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Energy Towers Power & Water – Introductory Overview.mpg

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A 5-minute 40-second overview of the Energy Towers technology. Developed at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology by Prof. Dan Zaslavsky, this is the most cost-effective technology for supplying zero-emission electricity from renewable sources. Electricity can be produced more cheaply than with virtually any other technology, including wind turbine, solar, coal, natural gas and nuclear. There also are 13 beneficial byproducts, including the ability to cheaply desalinate sea water in huge volumes.


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49 Comments on "Energy Towers Power & Water – Introductory Overview.mpg"

  1. God bless Israel the inventor of technology. Arab countries had invented nothing, just hatred, terrorism and death.

  2. With fresnel lense technology you can focus the sun to a point and vaporize water, that can turn a turbine very well, and the water can run a circuit to return after cooling. Our moon helps our water to move also. Orbit angles can be key to better function of the flywheel moving parts and for tracking.

  3. +brickandfanal I was thinking the same thing, but maybe not at the bottom. You could double the amount of turbines by placing the water spraying system into the middle of the stack, then placing turbines at the top and bottom. I would also suggest adding a self pressurizing system of solar focused heat exchanges that help pressurize the water in the first thing. It would help pluming costs and add more power generated. That, or use a combined system of green energy to power pluming, then use the raw power of the system to give to the cities. Idk, neato concept to mentally toy around with i guess.

  4. Isaac Roufs says:

    Why don't they put this underground so they don't have to pump in up?

  5. Why couldn't we use the drinking water towers already in use in towns throughout the U.S.  As some of the water goes down the tower to provide water to the user, it can be used to generate power.  I love the idea of doubling up as desalination plants along the coast line, but there are already structures already created that would only require some additional modifications at a lower cost.  Overall your system sound fantastic.

  6. Les Zidel says:

    In answer to those who cry alarm that clean energy is too costly and complicated and thus we can not do without fossil fuel, look at this system.  After all, all energy is the result of sun's interaction with our natural environment here on earth except for molten material in our core left from creation of our planet.

  7. sounds good…

  8. Does anyone think that it would be possible to overcome the engineering pitfalls by using carbon fibers and high-strength polymers instead of concrete and steel?Also, I would have an issue with pumping concentrated brine into a localized environment.

  9. AngelLestat2 says:

    the problem that any place close to sea see its chances reduced to find dry weather conditions. So the most certain that this will consume water from aquifers or rivers.
    correct me if I am wrong.
    It looks like a good idea anyway.. but the possible locations (close to cities) are very few.

  10. Is it possible to build an 800 meters tower? (Not even talking about 1300 meters…)

  11. Kyle says:

    Im no engineer, but I dont understand how its possible to pump water x amount of miles, 3600+ ft in the air, drop it and produce more energy than it takes to pump it. That and building a tower thats around 4000 ft ish tall is quiet an expensive effort.

  12. Given the political tension caused by Israel's over-consumption of water from the Golan aquifer and Jordan River why has one not already been built? 

    Also how is it that the saline water spray does not contaminate the fresh water formed by condensation?

  13. yup might as well build giant sterlings get about same net gain

  14. A simple concept, admirable in principle maybe, but what is omitted in the video is that to build such a 1.2 km high tower would require huge inputs of energy – including production, delivery and assembly of materials such as cement, structural metalwork plus the numerous turbines and other infrastructure. Would it be cost-effective overall? What would be the payback period? What about the resource consumption and related environmental impact of such massive building projects?

  15. ObiTrev says:

    Wouldn't this technology pollute the water source by increasing its salinity? The Salton Sea ring any bells?

  16. It assumes that one tower could meet electric energy demand of 1 million habitants with 460 MW, it means

    460 MW/ 1000'000 hab = 460 W / hab –> plausible but not alot

    in kWh per hab per year, it gives

    0.460 kW/hab * 365 day/year * 24 h/day = 4030 kWh / hab / year

    an average american consume in electric energy near 13,246 kWh per year, so 3,3 times more than assume by the project. But if we choose countries with dominante desert  and dry environment (I consider Algeria, Morocco, Libya, Egytpe, and Israel), I calculate that it takes only 2908 kWh/hab/year to meet electric energy needs of these countries, less than assume by the project. It's an interesting concept this is worth considering.

