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DIY Solar Powered WiFi Weather Station

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This video show you how to build a Solar powered WiFi Weather Station with a Wemos D1 mini pro board. The full project document and codes are given in the following link https://www.instructables.c…


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34 Comments on "DIY Solar Powered WiFi Weather Station"

  1. belloweb says:

    Nice project! Just a question… Can you conect directly the output of the TP4056 to the Wemos? The voltage is the same that the battery, rigth? 3.7V? Thanks!

  2. D3n N3sm says:

    You should separate sensor from logic part and exclude non-wired connections…

  3. kokalti says:

    Wow awesome do you sell your inventions?

  4. There are a few things wrong with this design. A temperature measuring device that needs to be put in direct sunlight should at least be painted white but, ideally, the solar panel would also have to be physically separated from it to avoid heat transfer. It also shouldn't have heat sources in the same space as the sensor like a microprocessor or a charging circuit. As it is displayed in this video, the only valid reading from that box would be pressure.

  5. Yum Bite says:

    Please show up the connection more closer

  6. This music is killing me!!! Please don't use music at all.

  7. hasan junaid says:

    Why do you need it if you have internet ypu can easily use accuweather to get all the weather data i still dont see a poi t in making it

  8. How did YouTube connect him in blynk

  9. Perla Vicki says:

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  10. I was actually just about to spend thousands of dollars for solar batteries, but I searched around to see if there were other options before I did. Luckily I found your course! Because instead, I was able to get old free batteries (like you show how to do), recondition them, and have an entire battery bank for almost no cost [Check Details Here==> ]. Absolutely incredible!

  11. GamerSoft says:

    can we use nodemcu

  12. Does the solar charger provide enough energy? As there is no boost circuit for when the panel produces less than 4v

  13. FireSwordl says:

    Nice project! Thank you! Seems like the battery voltage is enough for the WiFi module, I thought it needs 5V stable. The seller changed the the battery product on banggood – now it is 18650, not AA.

  14. linagee says:

    Very inspiring to see this slapped together. It looks so ugly inside, but the outside looks very nice. I need to learn this technique more, lol! You can always make pretty fabbed PCBs if these go into volume production over quantity one, the protoboard worked nicely!

  15. You forgot to show how you soldered the 0 Ohm resistor on the wemos 😀

  16. Are you sharing the enclosure files? Nice Job!

  17. Hello, you can not see the project on the web

  18. wow, such a neat little design. I am about to a do a weather station as a project for college and this just made me want to do it even more.

    One question, is it really ok to put an unregulated power supply(solar panel) onto the charger?

  19. Utsav Shah says:

    Great Project ! will definately make it ! Sir I would love to see your new project MPPT based solar charge controller as the earlier V3 did not go as expected. Thank you:)

  20. which software use for this 3d projection??

  21. Nice project!!! I have a question, I can use the esp8266 only?

  22. Marc Paradis says:

    how long Will it last ??

  23. Open sourcing for our future! Thanks for taking the time and great video.

  24. Jon Vannatto says:

    Great project. Just a note, when using an external antenna you need to move the jumper resistor on the Wemos D1 to enable it. It is the resistor between the antenna's labeled "0". It needs to be moved over so the PCB trace is connected to the external antenna connector. Your current setup is using the onboard antenna.

  25. lovely project….and especially that 3d print…so smooth!!!! which 3d printer did you use?

  26. Great project👍
    Looking forward to more similar videos.

  27. Nice project. Thanks for sharing.

    One note to consider. .. PLA plastic will disintegrate over time if exposed to sunlight and or rain. If you used PLA then coat it with a UV resistant and water proof coating to protect it. You might consider making the vents louvered or adding a panel to block blowing rain to keep everything dry inside.

  28. Sai Khurana says:

    Please inprove your soldering job. The 3d print case looks nice.

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