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DJI Phantom 3 Battery Firmware Update Tutorial

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DJI Phantom 3 & Accessories – This is how to update DJI Phantom 3 battery firmware. Many people including myself have more than one …


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45 Comments on "DJI Phantom 3 Battery Firmware Update Tutorial"

  1. Long Dong says:

    So how do I update it

  2. SpaceMovie says:

    the problem is … you canget the newest firmware only with the app

  3. John Pratt says:

    Thanks, answered my question

  4. Jason B says:

    Where do I download the firmware from??

  5. Have a question about the 2 led light blinking 3X's. It says Short circuit when you look at the battery info page. I am trying figure out if I need a new charger or if I need to update or new batteries

  6. DJDAD BODE says:

    Keep those Jeans tight, bro – -

  7. The Q says:

    Nice Submariner

  8. Rob Wilcox says:

    Ive purchased a new battery since last update, how can i get latest firmware to battery?

  9. MrNbarton says:

    Thanks Irix! As always, straightforward, to the point and helpful.

  10. Now that's a video.  Awesome…worked for me.  The hell with DJIs site..

  11. Bruce Hayer says:

    Awesome, worked for me, thank you!

  12. Actually just figured it out, something was keeping my batteries from plugging completely into to the unit, I do Thank you for replying tho :)

  13. What is wrong when the battery doesn't upgrade, all lights turn red and the little light stays red and has a continue buzz ?

  14. THANK YOU!!!! Very helpful. I'll be sure to subscribe!

  15. correction "No Firmware"

  16. Hi Irx you'll need a cup of coffee.
    Phantom 4, .. I have 4 battery's, .. flashing red light, (Saw your video on battery's) .. Checked SD Card,.. no software. ? ..went to DJI .com downloads. Available was the following I am using Android


    Phantom 4 Dlog 3DLUT

    Dlog 3DLUT User Instruction
    zip /pdf

    DJI Assistant 2 v1.0.4

    DJI DNG Cleaner v1.1

  17. Hi Irx had the problems you just covered. Went to DJI P4 downloads but no firmware shown, only manuals, and software for D-LOG etc

  18. tdash hoot says:

    both of your batteries flashed the red. mine don't do that red flash and go never says anything about my battery updates.

  19. brandon429 says:

    I had all questions answered in the vid it's perfect.

  20. paul holmes says:

    does this apply for the p3 standard

  21. Worked for me. I had one battery that was updated with the phantom and then I put the other battery in to fly and it said needs update. Well. I had already formatted the card. So I put the update on a card again. Then put it in the slot and turned it one. It didn't work the first cycle of turning it on, so I tried again. And presto!! It worked. Thanks a bunch!!
    What are those bumpers on the phantom. Black and red things?

  22. Hi, and thank you for the vids. The problem I have not been able to solve is body updated successfully, remote as well… battery has the green light per this vid… the issue is I get "safe to fly gps" however there is no battery (says N/A) and no satellites and no remote bars on the remote (on the ipad app). please help!

  23. Thank you for taking the time. Helped me understand the blinking lights.

  24. How How do I update my phantom 3 advance camera

  25. Do you have to erase the firmware update file from the sd after you perform all the updates, before putting it back on the drone?

  26. lavon watson says:

    this was perfect i just purchased the aircraft help me a bunch thank alot

  27. Dee Rhone says:

    I'm shocked you didn't have your prop guards on for this video. /s

  28. This what happen to me with battery number two

  29. Andrew Geng says:

    So, I tried your method. and My phantom started to do firmware upgrade again… I can tell with the gimbal vibrating in specify sequences.

  30. Hey Irix Guy, Ive tried this numerous times and for some reason I keep getting the error message in the DJI GO app that says my battery still needs an update. My original battery dies it just fine, but for some reason this one just won't update. Any ideas?

  31. Vadim Smith says:

    Whats the website? A useful bit of advice would be camera settings for getting optimal images and videos in various light conditions. Just an idea but thx for your videos, all useful tips & tricks )))

  32. Adam Osgood says:

    i did the firmware update for the drone and my first battery, worked fine. i did my second battery and nothing happens, it was fully charged never interrupted. light on gimbal blinks red, what do i do?

  33. I just want to thank you very much for all of your info and your clean input on what this machine can and cannot do you have been a huge helping hand and letting me fly the drone with great confidence so I'm going to support your site it's knocking to be a huge monetary donation but just showing a little love for everyone out there helping me out thank you very much

  34. Steve Ellis says:

    Well… It's nice that at least SOMEONE offers support for this piece of shit, because DJI sure as hell doesnt.WHY do I have to go through this bullshit for a product right out of the box???And then get NO help from the maggots who took my money…..

  35. Paul Sheaves says:

    Hi Irixguy,

    The app is saying battery upgrade required, but my LED on the gimble is green… also the phantom is flying well. However every now and again it will flicker between a compass problem (saying magnetic interference) and normal (no problems). Not sure what is going on?!

  36. Michael M says:

    How many batteries do you have to date?

  37. fredstah714 says:

    what if i don’t see a green light?

  38. Arif Pierce says:

    Great explanation, thanks man.

  39. Thanks for the info I was about to freak out lol

  40. Todd Shaw says:

    Hey Irixguy. I appreciate your helpfuk videos. I have the same rig you do. The P3 with quick release prop gaurds. Unfortunately mine crashed hard due to faulty propellers. could the faulty props be caused by the extra weight of the quick release prop gaurds? have you heard of DJI props having to much flex? I'm certain that's what caused my crash. Do you have any insight? Thanks!

  41. CHSDRONE says:

    great video / you should wear the Rolex more / looks great

  42. Hey irix. Thanks for the video. I formatted my Sd card before updating my batteries. Could I put the firmware update back on the card or what??

  43. Bob C says:

    Props off when powering up inside, always a good habit. It might be that this version didn't require a battery update. But since you never which update does need one, always good to go through the motions just in case, Murphy is always just one step away ready to ruin your day.

  44. Ryan Nail says:

    I put in all 4 of my batteries. They all have the red blink one time. After all are updated, I put already updated battery back in and it still gives me a red blink.

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