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Connecting Solar Panels ~ Melanie’s DIY Curtains ~ Off Grid Water

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I wired up the new solar panels to the Renogy MPPT solar charge controller in my off grid tiny house on wheels. Melanie made some curtains from scrap materials. And we are working on improving our off grid water supply. Read the full blog post here:

I went out into the off grid battery storage shed and connected the Renogy MPPT solar charge controller that I bought from Preppernurse1 a few weeks ago. The connections are really simple. I wired up the solar panels in series to increase the voltage and reduce losses in the wires.

Next I connected the Renogy MPPT solar charge controller to my off grid battery bank.

Then, finally, I connected the solar panel output wires into the Renogy charge controller.

Now I am pumping up to 1,200 watts of solar power into my battery banks in peak sunlight. Sadly this only occurs for a couple hours per day until I get the trees cut down. I am in a meadow and the trees block the sunlight pretty badly for now.

Melanie got some free fabric at a barn sale and she spent about two days hand sewing curtains herself. She is quite amazing and talented. She slit the material up the center most of the way. Then sewed seams to prevent the threads from unweaving.

She made loops herself as well for the curtain rod. And she sewed in creases in the top of the curtains to give some design to them.

We are both quite pleased with her work.

Chris and I are working on improving our off grid rain water supply. I had ordered some fittings for the IBC tanks off Amazon but sadly they do not fit anything I have although they are supposed to fit all tanks. They came from China and I did not see that until after I had paid.

I went out to the pile of tanks I have out in the side yard looking for something that we can use for the off grid tiny house on wheels. I found two tanks with valves that I can find fittings for in the local hardware store.

I want to connect the IBC tanks to the off grid tiny house to increase our rain water supply. These tanks will be directly connected to the tiny house on wheels to provide water for the kitchen and bathroom sinks.

We still have some cleaning to do in the tanks though because they had held organic glue in them. We are not going to use this water for drinking so dont worry about residue.

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36 Comments on "Connecting Solar Panels ~ Melanie’s DIY Curtains ~ Off Grid Water"

  1. Sunny77ist says:

    Is Melanie going to use the Chain Saw to cut the trees down while you clean the Solar Panels

  2. Sunny77ist says:

    Is that too stable

  3. Sunny77ist says:

    No thats not safe

  4. Sunny77ist says:

    Why is the Rooster making all that noise

  5. Sunny77ist says:

    Whats for dinner ?

  6. Troy you have a very cleaver wife well done Mel very pretty

  7. pbcoupons says:

    Love the curtains Melanie!!! Nice job!

  8. Melanie did a great job! The more she does around the tiny house the more it looks like a real home.Tell her I said that the tiny house is looking great thanks to her touch.

  9. Gary H says:

    I use one of those cheap WalMart  squeegees and really works good on the panels. I'm glad you brought more panels around to the front to maximize your out put.Two solar arrays are better than one!

  10. I love those curtains so much! Good job, Melanie!

  11. Rich K says:

    I just had an eye operation and thought I was doing okay but now I am seeing things,,,,,thought I saw a bear outside running in front of your window, must be another floater!

  12. Linda Linda says:

    look Troy, I'm not a troll, I just want to give you honest advice. if you two are playing at homesteading, just say so and I will continue watching in silence, but if you really want to make this thing work you should listen when someone more knowledgeable to mentor you. All these other people that just want to say ninety-nine things to you aren't any real help to you except to bolster your self image. Melanie, the curtains were real nice, but the project should have waited till winter when the outdoor jobs are asleep for a while. When you married Troy you knew how important the outside jobs were to him and that he was counting on you to help where it is really needed at that moment. That is what homesteading or farming is all about. Both of you, right now you have to knock back those weeds and get those chips spread, then you both can take a breath and relax. Otherwise you will be chasing weeds all summer and they will stump the veggies and invite insects and blight. I would go to your nicey blogs but I don't have time.

