Cowin Solar Fan System – Solar Energy Fan (16’’ Blade), LED Light, 15W Solar Panel, USB Port, Comes with Outlet Converter

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Cowin {solar lights} Fan System (16” Blade)

1.{solar lights}: 15W/18V + 19.6 feet cable
2.Mini fan:35W DC12V, 16 inch blade, three level speed regulation
3.1.3W LED lamps ,working time:36 hrs backup
4.Fan: 8 hrs back up at low speed and 4hrs back up at high speed
5. Lithium battery: 12V/4.5Ah *2 Over charge and over discharge protection
6.Material: PP
7.Voltage: AC 220V
8.Charging time: 5 hrs
9.1000 RPM at low speed and 1350 RPM at high speed★[Speed Adjustment]: The Cowin {solar lights} Fan comes with 3 different speed modes with a low speed mode of 1000 RPM and a high speed mode of 1350 RPM.
★[AC and DC Power Capability]: The {solar lights} Fan can be powered and charged by DC power from 15W {solar lights}. In the event of little or no sunlight, or no charge, the fan can be charged through AC power adapter, which comes with the fan. Our fan is built with a rechargeable battery that comes with overcharge/discharge protection.
★[LED Light and USB Port]: Our Fan has a built in LED light for illumination in the night. Electronic devices can also be charged efficiently with our fan’s USB port.
★[Package]: {solar lights} Fan (16 inch blade), 15W/18V {solar lights} with 19.6 feet cable, AC adapter
★[After-Sale Service]: Customer meet any product issues, pls {solar lights} us firstly. We will try our bset to solve the problem and make our customer satisfaction.

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