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DIY Solar Panel System: Panel Angle & Mounting

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I share how to determine what angle to put your solar panels at no matter where you live in the world. I also show you my mounting system and a some things to keep in mind for a WROL situation.


– Optimum Tilt for Solar Panels:

– Solar Panel Position Calculator:


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25 Comments on "DIY Solar Panel System: Panel Angle & Mounting"

  1. Al Ruark says:

    Hello LDS, what is the HT & WT of the frame of the 2×4's and what is the setback from the wall, and are you using one angle iron for two panels, and are they the panels from Costco
    Thanks Al

  2. Firedawg529 says:

    Good info. Thanks

  3. I had to mount mine on a pole mount. Turned out pretty good. Hopefully be uploading my vid tonight. System has been up and running for 10 days and I am very impressed with these panels. We even lost power yesterday afternoon and it was so nice having water:). Thanks for all your videos and knowledge.

  4. LDSPrepper says:

    HT 4' WT 13'6" Setback 13". Two angle irons per panel. Panels are from Costco.

  5. MrFermenter says:

    Hey LDSPrepper, love all your videos. Make sure to keep your batteries on some kind of a maintenance charger. Check out OBXSOLWIND's channel. His latest video, as of a couple days ago, explains exactly how to maintain your batteries so they don't go bad. He has many videos on solar and generator power. He's a pretty sharp dude and has quite an elaborate setup. Check him out.

  6. LDSPrepper says:

    I think a pole would be cool. Glad to hear your system is working for you. I look forward to seeing your video. Please do a VR here so I can share it and your channel with others.

  7. DillysADV says:

    One quick tip for determining angle.. use a framing square and eliminate shadow.. if you are using a tracer you can use a PVC pipe and match the angel when the sun creates a perfect circle on the panel. 

  8. DillysADV says:

    forgot to mention (mid-day) for stationary and also remember it changes dependent on the season or time of the year…
    also on your connections.. you might think of using lugs to get a more solid connection over the wire nuts. 

  9. LDSPrepper says:

    Thank you for commenting. I looked all over for inline cable connectors for 6 AWG wire and could not find any. I want the kind that you connect and unconnect.

  10. movinon04 says:


  11. econewpower says:

    Very ingenious my friend, I like how you think. God bless you.for sharing with others.

  12. LDSPrepper says:

    Yes, we were able to power all of them. The panels charged the batteries almost as fast as we used the power. It was fun to watch.

  13. rigbym99 says:

    I think it would be wise to get system up and running and not put away. This way you are able to test in a live environment and learn what to do in different problematic scenarios. i.e. Lighting storms, wind, etc… You don't want to encounter these problems for the first time in a grid down scenario. 

  14. LDS – What about grounding the solar panels? I am new to all of this and curious to know if you grounded these panels in any way? The GrapeSolar manual indicates they need grounding. Please comment. Thanks PreppingDaily1924

  15. LDSPrepper says:

    Correct, you should ground according to the specifications from the manufacturer. 

  16. Go here. Its the best place to learn and have your questions answered!

  17. Glenn Hough says:

    Im still searching for the right one.. but i would love to check this out, because i wanted to save energy and help environment and reduce my power bills.

  18. An EMP strike? what the heck are you talking about

  19. by removing the MC4 connector off your panels you have just violated the warranty. sucks and i dont agree with them but I went and put the MC4's on all mine just in case. My Keyocera panels have a very good hail rating. Any shade on a panel will eat up the power it produces very fast. I know why you put them there, but it would be great to get them in more sun! Just my 2 cents. love the videos!   Joe

  20. Gary H says:

    What does LDS stand for if you don't mind my asking?

  21. Felix DuBois says:

    Great video.  I really like it and hope I can do something like that any time soon.  It is appreciated You sharing that knowledge of Yours.  Take care!!!

  22. Steve Lux says:

    LDS stands for Latter Day Saints, as in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. But many of us just use LDS for short. We know who we are.

  23. Shanta Hsieh says:

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  24. I bought excellent handbook from Inplix website. Just google inplix and start your journey to better life

  25. You can make it yourself, just loook and learn from INPLIX .

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