upgrades to come power you house for a month the dream

  25. Highball 734 says:

    Does anyone know if I were to park at a Walmart for a night, if this would run a box fan for about 8 hours while I sleep?
    Fan draws about 100 watts.

  26. Wonder if the inverter produces a pure sine wave, or a modified sine wave. I'm guessing it's a modified wave. If pure no issue, but modified sine waves can damage sensitive electronics like my Mac, TV's or any other sensitive electronics. While modified sine wave inverters can run cooking pots, hair dryers or electronics that are not very sensitive. Cheeper TV's without the filters to filter out bad waves can actually be damaged by modified sine wave inverters. I would not plug my MacBook Pro into this

  27. tried to reply to some comments, but couldn't so I will do so here, 1timby, ae4x0 and manny9585…. This is very close to the Goal Zero Unit. That is what I use. Why?? it is chainable (parallel hookup) they do have Anderson connectors, you can buy either in lithium or AGM battery(heavier). I use this to power my cpap… Yes it works. To get better use (conservative) do not use the inverter. it is less efficient. I use the Res Med Auto 9. and purchased the dc to dc plug. (no need to invert, more efficient) I do not use the humidifier…heat draws more power… by going dc to dc and no humidifier…I can use my cpap for several nights without recharging. I try not to discharge it completely ( I have AGM) I try to charge it up every 5-6 days ….I also have their smaller 150 I can get 3 nights of use.
    I also use their solar panels with the battery charger. Trickle charging rv battery bank.
    The electrical gadgets (phone, camera, gps, tablet, computer, even a tv can run off the other one….using one while charging the other one. hope this helps..

  28. You too funny! I did pretty much the same thing, trying to pronounce that….why didn't they just it the "Adams"?

  29. J Alexander says:

    I've been looking at these. I am an artist and am doing a show in Breckenridge CO. They don't have electricity and don't allow gasoline generators, so this is my only option to have so I can have lights in my tent and charge my cell phone.

  30. Rodney Perry says:

    First of all, thank you for your very well-done informative videos. I'm a newbie at traveling with a RV trailer. How often do you change your transmission fluid in Seemore?

  31. golfnut says:

    thanks for the 411, great video, but $400, thats a lot

  32. Al D says:

    Terrific review as always! Do you have any idea how long you'd be able to run an instant pot or crockpot while out boondocking? 2 or 3 days maybe? Seems like it would be pretty useful for boondocking depending on how many days of power it would give you. Thanks!

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