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DIY SOLAR PHOTOVOLTAIC $1 a watt DIY Solar Panel Part 2 Make your own solar cell panel Bus Wire

This is part 2 DIY make a {solar lights} and covers the basics for beginners + for cells and connections.
The cells I am using are all broken cells I purchased for a discount from Ebay. They were all fully pre-tabbed cells. They are the long tab or fully tabbed NOT the clipped tabs. This panel will cost about $60 completed and requires about 1-3 hours of work + resin embedding cure times which are best applied overnight. Part 3 will detail the embedding process and adding an optional blocking diode. How To Build A {solar lights}.

Part 1 :

DIY solder foil:


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35 Comments on "DIY SOLAR PHOTOVOLTAIC $1 a watt DIY Solar Panel Part 2 Make your own solar cell panel Bus Wire"

  1. Hiyaaaa! Have you heard the talk about – Maxim Earth 4 Energy (check it on google)? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my buddy got big results with it.

  2. Glenn Hough says:

    Agree, its more clear and they do some easy to understand explanation.. more people will be enjoying watching and learning from this video.. and I'm one of them.. great job..

  3. opticalriot says:

    instead of bus wire could you use copper? or tinned copper?

  4. Adam Kremer says:

    What size tabbing wire and bus wire are you using?  Do you recommend a certain size?

  5. Gilly Gilbs says:

    Thanks Dan, I was still half on board with understanding how to correctly use the bus wire.  Once you gave the battery example it make complete sense. 

  6. am i so glad that i have watched this.  I didnt even understand what a charge controller was, till now.  I picked up a system from harbor frieght without that.  Tomarrow i will head to get one.  sheesh i hope i havent ruined my battery now.

  7. What if the cell is broken on the corner? Can you still use it?  

  8. WHY in the name of god are you using lead free solder on solar?

  9. I also dont understand how that entire long row is only 4.5 volts????
    I have two tiny 2 inch cells that are a combined 4 volts. I can fit it in my damn pocket!

  10. Very nice thanks I bought some of these and they came with essentially no information whatsoever so this was perfect to explain solar panel basic configuration

  11. Could you please tell me where is the video where you make or add the
    connections of the main wires

  12. Stevengrill says:

    Where do you buy the panel sheets?? You never mention that in any of your videos. And your website doesn't offer any content. 

  13. Andy Jones says:

    Stevengrill, Amazon or eBay, search 3×6 (or 6×6) solar "cells" (not "panels") mls solar and others offer lots of different packages. Not sure where Dan gets his but I've seen broken cells sold by the pound on Amazon too.

  14. This is awesome, thank you for sharing this video.. been watching your tutorials and it helps me big time!

  15. hi i have a panel  it has 30 volts but only produce 2amps in good sun

  16. can i just connect the solar panels with sold?

  17. WhatThatify says:

    can you detail how many watts come out of your panels (efficiency) as well as what your outgoing A/C available in watts after all the invertors and losses. Also how do you deal with dead panels after the resin has been pored. How long have these panels been in service?

  18. rio disco says:

    bus wire wrong

  19. shuckarelli says:

    great info but your goofy dude!! but i guess thats why i keep watchin to see what ya do next! lol

  20. MrLglc says:

    How do you calculate how much solar cells you need in your panel to power your home or small office?

  21. Buzzy Bean says:

    You can purchase a smaller gauge of solder to make the soldering process easier. Solder paste is also available that may make an easier job of soldering.

  22. t Tort says:

    did Video #3 ever get made?

  23. RobbyJHope says:

    Where is part 3?

  24. Joshua Isaac says:

    Thank you so much =)

  25. jr johnston says:

    Great to know exactly how a panel works. Purchasing one would be about the same cost. You must decide WHY you are building a solar system…. to .save on your electric bills , or have power when the grid fails. I have a system for backup… may sell power to the power company , but if you have no inverter or battery bank and the power grid goes down….you will be without power. Here in Arizona , the houses are covered with solar panels….really lowers your bill. Just be prepared to " disconnect " from the grid when the s%#& hits the fan and all power ceases. Hopefully , the cause wont ruin your connected system too. This will soon be a reality , mine is not connected to the grid. When the power goes down {and you have no independent storage} for whatever reason, your family will be in the dark…I,ll pay the electric bill and have my system in reserve. Living in the dark is very disconcerting…especially for children.

  26. bigbangnone says:

    I really enjoy projects that take money away from Edison.Great. Now I can say I have a skill to be used after the big pulse or crash. The word you are looking for is "Series" Hookup all of the 36 0.5v cells in "series". Thanks for the process description.

  27. Mystic Boltz says:

    In 2016, I recently ordered a $25 solar panel that is about 8 inches by 8 inches. On my voltage reader, I get 18 Volts from a lamp and around 25 Volts in very good sunlight, here in florida, even behind clouds. Not sure of the watts, but technology has really improved for solar panels. If I bought cells that size online now, they would be at least 3V each, not 0.5V each.

  28. WystenDraco says:

    All these DIY videos I really like, I had to make a dedicated favorites section. It has some videos where use of paneling is involved, but these are the first to DIY videos of making your own solar cells, to go in that section.

  29. put 2 batteries together like this…you mean pos to neg ?Also,.5v cells @ what amperage?Cells in series increases volts but to increase amperage you need parallel.Amperage is important,not one video explains what they have or end up with.

  30. Solare ad isola

  31. Matt Parker says:

    +GREENPOWERSCIENCE could you please put up a video that combines a Solar panel and a thermoelectric generator (peltier unit) to increase maximum voltage?

  32. baba mama says:

    clear as mud

  33. Not a horrible video but you really need to show via the camera how you are using and setting each tab. It's unclear where each tab is supposed to go. Please explain and show each tab solder in sequence. You show us with all the tabs already soldered.

  34. 5:22 "Zoop boomp boomp" helped me understand that concept the best ;)

  35. you can buy solar panels for 1$ a watt lol

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