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DIY 2000 Watt Solar Generator Under $750 – Cheap Solar Power

My name is Bill Seavey and I’ve been experimenting with what I call “basic” solar power for nearly 25 years. I started with a small 40 watt {solar lights} on my 20′ motor home and worked my way up from there–eventually outfitting a “strawbale” house in Baja, Mexico and a spare bedroom in Santa Maria, California with a “back-up” system for short or long term electrical outages and supplemental power (I was actually a little concerned about “Y2K”).

Eventually I wrote a tech manual on these small systems (see testimonials elsewhere on this site) which has sold thousands on the internet to every state in the union, every province in Canada and overseas. It’s called the People’s Guide to Basic {solar lights}. The response has been terrific. The manual is a little out of date now ({solar lights} technologies are changing almost as fast as computers!) plus I want to do more, much more.. .


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  1. 2016 update: The People's Guide is no longer available but it has been totally revamped to show how to build a 2000 watt output solar generator for under $750 (including 180 watt solar panel!) The complete DIY fully illustrated manual is only $29. Because this is a three deep cycle battery system (we use Costco batteries), it's capacity to maintain power for several appliances at once is remarkable. Most other systems like this, especially the manufactured ones, don't have the capacity and you'll run out of juice….fast. Check out the slide show which is a great overview of the problems of power outages, blackouts, a possible EMP disaster etc. and then go to for complete details. A $99 "starter kit" is also available before you commit to more.

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