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Defiant Outdoor Solar Powered LED Motion Security Lights Unboxing

6/14/16 UPDATE: This product failed! We don’t recommend it!
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We recently purchased bare land to develop our off grid homestead and are living in an RV. Quickly, we realized that we were going to want some sort of security lighting to deter thieves or to let us know if someone comes onto the property at night. As we are off grid, we needed something that was {solar lights} powered.

We stumbled upon these Defiant outdoor {solar lights} powered security lights with 180 degree detection (Find here: We bought two of them, each coming with their own little {solar lights}. Watch us unbox these products and learn more about the application that they will be used for.

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7 Comments on "Defiant Outdoor Solar Powered LED Motion Security Lights Unboxing"

  1. Mark Collins says:

    I had one like this outside my back door as I was running 12v DC lighting through my home (I have video's on my channel on my off grid solar power setup) these lights are good but the motion was good up to about 10meters the possums use to set it off running across the verandah it was enough light to see if anybody was standing on the verandah at night time but to see the chooks at night 20 meters away was useless lol so I wired a better led lighting for outside to my main battery bank.

  2. I would have liked to see where you were going to mount them.

  3. Top tip…read the manual before making the video, guessing is not the way forward!

  4. Jane Smith says:

    So, how does that work, you just find open area and stake your claim? How does one just take open land?

  5. Jane Smith says:

    And hows this solar light doin? Heard it was a pos.

  6. yeah it's cheap (well not so cheap given what they charge you for it) import garbage, the quality is poor and is not made to last, I bet the rechargeable batteries they supplied were garbage as well and probably contributed to its malfunctioning.

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