    Recall that it takes a dry environment for using this type of power station (it works with thermodynamic phenomena), a good geographical site would be the Atacama desert, in Chili, the driest desert in the world




  17. Denis jojot says:

    I don't understand why they don't combine this with an updraft tower… Boil the water and then have the condensed water travel to the downdraft tower…

  18. magnetjim says:

    conservation of energy PE=KE    energy to lift  the water will equal the energy released from the water falling

  19. woodn't even need all the hastle & expense of pumping all that water, just build the tower & let the natural chimney action accomplish the same thing…

  20. furiousmat says:

    seems to me like the sheer size of the tower ot build makes it just completely unreasonnable.. at least for the moment… Then really.. I mean his model uses dry ice which ismaintained below -57C.. Now what happens when you use sea water that really can't be expected to be lower than 4 C? + we're talking about sea water.. That means salt in the water.. that means significant problems with any metallic part..

    I don't see how that can be said to be a better alternative than solar thermal power which is gaining momentum right now. But who knows.. this seems like an innovative concept I had never heard of this before.

  21. Interesting. Makes me wonder once again if the Egyptian Pyramids wee some sort of similar energy tower. The pyramids were constructed with water diverted through the bottom. Plus. If you are going to build this tower in the desert. Go ahead and put some solar concentrators at the bottom, get more heat. Basically, have a giant tornado, which might have some pretty interesting effects on the atmosphere.

  22. Would it increase efficiency if the air was preheated in a plastic tunnel or hoop house and  funneled to the cooling point at the top would this cause a rocket stove type affect ?

  23. Sounds great to me, but the fact that this video looks to be about 20 years old is not exactly reassuring. 

  24. Instead of wasting energy pumping the brine back to the sea with potential ecological impact from too salty of a brine, just let it evaporate in an inland salt lake. and collect the minerals for other uses. 

  25. What a stupid idea, that will never fly.

  26. John Huang says:

    This concept suggesting energy created during 100L water fall down is greater than energy used for pumping 100L of water up? despite 20% energy losses during the process?! Wow…. who's idea was it? a Doctor?

  27. cost of construction? And how many homes would it power? 

  28. Jim Sadler says:

       I hope it works but I am not at all convinced. At the very least the accumulation of salt and increasing the local ocean concentration of salt is an issue. 

  29. MrFbeaupre says:

    So basically man-made wind… 1 200m! What's the cost per MW!? Zero emission… what about construction and maintenance of this tower?

  30. Just under 4000 feet, for fuck sakes!

  31. A B says:

    –  That's one MASSIVE tower:
            Height: 1200m = ~3/4 of a mile (i.e. 1200m*3.28ft/m/5280ft/mile)
            Diameter: 400m = ~1/4 of a mile (i.e. 400m*3/28ft/m/5280ft/mile

    –  And it's energy output isn't very high (i.e. 460 MW/Y is ~52.5 kW per hour (i.e. 460MW/Y/365.25/24).  Some home standby natural gas powered generators produce more than 50 kW/h….

    I'd like to see how much $$$ that structure would cost to build!

    It would also be useless in cool/cold & humid climates because it requires hot, dry air to operate.

  32. 黃超超 says:

    Thank god for this idea. How about toilet flushing ? 

  33. Tony Boroni says:

    how much to set one up lets go baby

  34. alfahdms says:

    this is really stupid 

  35. You speak of desalination as a fruitful bi-product. Where in this dissertation do you explain how this takes place??

  36. Are we forgetting about erosion? With an open air system like this and slaty water being sprayed all over wind turbines and over their axies of rotation there would be plenty of rust very quickly causing an increase of friction in the system and thus energy loss.

  37. God bless Israel!

  38. Glenn Hough says:

    interesting way to us it… I love your Ideas…

  39. Zack Gehin says:

    I hope I live to see one of these big guys in action someday! 

  40. eXtremeDR says:

    Great concept! 

  41. Tony Hardy says:

    And i believe it will work even better, the heat from the apartments themselves will help keep the chamber warm, this will build and maintain cold air pressure flow thru the tower as it is cooled with cold water. But this will maintain a warmth in the chamber to assure the chamber itself does not become so cold as to become colder than the air you created from the cooling water filter. It that happens i believe the cool air will escape the tower thru the top. But the apartments keep it warm.

  42. Tony Hardy says:

    Awesome, great ideal. Yes the higher the tower the better it works due to the trapping of more air pressure.

  43. Tony Hardy says:

    It is natural process,so no true loss of anything, the salt will remain in the air filter, after it is boiled of and return to the water supply. Are never happy? You would rather have another fukushima. Think about it, this is all natural, your an idiot if you refuse natural ways.

  44. Ozy Hussain says:


  45. Dave T says:

    it could run on chocolate milk

  46. Calvin C says:

    So why are no one building these?

  47. Rick Edwards says:

    I thought this was about energy – but you immediately find out it's about baloney!

  48. inkva says:

    What if this tower was made as the core of a skyskraper, and there where buildt appartments and offices. The powerplant could be buildt allmost for free.

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