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EnviroMission’s Solar Tower Pilot Plant – Solar and Wind Renewable Energy

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EnviroMission (ASX:EVM and OTCBB:EVOMY) is developing Solar Tower renewable energy technology on a global scale. EnviroMission, which owns the global license to Solar Tower technology (excluding China), has shifted its development focus to the South West of the United States of America . A single power station development will have the capacity to supply renewable energy to more than 100,000 typical American households or remove the equivalent of 220,000 typical motor vehicles from the roads *.

* A typical motor vehicle emits approximatley 4.5 tonnes of Co2 per annum “Cantor Fitzgerald’.

EnviroMission made an offer to acquire a majority holding in the securities of SMT to enable EnviroMission to commercialize Solar Tower technology globally, including large markets outside of Australia.

In May 2009, the company’s U.S. subsidiary, EnviroMission (USA) commenced operations. The establishment of a US headquarters in Phoenix will provide financial and resource efficiencies from localized business operations. EnviroMission (USA), Inc. will lead briefings and interactions with power authorities and councils in the southwest, as well as analysts and the finance sector within the US to provide real time business advantage for development success in the region.

Solar Tower Technology will abate approximatley 528 million gallons of potable drinking water per year – water that is typically associated with tradional power generation methods.


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20 Comments on "EnviroMission’s Solar Tower Pilot Plant – Solar and Wind Renewable Energy"

  1. Evi1M4chine says:

    How does the air go in in the first place? From the sides?

  2. korreltjie says:

    @aargh5 Clever guy do you realy think they could achieve a tower that strech thru the artmosfeer na dont think so

  3. What is the average power? around 4:00 he says… 30 kW?????

  4. lcabosa says:

    @biterface03 glass over the ocean, ocean city made of glass , steel and concrete that uses updraft tower for air conditioning and desalinization, and the in water part of the structure to creat artificial biorock reef, i`m drawing some sketchs to present a more sound image of the idea. it`s something that requires a comtemporany faroonic power to be possible. keep on dreaming :0) and free the land…

  5. @Meda01 Lake Havasu is even hotter!!!! BRING IT HERE!!!!

  6. @Evi1M4chine Yes the heat being pushed up into the tube sucks that air from the sides and the wind gets faster as you get closer to the tube

  7. Spain has lots of wind and solar resources. Nice.

  8. m8s4lif says:

    Lets see. 30KW x 24 hours a day=720KW hours per day, times say 5 cents per KW hour = $36.00 a day. At that rate it would take over 76 years to pay for just the tower alone, without any interest. Very expensive electricity.

  9. mhlubs Lee says:

    i love it how can we get one

  10. Hey m8s4lif, where do you purchase power for 5 cents a KW? You aint payin enough!
    its 22 cents a KW where i'm livin! and going up 10-15 % per year for the next 2-5 years due to our dumb ass utility not charging enough in the past. stay cool mate.

  11. @m8s4lif not to mention the costs of periodically replacing the plastic, which is a petrol product. These guys were attempting to find money to build a kilometer high tower here in australia (as apparently it becomes cost effective at that scale), but then they had to back down when they found out that no one could build anything that tall.

  12. Deboy Deli says:

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  13. Not saying this is a bad idea, its just we are just simply using the power from the sun in more and different ways, all we need to really do, is find the most effecient way of capturing the energy of the sun and then harvesting it.

  14. mrpoghunter says:

    Holy Haters trying and failing is better then never trying…

  15. Brett Rodli says:

    EnviroMission via press release "EnviroMission Solar Tower Project Financial Commitment". EVM has received a formal commitment to provide the entire development and construction capital for EVM's first solar tower power station being developed in La Paz county Arizona to deliver the terms of a power purchase agreement with the SCCPA.

    The financing is subject to the due diligence and the acceptance of related banking instruments by EVM's legal adivsors and bankers…"100% pure equity".

  16. teronno says:

    Looks good, but why not throw a conventional wind turbine on the top of the tower for extra power? and while you're at that, why not mount some solar PV panels on the south-facing side of the tower? we need to seriously start looking at combining multiple renewables at the same site to maximize output and economic viability.

  17. Glenn Hough says:

    genius!!! there are so many ways to create renewable electricity I hope the public will support this… 

  18. Glenn Hough says:

    Renewable energy is the answer to our global warming problem..

  19. d8d8 says:

    LFTRs in 5 minutes – Thorium Reactors
    Will solve all energy problems and increase the standard of living.
    Here is your silver bullet Mr. President

  20. ACupOfDuck says:

    It's stupid.. To function properly it has to have large heat collectors that spread over a huge area. And now this area is blocked for any use. Therefore it is stupid.

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