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Could the Firefly Universe Exist?

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Firefly takes place in an incredibly complicated star system. But it probably couldn’t exist, because physics.

Hosted by: Reid Reimers
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41 Comments on "Could the Firefly Universe Exist?"

  1. yes, but randomness is lumpy.

  2. jsbrads1 says:

    True, but if you have a system like the example used in this video, then it is possible.

  3. AnonEyeMouse says:

    So, it IS possible. It's unlikely, but then so are cowboys in space. However, if interstellar travel and practical terraforming are possible, who is to say that a race fleeing a barren Earth wouldn't shoot for a system with as many world's as possible? You only need one system like this out of all possible systems to aim for.

  4. its only a show. it could be real like zombies, but till its proven , enjoy the show.
    and yes, zombies are real. just have to know your history before Hollywood got involved.
    great video. keep them coming

  5. notablegoat says:

    Way to take the sky from me

  6. all im hearing is the people who wrote the show or wrote the game didnt speak to people who are pro astronomers… or the 5th and 6th suns were redacted out of records by the alliance after that whole Miranda thing… brown coat 'higher ups' may have been lead to war by the redaction of soo many rim world citizens, who knows. please just let us believe in star wars / trekk firefly

  7. Only 7 out of 140 young white stars have brown friends. Fucking triggered.

  8. I want if the kerbal space program solar system can exist.

  9. more Firefly related episodes!! <3

  10. Don't address the RPG as canon. Such ignorance is why this world sucks.

  11. Science FICTION for a reason.

  12. "Young white stars"
    Triggered.Reporting this video for racism,sexism,Islamophobia,homophobia,and trasnsphobia

  13. likely odds is 1 in googolplex

  14. thexophguy says:

    ur full of bullsies .firefly uni can exits coz even with 9 stars yes might be unstable but qunantum physicks can make it allright and it makes stabil very stabilized and who knows maybe in near future real firefly dudes will come and say " hey look we here we come now we share our tech so u can go galaxies far far away " and we would be like " oh thanks doode " and theyd be like " ok now we wanna see harambe " and we be like " ooops we kinda rekt him " and theyd be like " ok ur fuked lets fry these carnivores ! vegans ftw u fukin cuntz" and we be like " yo wait we didnt eat him! " and theyd be like " ok then sorry we misunderstood alwais go vegan and here is the secret to light speed " and wed be like "ok " and theyd be like " now give us lady gaga and kardashians " and we be like " k then " and thats it …

    so yes it might very well exists ….

  15. Using terms like "3 to 4 times less" really hurts your credibility. Nothing is one time less than Something so 3 to 4 times less takes you into negative figures.

  16. an actual number on how low would've been awesome…

  17. Jay Phillips says:

    dude shut up. I swear I'm getting Dumber listening to you talk. I can't believe you get paid to waste time like this. get back to Something Real will ya

  18. Sooo… you open by answering "No, because physics", but proceed to refute that answer and end by essentially saying "Yes, but it's improbable"? Fail. Considering how big the universe is (not to mention how improbable our own circumstances are), I'd be unsurprised if we actually discovered such a star system.

  19. So, what I'm getting out of this is that such a system exists multiple times on our universe. Along with some donut planets

  20. Cy says:

    But… but… BUT…
    Christina Hendricks' titties.

  21. Matthew D says:

    Pretty sure a few times in the series they said they colonized a galaxy, while other times they said it was a just a star system.

    Either way, the show never said anything about a quintuple star system, so I don't regard anything he's talking about as cannon

  22. Nebula says:

    Low odds don't matter considering the size of out universe. If it's is possible, even with a low probability than it is possible and could exist

  23. So what you're saying is… it's possible!!! :D

  24. why did I have to think of Justin bieber when he said "young white stars"?

  25. KT Kunkle says:

    I thought the firefly was the name I've never. Watched played or read the series

  26. ~Duelephant~ says:

    Well if the universe is infinite then it's quite possible that if there is even the slightest chance it exists

  27. MemphiStig says:

    attention all whedon fans: his work is total fiction! it isn't real! whoa! also, i find all these 'refutations' based on statistics like 7 in 140 (which is and should have been reduced to 1 in 20, or FIVE FN PERCENT) and 1 in 3mil COMPLETELY LAME in a galaxy of 100 BILLION STARS and in a VERSE of 100 BILLION galaxies. Sorry, "science" guy. but your numbers don't add up to gorram squat. Altho tbh the game's kinda weird anyway, but i gotta give them (not this guy) mega-points for what'sitcalled oh yeah ORIGINALITY. Which can be easily spelled without REALITY. But you didn't even make a REAL case that holds up to the REAL VERSE, SO…fail. not even epic, just lame.

  28. AH! But Mal says they colonized a whole GALAXY of Earths… I assume he wasn't meaning an actual galaxy. HOWEVER… That system is freaking HUGE. I saw somewhere that it was supposed to be something like 180 AU, but you COULD stretch that out further to make it work. But then.. I never watched the show because it was plausible. I watched it because it was a good show.

  29. Eric Jackson says:

    I am really enjoying you channel since I found it. Very detailed and physically sound work done by your staff. Your hosts are enjoyable as well. Keep up the great work.

  30. Tu Chenz says:

    but 1 in 3 million is nothing when it comes to space

  31. un852 says:

    you did not mention that the central white star would have to be monstrously huge. For the brown dwarfs to orbit with other stars without creating a wonky orbit all the main stars in orbit around the white star would need to be at least as big as our sun. I have never watches the series, but the main white star would need to about the size of 450-500 suns in terms of mass(that's crazy big, Canis Majoris, I think still the biggest known star in terms of diameter at a whopping 6.6 AU is only about 17.5 sun masses). a white star that big would probably emit so much energy that the other stars would need to be about 2 or 3 light years away from the white star to avoid orbiting inside it habitable zone areas, in other words to avoid roasting the planets with too much heat and light. To be realistic 'the verse' would be about 16 light years across in diameter, not 400 AU like they say. that is over 2,500 times bigger than they say. So it would take about 50 years using their sci-fi thrusters technology to cross 'the verse' end to end (compared to the 1 week that they claim).

    Also the White Star in the center would shine with brightness of something like a million suns.

    their L3 point style threaded orbit would not matter because it would take about 15 million years for the stars to make one orbit, so that is something like 2.25 billion years of happy times, no worries. Even if the orbit became unstable, the stars would probably continue for billions of years more.

      Your statements about probability of organization are pretty meaningless since obviously the verse is a a special system.

  32. James Girven says:

    On all the maps and resources I can find, the verse spans like 400AU. I feel it's more of a star cluster than a system; meaning it's a much more possible configuration.

  33. R P Bird says:

    One could have a rich, diverse solar culture, but it would consist of orbital habitats, terraformed moons and planets, and maybe even a ringworld. Firefly could have gone in that direction, except for the $$$ involved with the CGI needed to portray it. Even the movie was shot on a tight budget. Too bad. One could have kept the themes of the show and movie without the fantasy star system, maybe even borrow some tropes from Bruce Sterling's Schismatrix and the works of Alastair Reynolds.

  34. It could be possible. After all, there are planets and stars out there that should have been impossible, but have existed anyway.

  35. 14ercooper says:

    well, in theory, there is a puny, minuscule, tiny chance that this could possibly exist (in a finite universe)
    Infinite universe; there are infinitely many

  36. I still want to go there.

  37. DSky24 says:

    I don't care
    I'm still free
    You can't take the sky from me!!

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