ENZPOWER 1000W Wind Turbine Solar Charge Controller Hybrid Controller 600W Wind and 400W Solar Panel 12V/24V Auto Distinguish

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ENZPOWER 1000W MPPT Wind {solar lights} Hybrid Controller 600W Wind + 300W {solar lights} 12v/24v Auto Distinguish


★Intelligent design, simple structure, control powerful, stable performance, safe and reliable products.
★ Digital intelligent control. Having a boost function, MPPT function, make better use of {solar lights}
★Wind MPPT charging, charging efficiency than conventional PWM way more advantages
★ LCD Display all parameters visible and intuitive user
★ PWM stepless unloading mode
★ Various output status setting function, often power / half power / sub-periods, etc.
★Max.input power: 600W Wind + 300W {solar lights}
★Rated voltage :12V /24V
★Net Weight:2.2KG
★Size(L*W*H): 164×181×100(mm)
★Enclosure: IP30

Electronic protections:

Lightning protection, {solar lights} cells, anti-anti-charge protection
Battery open-circuit protection
Battery reversal protection
Overload protection.
Over speed and over-voltage soft automatic brake protection
Package List
• 1 x Wind {solar lights} Hybrid Controller
•1 x Dump Loader Resistance
• 1 x User ManualWind {solar lights} Hybrid Input or Independent Input {solar lights} or Wind ,{solar lights} used for AC Wind or DC Wind
MPPT charging way, make sure power max. input to battery and high charging efficiency obtained
Be able to use for 600W {solar lights} with high compatibility.
Independent Boost Circuit: Solved the charging efficiency of the low-power vertical wind generator.
12V/24V System Automatic Recognition function. Mini-size, be easy to install. Include Dump Loader Resistance

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