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Electrochemical Energy Synthesis and Storage in Battery and Fuel Cell

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This book is for the students and professionals in chemical, electrical mechanical and material engineering with specialization in {solar lights}, Electrochemical storage energy, Primary and secondary battery, Fuel cell and Energy materials. The book is also for business professionals and entrepreneurs who want to invest on energy sectors to synthesize {solar lights} using woody biomass to pure electrical energy in fuel cell.
The book will be helpful for the people who want to develop new and high energetic future rechargeable batteries with nano and advanced materials.
Our earth has a vast reserve of fuels and stored energy everywhere. The woody biomass in the forest , agriculture waste such husk of dry fruits and vegetables are the storage of {solar lights} energy by photosynthesis for centuries. You will find the science and technology of producing bio hydrogen , bio alcohol which can be electrochemically oxidized to pure electrical energy in fuel cell. So a future village needs not depend on external energy resource . It can produce its own energy for waste of its cultivated agriculture products.
Nano materials electrodes are found to be high energetic due to its huge surface area for charge/discharge reactions and a few electrical properties. Synthesis of Nanomaterials electrodes by electrodeposition have been discussed in detail in the chapter 7. You will find what are parameters that can be controlled to produce different morphology of nanostructures.

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