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DIY – Portable Solar Power Generator – Eagle Scout Project

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EAGLE SCOUT PROJECT (1st Stage): There is a population of over 7 Billion people in the world and 1.4 Billion (20%) do not have electricity at home. Lets Power up the world with a Home made Solar Power generators.
Lets start with a Basic 1 Kw Solar Power Generator able to provide power to students during the night.

This is the First Stage of a planned community project for this 2013 ….. Our Plan is to ‘Light Up a Student Desk’ on a rural zone (PERU – South America)

The selected School was located in Lima – Huarochiri – Matucana, Anexo: HUILLPA

Let me know if you have any questions or comments

See some pics from the final destination:


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22 Comments on "DIY – Portable Solar Power Generator – Eagle Scout Project"

  1. Luis Olano says:

    Carlos: Thanks for your invitation to my boy …….. we are ready to assist you at no cost, because we are Boy Scouts. Drop me an email and let me know what information you need in order to implement a Solar System for your Chevy Volt

  2. Hello Luis. Since I do not deplete the whole Volt battery every day I was suggested by another Volt owner to setup a small solar "generator" system with the following specs:
    1.5-2 kW inverter (over 1KW input, 8 amps charges at 960 watts)
    six 6 volt golf cart batteries of 186 amp-hour capacity (1,116ah x6V=6,696 wH)
    solar panels (how many?)
    plus misc.

    I need a mobile setup charging outside during the day and store it in my garage at night while it tops off my Volt battery. 

  3. Excellent work! We love seeing this kind of project. Would like to see a parts list and build instructions… You can post it all on Instructables (dot-com). See our site for generators that are a bit bigger at Renewableswest (dot-com). Also my Project ME4 site: (medash4dotcom). Good luck on your project. 

  4. Luis Olano says:

    Thanks , I will post the information on the recommended websites ….. email me if you want the part list information

  5. Buick80turbo says:

    great video can you please email me the parts list and step by step of the control box
    ( ) Thanks.

  6. I have to say that your system build is 1st class, proper design that, well done, 

  7. Luis Olano says:

    Thanks Llanelli, our main purpose was to implement this system for a community project ( no commercial), two complete systems were installed as part of the community project of my Boy Luis Jr ( Eagle Scout Project – Aug/3rd-4th/2013) the target place was Huillpa (Matucana-Lima-Peru). The beneficiary were an Elementary School and Community Center of this little town from the Peruvian highlands. We have seen happy faces during our trip to Huillpa town…..

  8. Hello Luis Olano,

    Wow, I take my hat of to you and your son,
    You are doing a very fine thing in helping those in need, If only there were more people like you in the world then i think more good things would be achieved for those in need, I have not heard of this place in Peru but will look on Google Maps, 

  9. Luis Olano says:

    There is a Link at the bottom of the video description, so you can see some pics from Huillpa town

  10. Hello Luis Olano,

    Many thanks for that,

  11. Very well thought out. I found your design inspwwwiring. 

  12. Carlos Primo says:

    Thank you! Your video is exactly was I was searching for. Awesome display of father and son relationship. Keep up the good work!

  13. Carlos Primo says:

    Love the video!  You both are a great inspiration.  It's been awhile I know but could you please email me your items list.  I am going to start my project and am very interested in your setup.  Thank you for your time.

  14. turbotrauma says:

    Can you please tell me where you buy the connectors for the solar panel?

  15. Mark Cam says:

    Wow im impressed with that ……Im using the basic set up with the big electric plastic box, but Im putting mine in a storage box in the back ….

  16. For ALL your SOLAR needs, you can find it here!
    Website: http: // 

  17. Super clean install bro awesome work. 

  18. themaconeau says:

    Love the build 😉
    You may want to think about cable strain relief for the solar panel connector so the weight of the connection and cables aren't being supported by the connector alone.

    I hope you got the Eagle Scout Award after this ;)

  19. Great Video , Simple operation allows us to get more energy , but Now we can save the DIY assembly process, see the New Impower Automotive INSTABOOST ES06 Li-ion battery Mini Solar Generator which moving 200 500 Watts , Dual USB , Solar pannel, Pure sine wave , The size same as the Coca Cola on height ,Convenient、Flexible、multi-function and protable all-in-one .

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