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Ensupra Solo-GT240 Solo Solar Power Panel, 240-watt

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When the sun shines, Solo {solar lights} generates DC power (Direct Current, like a battery). A micro grid tie inverter converts the DC power to AC power (Alternating Current, as home power), synchronizing with the utility grid power. The Inverter is UL approved (UL-1741 code). Solo pushes electricity to the home using its micro grid-tie inverter, meets the home electric needs like refrigerator, TV, computers, lights etc. and cuts your electric bill. TWO STEP INSTALLATION: 1. Attach Supporting Rod on Solo Panel like attaching a picture frame support. 2. Put the Solo {solar lights} facing the Sun (preferably south) in your yard, balcony or any space getting sun. 3. Plug the cord into your wall socket like an appliance. It comes with Ensupra Electric Monitor to see your power generation. When sun is low, it generates less watt and when sun is shining more intense, it will generate more watt. We will send you the specification including UL approval reference of {solar lights} and grid tie inverter. We will also send you an electrical line diagram for any reference to local utility company. You can add up to 6 Solo {solar lights} Panels in a dedicated (no other load) electrical plug socket.Simply Put Solo {solar lights} Panel in the Sun and Plug-in the Electric Cord to Your Wall; Est. Generation 400kWh/yr.
Qualifies for 30% Federal Tax Credit
240 Watt {solar lights} Panel; Polycrystalline PV cells, UL certified; 25 Years of Warranty; Micro Grid Tie Inverter with 20 Year of Warranty
Includes {solar lights} Panel, Micro Inverter, Converter, Ensupra Power Monitor, 25 ft.; wire -ready to plug-in
Do It Yourself in an Hour; No wiring needed; No Batteries; Everything Readymade Preconfigured

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