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eoere Portable Solar Air Pump for Fishing, Multiple Charging Aquarium Air Pump

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This product is an oxygenator powered by a {solar lights} and also can be recharged. It helps to increase oxygen levels to fishes when fishing or in fish tanks, aquariums.

{solar lights}:5V 290mA
Battery:18650 Li-ion 3.7V 2200mAH replaceable
Pump:DC micro air pump,1.8V 150MA
Minimum air flow:0.3L/min
Air pipe outlet size:φ4.4MM
(extension air stone size:φ5.1MM)
Product working power range:3.2V-4.2V 90mA
Low power indication voltage(flash in green):3.3V
Full power indication voltage(glow red):4.0V
Over charge protection voltage:4.2V
Charging Time: 8 hours
Working time on fully charged battery:around 20 hours
Charging method:with {solar lights} or 5V/1A power adapter
Gross Weight: 0.7Ib
Product Size:5.2* 3.2*2.2in
Package Size: 5.2*4*3.4in

1* Oxygenator Air Pump
1* USB Cable
2* Bubble Stone

1.Do not put the product into water; its division outlet can not be blocked.
2.After replacing the battery, the product needs to be reactivated before use by putting the {solar lights} panel under sunlight or charging the product with adapter for 5 seconds.
3. {solar lights} charging speed is decided by sunlight intensity. Please clean the surface of {solar lights} panel regularly to keep the charging efficiency.
Great air pump for fishing: compact, very easy to use, and the {solar lights} panel can adjust to capture maximum sunlight
Energy conservation: {solar lights} aquarium air pump with built in storage battery (2200mAh high capacity replaceable battery, works for around 20 hours when fully charged.)
Multiple charging methods: charging with {solar lights} panel or 5V/1A power adapter; Use it no matter it’s sunny, cloudy or rainy, ideal for fishing
Broad usage: quiet, convenient and portable, suitable for indoor or outdoor use
Note: the air pump is not waterproof, please do not let it touch the water for a long time; Please charge the air pump before you use it

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