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Filters for Video Part II: Matte Boxes and Lens Filtration Accessories

All the gear I mentioned can be found here:


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24 Comments on "Filters for Video Part II: Matte Boxes and Lens Filtration Accessories"

  1. I know this doesn't have to do with the video, but what are your thoughts on the NX1? I know you probably do not own one, but do you believe that it will kill all other dslrs?

  2. hey bro what's that lens on the gh4 ?

  3. MaghoxFr says:

    Can you use a mattebox with a small manual lens, for example the OM Zuikos? I have the 28mm and it's tiny. Which makes me think that a follow focus would be mandatory when using a mattebox.

  4. osha nefa says:

    Bro quickly go to sleep ! Your eyes are dead !

  5. Curious, one of your last statements: "I wouldn't put super expensive filters in this" 
    Why not?

  6. What is the ELX input he is using?

  7. Hi Caleb. Thank you much for your strong support for the DSLR community. I am grateful for that. By the way, I purchased a Sony FS100 and a few accessories. Have you ever used a Sony FS100? Any advice? Thanks brother. 

  8. Goku Senpai says:

    these look awesome. Will you do another giveaway anytime soon? :P

  9. Griffon J says:

    I have a sigma 24-105mm f/4 which has an 82mm thread. Does this mean I would not be able to use a clamp on matte box without having extreme vignetting? 

  10. Le Monarque says:

    So instead of using the Cordvision cine rings, we can just use an Xume magnetic adapter since it has the right OD?  I will eventually get both but for now I only have the Xume and want to see how this works for my needs without dedicating more funds.

  11. How do you snap in and out of zoom into close ups and further away shots in this video? This is probably a really stupid question but it could also be a very easy one to answer hopefully :)

  12. Very good info Caleb. Thanks a lot!!

  13. Paul Burgess says:

    How can I use a matt box with my wide angle lenses that cannot take filters – they just have a push on lens cap and no means of attaching the filter system e.g. Panasonic 7-14mm micro 4/3rds on GH4?
    I enjoyed your GH4 course by the way.

  14. Frankie Figz says:

    HI Caleb. I set my dslr up with the tiffen lens filters and magnetic adapters just as you have and I've noticed heavy vignetting. Do you get the same? Also, when i put the matte box on with the tiffen filter on my lens, it isn't as secure and seems like it could fall off if hit the wrong way, risking knocking off the lens filter with it and breaking the glass. Do u have any workaround for that? Thanks

  15. Do you have a list for your rod system?

  16. I know matte boxes. (in Neo's voice).

    Thanks for this, Caleb. Best matte box info on YouTube.

  17. With this setup could you use the Genustech Matte Box Lite along with a circular filter for your lens?

  18. Sully Cortez says:

    i really wish you'd use this intro music again… it's by far the best besides the real 'dslr video shooter intro music' haha. love it.

  19. Garth P says:

    what Tripod is that Caleb ? great channel.

  20. Would the clip on Matte Box work with something like a Rokinon 16mm?

  21. Is a cheaper one that is 3lbs too heavy for the clamp on?

  22. akamiclarry says:

    Hello can you please help?

    I have recently bought the, "Sony FE 28-135 F4 G PZ lens", and I need an ND filter, which one should I buy? Or can I used it with a Matte Box and and ND filter? If so which one would you recommend I buy?

    I want to use the S-log2 and 3 but feel that it's very difficult to do so without an ND filter to keep out the excess light.

    Please Help

    Larry Gomez

  23. John Rods says:

    Most of the time, I use photo lenses for video shoot….if i zooms in and outs the length of the lens physically change and some lens turns the filter thread … This is character of the photo lens… Ok.. Is there any DIY or way to use these type of lenses with a Matte Box with donuts?

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