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ECO-WORTHY 24V 600W Hybrid System Kit: 400W Wind Turbine Generator + 2pc 100W PV Solar Panel

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400W {solar lights}Generator
Rated Power: 400W
Nominal Voltage: DC12-24V
Service Voltage: DC12-24V
Cut-in Wind Speed: 2.5m/s
Rated Wind Speed: 10.5m/s
Maximum wind speed: 35m/s
Rated Rotate Speed: 800r/min
battery capacity: 200AH-400AH
Output Voltage(AC): 110-220V
Control system: Automatic fan dedicated controller
Inverter: Pure Sine wave Inverter
Generator style: Permanent-magento-phase A.C
Fan blade quantity: 3pcs
Wind leaf material: Carbon fibre composite
Rotor diameter: 1.2M
Tower diameter: Suggest more than 80mm
Altitude of towe: 4.5M-10M
Pole diameter: out diameter 7.4cm, inner diameter 5.3cm
Net weight: 17.64lbs (8kg)
Packing: 27.1*14.4*8.3in (687*365*210mm)

100W poly {solar lights}
Related power: 100W
Maximum/Peak Voltage(Vmp): 21.6V
Open Circuit Voltage(Voc): 18V
Maximum/Peak Current(Imp): 6.11A
Short circuit current (Isc): 5.55A
Output Tolerance: ¡À3%
Temperate coefficient of Isc: (0.10+/- 0.01) %/¡æ
Temperate coefficient of Voc: – (0.38 +/-0.01) %/¡æ
Temperate coefficient of power Voc: -0.47%/¡æ
Temperature range: -40¡æ~+80¡æ
Frame: Heavy duty aluminum
Guarantee of power: 90% within 10 years, 80% within 25 years
Defective Warranty:5 year warranty against material and workmanship
Kind of glass and its thickness: Low Iron, high transparency tempered glass of 3.2mm
SLA Battery Voltage: 12V
Size: 1189*543*35mm(46.8″x 21.4″x 1.4″)

Package Included:
1pc 400W {solar lights}Generator with Hybrid Controller
2pcs 100W Poly {solar lights} Panels with MC4 Connectors
1pc 24cm Cable with MC4 ConnectorHere is a perfect system that combines {solar lights} power and the {solar lights} together. It is a 12/24V DC
400W {solar lights}Generator & 20A Hybrid Controller & 2 PCs 100W poly {solar lights} home system, and it auto work with 12V/24V.
Max daily output at 600W/H. It also works when there is only {solar lights} power or {solar lights}, getting hybrid or single power.
Great efficiency & Easy to set up!
Perfect for green {solar lights}, homes, businesses, and industrial energy supplementation!

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