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DIY Solar Powered Car + Build session – Power wheels – Dune Racer

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I decided to upgrade my kid’s Power Wheels Dune Racer with better technology. This was a really fun project. The kids love not having to stop and ask for a battery recharge every 30 minutes. Now I just need to add Joule Ringer powered headlights.
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46 Comments on "DIY Solar Powered Car + Build session – Power wheels – Dune Racer"

  1. Dean Walcott says:

    what if you add a small wind turbine to the front and when the vehicle is moving the wind turbine spins because of the movement of the car

  2. awesome …great durable panel with lots of watts

  3. Crispy K says:

    So even when they drive it, it also charges it right ? if there's light of course 😛

    And would it push enough to keep the same voltage whille in use if it's clear sun?

  4. JORGE S says:

    good afternoon 

    I am your servant George S, I really liked your video Diy Solar Powered Car, because I have a grandson, who would do the same thing you did, I have some questions I would like to auxilaras me to achieve the project. 

           1,. In my country that is Mexico, there are no flexible as you advertise panel, but I get intenatr with my family that resides in United States of America. 

          2.- I watch your video driver is to connect to battery and inverter to see .. That feature has favor to buy on the open market in Mexico. 

         3.-When does the connection of trolley wires to the controller as done.

        We would greatly appreciate you answered me hesitant to start the fantastic work you did for your children and take him out with my grandson who has two old. 

    No more for the moment I take this occasion to send a cordial greeting. 

    Thanks for everything and I hope to answer.

  5. Chue Vang says:

    Wow your awesome. Thanks for sharing

  6. Hi. Very cool project. Kids love it. One thing I would do would be to use the frame to hide the cables from the solar panel and run them inside, hiding them from the kids.
    Nicely done nevertheless. Thanks for the video.

  7. Daniel Birch says:

    Very awesome, love it!!

  8. dracwula says:

    Cute kids .,. Lol…BTW maybe a few suggestions.. Use relay to route power rather than driving off the load port directly. This will keep your solar charger unit from being fried and you wouldn't have to use 30amp straight off the load port of the solar charger unit. Manual even said to do so. 30amp reference is to solar charging circuitry not load. Solar panel from should have a cross beam to reduce flexing to avoid defects. Regardless its flexiblility its not intended for flapping constantly. Its to allow for molding in odd surfaces! Did you read the specs properly? LoL!
    The battery you are using its LiFePO4 , LiPO is for notebooks and cell phones.. Don't confuse the general public.

    Cute project Cute twins? They are so cute in it!!

  9. SolarWebsite says:

    I am SO going to build this when my 4½ month-old twins are older! Very cool project. Thanks for sharing!

  10. If U can't like that then you either don't have children or your just not American……lol

  11. Can you do a golf cart?


  13. Looks great! I wanted to do a similar project with cheap battery powered screwdrivers. You get the analog gaspedal, you even get a set of batterys and you might even go 4 wheel drive with a raspberry pi controlling and sensing the wheelspin… 
    Anyway cool! The wheels need abit of rubber though for abit of comfort when on the gravel :-)

  14. Danny Keeley says:

    this would be great to get to work :P

  15. Troy Powell says:

    Now that you have had some time to play with additional charge controllers, solar panels, and batteries, do you have any others you would prefer if you were to do this project over again?
    The battery you used is a bit large for the compartment, do they make smaller ones that would fit better.

  16. wesleyb82 says:

    …might be my imagination but it sounds like you have a broken gear

  17. TheComputec says:

    looks like your workshop is a little cramped… How on earth can you work in such conditions LOL

  18. ok so i have a 100watt panel charging 60amps and the same controler, it takes 3 hours for mine to charge
    but i got to say that is a cool power wheels!

  19. hi. i am planning on modifying a power wheel with 2 traxxas 775 motors and would like to use 36 volts (3 twelve volt batts) would u still recommend using the batt described in this vid? also if u hook a charger up can it recharge all 3 batts at once? or would u have to individually charge them?

  20. Theshadowcar says:

    It is shameful to see some sarcastic comments on this work …. drawing a smile on the face of children worth much in this time .. I will tell to this person you are the best and keep it up.

  21. Luke Horror says:

    Very cool mate.

  22. Love it and the kids are adorable!

  23. This would make a great science project for adults and kids. Thank you. I am adding this to my kids page today. It is educational and fun.

  24. Renaissance man, modern Tesla, great father … what are you man? Awesome.

  25. Renaissance man, modern Tesla, great father .. what are you, man :?) Awesome!

  26. Zain Hussein says:

    thank you. that was very informative and useful

  27. elim210 says:

    do you think the longer run time might effect the long term life of the motor

  28. Kevin Barton says:

    Great science project. Power Wheels should come up with this idea because it is terrific without the main electricity charging the battery.

  29. ken125y says:

    Well done!

  30. josephnevin says:

    The 23 dislikes are from the energy company and petroleum guys

  31. Syed Nabi says:

    Good video! I want to do something like this with my boys, but want to build from scratch… will have to explore more videos on youtube

  32. Ali Ismail says:

    When are we going to get the first filmed fatal solar-powered car crash? Seriously though, selling stored (if that will be possible) solar power could be an export industry for Third World nations.

  33. Troy Duncan says:

    It's not very safe to shake and spin a batter lasersaber

  34. paul8kangas says:

    Put the 100-panel solar home before the e-car.

    The fastest & safest way to stop global warming is to
    build 100-panel solar homes.

    The most amazing race to watch is the race to shut down all nukes in Germany by 2-26-2022.
    In only 6 years Germany will shut down all its nukes by building 100,000 new 100-panel solar homes
    & 100,000 new windmills.

    If Germany can do this so can California, but only if we build
    a massive number of decentralized 100-panel solar homes.

    We do not want centralized, giant solar farms, controlled by Big Oil, which controls most of the ideas coming out of Stanford U.,

    We do not want "Clean Power SF" which was created by Shell Oil.
    Read the article "Feeding the beast to green the planet?"
    on line, in Solar Times.

    Yes you can build a 100-panel solar home.
    It takes less time and costs less money that flying to a rally
    at the UN in NYC.

    Please vote for Supervisor Scott Wiener, the author of the great SF law that requires all new buildings to be solar powered.

    Scott is running for State Senate in California.
    Help Scott continue his great work in the Senate.

    This will give the working class the lions share of income from selling solar onto the grid.

  35. Really nice conversion, love the PVC piping frame

  36. raji raji says:

    Super pa atatata
    Good please reply bye

  37. I had saw bright cloudy day with filtered sun that will give you around, 20 to 30 watts from your 60 watts solar panel. Try it during bright sunny days in cooler days for longer ride time.

  38. Richfilms111 says:

    and the best dad in the world award go to…..

  39. utub333 says:

    Great video! I'd like to build one of these for my grandkids. If all works out as well as your project has, I might tackle larger, more practical projects. Thanks.

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