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DIY Build Solar Panels 1/2: Homemade from Scratch

Build DIY {solar lights}, homemade from scratch! It can be fun and easy to build {solar lights} from scratch. For further details, a shopping list, diagrams, specs …


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24 Comments on "DIY Build Solar Panels 1/2: Homemade from Scratch"

  1. JB85128 says:

    Great job, sometimes it is just fun to say that you built it yourself instead of just buying it like most people. I was thinking that I would need to use spacers myself, my hands are not that steady. Spacers something like the one's used in ceramic tile work (they look like little + signs), I think they would work for me.

  2. oh my God, I think I'm in love

  3. Pippi, you are very smart and have a great imagination

  4. hi, is it necessary to encapsulate the cells? what are the benefits of encapsulation?

  5. nice work gooood goooood

  6. Leah Templar says:

    What's sodder ? … Soddering ??? Isn't it solder and soldering ??

  7. that's not angle iron it's aluminium also the chalking looks suspiciously like silicon. but nice work

  8. Shanta Hsieh says:

    I'm sure that you will find good way to make it on Inplix Website.

  9. KaiTheWoLF says:

    "Build from scratch"
    > buys cells


  10. Neil O'Neal says:

    I'm wondering, "is Pippi an electrical engineer? like her father?" In any case, I'm applauding!!

  11. Kyle Geddes says:

    I noticed you didn't use any flux on the cells – any issues with the tab wires not soldering correctly? I noticed most kits come with flux pens or similar, but the one i recently bought didn't. Will be interested in seeing how yours hold up – nice work!

  12. beware of the solder fumes! toxic!

  13. Thomas Wells says:

    I agree totally about the dream. Regardless, you are doing a great job. keep up the vids. I'll keep watching just to see you..

  14. Db Cooper says:

    diy solar panels made from scratch! step 2 buy solar panel cells! ??? errr. not from what id call scratch.

  15. Now thats a true woman right there thats not afraid to get her hands dirty. God its so sexy when you see a girl using hand tools and building something and they actually know what their doing.

  16. Flux caution: inedible, causes severe diarrhea. That is what we're taught at MCCES (Marine Corp Communications Electronics School) in Twentynine Palms, CA. It's always good to triple wash your hands when soldering, and always wear PPE. Great Video! Thanks for the awesome lesson on solar panels!

  17. Mobile Dave says:

    its called solder not sodder

  18. pangrac1 says:

    Just go to web and buy already made solar PV panels, because you dont save much this way. This way the way when PV panels were expensive, now they are waaaaaay cheaper. Dont mess with this unless you enjoy it like a hobby. More important will be to make your own batteries from old notebooks, because good batteries are still expensive.

  19. pangrac1 says:

    Aluminium iron? What an irony :)

  20. Peter Pablo says:

    this is awesome, this video give the best instruction on DIY.. keep it up.. great job.

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