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EcoloBlue 400,000 Liter/Day Atmospheric Water Generator Station

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EcoloBlue’s new 400000 Liter/Day Atmospheric Water Generator Station. We present the 3D design concept video of the project. Not only can EcoloBlue’s …


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34 Comments on "EcoloBlue 400,000 Liter/Day Atmospheric Water Generator Station"

  1. Breathing such dehydrated air could be harming to people. Extracting 400,000 from are probably creates a super dry air which you don't want to breathe

  2. This is ridiculous. There are so many scammers out there. Go home and try to fool some else.
    This is another selffilling water bottle waiting to be debunked.

  3. Nice technology but it sounds like they're expensive water if they have to have one engineer in 3 technicians living there year-round making sure the machine is running properly their salaries have to be paid sounds like very expensive water, but it is interesting I know they sell smaller units for people's houses that use 5000 or 6000 watts and produce one and a half or two gallons of water a day

  4. DJ GTO says:

    Why don't we collect and store water from high rain areas of the world ,and distribute it to arid areas of the world? Example flooding in certain areas in the u.s,.and water going down the sewer pipes,,,,,,,what a waste.*****

  5. Paul Driver says:

    Distilled water and plastic bottles is a no no!

  6. Gave this a dislike because of all the plastic bottles.Typical scheme not examining all impacts.

  7. Did they get anybody to buy into this?

  8. Avdesh Tomar says:

    It is really amazing
    Please spread this technology

  9. Has this station been operated anywhere and have you had customers?

  10. PrOtO Dj says:


  11. ajit desai says:

    What is the total Cost of this Station.

  12. Tony Smith says:

    Saw this decades ago in the first Star Wars movie. Luke's parents farmed water from the desert using a similar system.

  13. its FUCKIN G NO ECO tech – because U destroying earth weather balance

  14. MrMilanoLau says:

    How much extra energy does it take to produce 400,000 liters of water? Are the small number of turbine fans and solar panels in the motion pictures enough to power all the machines ?

  15. …….these videos generated by dodgy software are very irritating..

  16. Nikola Tesla says:

    convert the sand to soil and create a forest

  17. mike bengyak says:

    i have tiny passive system and like it it. also not to good to see all that plastic killing the world – old man mike bengyak

  18. J T says:

    Doesn't sound good! If it was in a VERY humid place is one thing, but in the desert???? HELLO???? Peru is doing it already, but there it's good, there's a lot of humidity. Panama would benefit a lot. Still, there has to be a lot better ways. How about learning how NOT to WAIST water???? SO much is just waisted!!!! And learn how not to use so much to grow things. Grow superfoods in greenhouses with little water. What a waist of money also! …… and again in the DESSERT???

  19. iesomir says:

    Annoying music !

  20. Tyler Dunn says:

    What do you think is going to happen pulling all that water out of the atmosphere?????it's gonna be a dry world!!thunderdome here we come😨😨😨😨

  21. Roger didit says:

    What is the initial cost plus maintenance plus filter costs plus transport costs divided by each gallon?

  22. kareszt says:

    My one kicks yours into a grave.

  23. The robot voices is such a killer .. Cant afford a human voice?

  24. Jim Barron says:

    This is a device for harvesting money from gullible investors. It's nothing more than a dehumidifier on steroids. The problem there is that the DRIER the air, the more you have to lower the temperature before you can even START to collect water. This will never be remotely economic even with "free" solar power.

    Energy has economic value (and anything built to harvest energy has costs). Even if you collect the energy on site with your own equipment the COST of collecting the water includes the economic value of the energy used (which could have been sold on the market if not used for water collection).

    THE PRIMARY SOLUTION >MUST< BE TO LEARN TO DO MORE WITH >LESS< WATER. If we stopped such insane depravities like diluting our feces with potable water and then dumping it into the environment, taking showers under heavy sprays (instead of light mists) etc then we'd need only a tiny fraction of water currently being used with only ONE simple, easily enforced law:

    NO COMPANY SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO DISCHARGE ANY WATER PERIOD. The core concept should be that if they can clean water well enough to discharge into the environment then they can just reuse it themselves. And toxic wastes would be far easier to EFFECTIVELY deal with if kept concentrated instead of massively diluted with water (to get a concentration ARTIFICIALLY "low" enough to excuse (only in the "minds" of the brain dead) just dumping it into the environment.

    The core problem is a totally depraved economic system that places no value on human health or the environment and absolves industry of all responsibility.

    , WIth appropriate technology and practices, natural rainfall, even in very dry areas would be enough for what we genuinely need. (Of course assuming the core requirement without which all other things are doomed to failure: A SUSTAINABLE POPULATION.

    NEGATIVE population growth until a sustainable size is reached and then ZERO population growth thereafter should be at the top of the agenda.

    Religious institutions that try to overcome their inability to convert any not indoctrinated from an early age by just out reproducing everyone else should be marginalized (and criminalized if necessary) as the highly pathological organizations they are.

    If we do not control our population, nature will do it for us. And nature has no regard whatsoever for human suffering nor for our species survival.

  25. Walter Grimm says:

    What dumbo invested so much time for this good created video, and have so much bullshit in it, palms to create moisture and reverse osmosis from condensed pure water, what a load of bullshit

  26. Charles Dog says:

    Another CGI model that will save the world. Complete bullshit. I'm not going to run the numbers but I'll bet 100$ the numbers given are the thermodynamic theoretical maximums or just pulled out of their asses, which is usual for shit like this. If it were so cheap and easy to build magic dehumidifiers in the desert they would be everywhere already.

  27. scam, condensing water from air consume a huge amount of energy and can't be economical
    you can spend half of this cost to build more efficient water stations from the sea

  28. rick Fischer says:

    Oh boy! Where do I send my money?

  29. Dave Hammond says:

    Plastic bottles?

  30. It's a sham.
    Dehumidifiers pulling water our air that has little humidity.
    It's wouldn't produce 400,000 liters of water per day if the relative humidity was 100%.
    It's the largest because it doesn't work. It's less expensive and polluting to truck in water.

  31. dbmail545 says:

    25% minimum humidity? That desertscape doesn't look like that happens very often. The issue is that for the price of this you could truck in water. This is the most expensive "free" water in captivity. Notice how it is mostly CGI and never gives an estimated price for this non-existent water factory. The only real images are from an unaffiliated water bottling plant.

  32. The presentation is so unrealistic.

  33. Pieh0 says:

    Nice troll.

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