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Fall Style Ideas for Women Over 50! Lookbook 2016

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35 Comments on "Fall Style Ideas for Women Over 50! Lookbook 2016"

  1. Niomi Klick says:

    Excellent. Thanks!

  2. Mmmm you don`t look fifty at all!!!! Very lucky. The clothes you chose for over fifty can only be worn for women that looks as young as you!

  3. i like all your outfits i'm turning 50 this month you have help me out with these great outfit ideas

  4. Meg hudson says:

    I'm looking for fashions for a 60 yr old 2x_3x woman me

  5. Love everything!!!!!

  6. I just discovered your channel and I love it!

  7. You looks amaaaazing!!!

  8. YouthTeacher says:

    Hi I'm a new subbie and so excited to have found your channel! You are amazing! Thank you for helping women over 50 continue to rock it appropriately! You do us proud! You inspire me and I am sure so many others! I will be watching for more fashion ideas! You have helped me with styling ideas beyond words! Thank you!!!

  9. Crly Hurley says:

    You are my go to person on Youtube when it comes to clothing , skincare, and makeup ideas. Thanks for saving me many hours wandering around stores & trying on clothes that look better on a hanger than on a body. I've purchased a number of your selections from Nordstroms, and find the store so easy to deal with since there are no shipping fees. Looking forward to many more lookbooks !

  10. Gin Amber says:

    Love your style :)

  11. St says:

    I have purchased a pair of over the knee boots, I was going to send them back but my daughter made me keep them, I think I will actually wear them now.

  12. You look super stylish and can I say, hot! Very cute looks

  13. all your outfits look great and great on you I just wanted to know where you bought your ankle boots and boots thank you

  14. Ripped jeans for a woman over 50?! Short dresses?! I agree in wearing what you feel comfortable in, but………..

  15. Love your style ideas. I have the same cuff bracelet and mine is by Kendra Scott.

  16. Judy Reese says:

    The link for the faux leather backpack with the first outfit didn't lead to the same bag?????

  17. Thank U for sharing. I luvvvv Ur outfits and U look FABULOUS!!!
    Looking forward too many more
    of Ur videos.

  18. River says:

    Lovely lines, though when did color go out of style? So many foggy greys, beige and the darkness of black, needs some color splash!

  19. distressink says:

    Thanks for this lookbook. My husband makes fun of me because during the Nordstrom anniversary sale I had boxes delivered almost daily…..I will definitely look for some of the designs you mentioned
    Can't wait for the next video

  20. sandra brown says:

    love all of these items

  21. Christina R. says:

    I'm sorry but woman do not wear dresses far above the knee.

  22. You look fabulous and I like your style. Great video!

  23. L Mocerino says:

    Great Video! I am about your age! I love your style and your styles. I always am hesitant about wearing those cute girlie dresses. Now I know that I am not too old to wear them. Thanx!

  24. I absolutely loved every outfit. Your taste is similiar to mine from the material to the colors to the accessories and attention to detail on the boots etc. You dont go on and on aimlessly but instead get to the point and share an enjoyable segment full of ideas. Will look forward to future videos…thank you!

  25. zippyspring says:

    You look absolutely fabulous! And I love those black, ripped jeans on you. I plan to rock some like those. Please keep inspiring women of all ages!

  26. Love all of your new outfits I think you would look great in anything and certainly don't look 50 or over

  27. I LOVE this lookbook -your style is beautiful and so are you!

  28. Quite mutton dressed as lamb style. In Europe they would laugh at someone dressed like this. Or rather pity. A bit of chic would go a long way. But then hey, it's a free world.

  29. blmenden says:

    I love the dresses…but my legs are white with veins…one would need sunglasses to look at them! So…what do you recommend to cover the legs if we choose to wear dresses?

  30. Jessy DW says:

    You look stunning and i loved most of the looks, you have a great sense of style, that's why I watch your channel.. I basically wear what I want based on my body and my mood, not my age. I don't let others ageist opinions dictate what I wear and life tastes just sweeter as a result.

  31. Thanks for these great ideas! It seems like the drapey style works so well on you because you have super thin legs. I would love some ideas for people that are tiny on top but have some booty 🙂 Thanks!

  32. M Slater says:

    I get it — hot flashes. 

  33. T McKinney says:

    Super cute outfits and you rocked them all.

  34. I loved all of your outfits, and your makeup was so pretty, too. I especially liked how you did your eyes.

  35. So glad to see somebody else my age rocking this looks…though I am more of a street fashion girl. I will use your inspirations, though. Loving all these outfits!!

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