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DC amp and volt meters how to use 4 wind turbines solar panels MW&S

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31 Comments on "DC amp and volt meters how to use 4 wind turbines solar panels MW&S"

  1. CrapPolice says:

    Well done how to video. Nicely explained man

  2. mick hunt says:

    I'm of grid and debit free after 3 years . do it guys . I'm stress free for the first time in my adult life . study hard save then do it !! take your power back. love for Australia 

  3. john otoole says:

    thanks Jeff, I always learn something new from these

  4. WORRO01 says:

    Thumbs up~~John

  5. rchopp says:

    Good stuff Jeff, Thanks

  6. Thank for showing so much detail in your video. I have plans to start building a Solar system in the next month or so. Been trying to learn all I can to make wise choices. So I do not have to waste anything when adding more panels. And I am learning kits do not have every thing you need. So I will need to learn more like you are showing here.

  7. gerald b says:

    really great info my wife and i have been thinking about selling our house and building off grid in the bext few years so we are trying to learn as much as we can about power
    for our selves 

  8. harley96cube says:

    Another informative video. Thanks!

  9. mags71 says:

    Fantastic video, very helpful info, thank you.

  10. sha whit says:

    Thanks Jeff, great information.

  11. Bonnie Flory says:

    On 5:33 you show amp meters. How do you know for how many milli volt they are made for to be able able to match the shunt.
    They have a scale of 50 amps, but I do not see the milli volt you talked about in the video to match the shunt.

  12. Jeff, can the volt meter be hooked up to only read the wind generator or solar panel? or will it always show the volts in the battery? I bought the scorpion volt and amp meter from you, which i see you do not sell anymore but my question is what is the correct way to install this so i only read amps and volts from the wind generator? or can this not be done.. thanks for all he great vids I'v learned a lot. 

  13. SyberPrepper says:

    Great tips.  Thanks!

  14. ian57812 says:

    A lot of folks including some well informed guys in the trade still are not sure about shunts. Thanks for the update.

  15. Mary Rhodes says:

    like you read my mind, did not want to ask ,   thanks for clearing this up, already fried a bunch of stuff, was gonna get someone to pop me on the back of the head, BAAAAK…..        baaaaaaaak ….BAAAAAAK    BOOOOOOOOOOOOSTA, had one toooo many again…when is WATT gonna finish the cargo container auto vent system.   Baaaaaak

  16. Great info Jeff thanks for sharing.

  17. xanataph says:

    I like to have an analogue meter on the amps and a digital meter on the volts. That way you can reads the volts to a decimal place or two accurately which is really important in 12 & 24 volt systems especially.

    But for amps from a solar panel analogue is the way to go as it responds to changes in light levels much smoother, and I imagine this would be even more important for wind turbines. A measurement down to the last milliamp is not really important when it comes to current reading! 🙂

    One problem with a normal say 0-15 or 0-20 volt meter on a 12 volt circuit is most ov that meters scale goes to waste, as you are really only interested in the 9-16v range. It is better to use an expanded scale volt meter that will put this useful battery range across the whole scale.

    For very small systems analogue meters are better than digital due to their much lower power draw from that battery.

  18. the same goes for the digital amp meters… yes there is a way to hook the shunt bar up!! if the meter is reading neg. than repeat what you said in the beginning. meaning revers the two wires from the meter on the shunt bar 🙂  plus any anologe meters, if there is a magnetic field around them they will read that.. meaning other powered devices.. for an example (extreme example) take a cordless drill and run it next to a analog meter it will fluctuate….. nice that you can (analog meters) zero them out… yes it is sad that you have to say DC amp or volts and AC amp or volt meters. but some people don't know the difference.  I LOVE the art work for the amp Clamps 🙂 as for the batts. on the amp clamps, I have seen them fluctuate like crazy. that's a  good tell your batt is junk or very close to DEAD. yes I agree with ya on that. ya a lot of folks will see the wrong amp… thanks Jeff!!! SUPER, VERY EDUCATIONAL VIDEO… Thank you very much.. also remember you learn something new everyday, that is why the older are wiser!!!    🙂

  19. EarMode says:

    I prefer analogue also.

  20. Very nice explanation of how this works. I need a DC meter and good batteries….. understood.

  21. Lisa Bell says:

    Thank you for doing that video. It was to the point and educational.

  22. jacky Parker says:

    how many amps does relay need to operate ? 

  23. Matt Lesak says:

    Thanks Jeff for sharing Jeff, good stuff!

  24. takkikayo says:

    thank you so much for sharing this video….I got questions …..what is a shunt bar, and what is the purpose? I try to follow your  diagram and try to draw also my diagram with my charge controller, I confused because my charge controller has the terminals for the battery, where should I connect the dc amp meter? my charge controller has only a light indicator if the battery is full or not 

  25. My wind turbine charge controller has 3 terminal AC to go with my AC wind turbine, How you use a amp meter with that? Thanks.

  26. great video Jeff, but how do you brake the wind turbine.

  27. Thanks for the free class, you will get ur rewards, in ur 2nd life…. THE HIPPIE TERRORIST

  28. jallsbrook69 says:

    Jeff your the man… I was going to say no to solar til I seen your beginner video's 1-5 and felt 100% to DIY my solar 48 volt system. After watching all your video's I was ready to try a wind generator and now I'm 100% off grid for my whole home. Just a question what do you think about Graphene batteries?

  29. JCdelivery says:

    great video mr Jeff..I will order two of those, dc amp meters..thank you ..

  30. John Ivy says:

    Hey Jeff, thanks for all the teaching video's, I have learned allot from watching your solar video's. But now I want to add a wind gen to my system. I have watched video's and read articles, but honestly I am so confused LOL I have a small 10A 130 VDC gen, but have NO idea how to hook it up. What do I use between the battery pack and the wind turbine? Plz make it simple, I am new to this stuff and Man it's hard on my old brain. LOL Simple works best for me. 🙂 my personal email is johnivy1967@gmail.com if you have the time thank you

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    Learn how to bring any battery back to life again

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