  13. MissX905 says:

    Was happy to finally see some curtains being put up :). Melanie did a very good job on them, nice and colorful. The THOW is getting a woman's touch lol. Tc

  14. scarmenl says:

    Melanie, my wife showed me that if you put some 6mm plastic in the material curtain loops, they slide much better. Good work young lady.

  15. Bubba Boo says:

    I don't care what anybody says you and Melanie has a beautiful little tiny home

  16. Roy Amberg says:

    did you forget fuses

  17. Brian Mendel says:

    You need the cage around the tank or it wont work. I have tanks in Buffalo if you want one. Maybe if some one is going that way they could drop a few off to you?

  18. Hey Bud, did those eggs hatch?

  19. J Ward says:

    Do you have baby chicken yet?

  20. Elsinore says:

    What was in the totes before you got them? It's tough to find safe ones. I kinda thought the water issue was resolved awhile ago.

  21. MrOpenGL says:

    I have the same charge controller. The only problem when you put it outside, is to prevent spiders & other insects (especially ants) from getting inside and walking on the electronic parts which can cause serious damage.
    This type of charge controller has an integrated NTC thermistor so it will sense the temperature of the air, assume the batteries are at the same temperature and adjust the charging voltage accordingly.
    Also as soon as the Renogy enters into absorption mode (voltage=14.4V) the battery LED will blink green.

  22. When mom showed me the picture you texted her, I didn't see the bows well enough.  I'm so excited that you found such a good use for the ribbons from the towel cake.  Melanie, the curtains are beautiful!!!

  23. bonnie berry says:

    love the curtains…

  24. I love the curtains and bows!, Good jobs both of you and you are looking so happy and settled!, Take care xxx

  25. mary cassidy says:

    those curtains came out great !! is that little box for buttons?? do u have a different one for needles n thread an such?a place for ur fabrics? might be interesting to see ur crafting things. ( i luv that stuff)

  26. Karey Whaley says:

    Looks good Troy and Melanie you did a awesome job on your curtains, love your bow's to!

  27. Fred Ziffel says:

    Ok Really silly Question……Why the Heck do you keep referring to your Roof  R-o-o-f   as a Ruff, a dog says Ruff Ruff. is that a New York Slang? just curious lol  no insult intended just find it funny. More Baby Cat videos please.

  28. petranilla14 says:

    Good job Melanie. Get Troy to get you a serger. I c=don't know how I sewed before I had my serger. It finishes edges beautifully so the fabric wont fray when washed.

  29. curtain rods of that style slide together and apart to allow you to thread the non-bent end through the loops! That was the difficult way I watched…. 😉

  30. Vickie Allen says:

    Love the curtains, Melanie, very pretty print!!

  31. Troy, On the IBC Totes….
    Get ones that have had food grade products only in them if you are going to use for potable water.
    do not fill them with out being in the cage…. (safety issue)
    Also GO TO TRACTOR SUPPLY and get "Gator Lock" 2" part D Quick Couplings and Street 90, get a 2inch to 1inch bushing and also get one of their 25 foot 1inch poly non-collapsible hoses ($26.00) and use that for the water supply.  
    Consider using a HFT Shallow well pump (cast iron shroud) the cheaper one … this will also work as a pressure tank.  use 1inch or 3/4inch Gator Lock connectors to make everything modular.
    the HFT well pump will run well off of a HFT 2k-4k ($129.00) Power inverter.

    For the solar panel setup…   The MeTer remote is a VALUABLE necessity for the Renogy Tracer MPPT.  also wire up your panels series parallel and you can get more effective charge and lower amps through the controller..

    (saved the best comments for last…)

    Harold n Anisa Cokayne
    Just a Livin' Simple Couple (in Maine and Georgia)

  32. solar panels looking good up there! I love when you do work like this! the garden is interesting but it got a little boring to me…. at the same time, I suddenly want to grow strawberries in my window sill lol!!

  33. Brenda SIGEL says:

    Awesome jobs on the curtains melody

  34. Ron S says:

    if i were to run the same appliance, which would last longer? full charged batteries in series or in parrallel? or is there no difference? and this is without solar power just straight off the batteries

  35. i just want to say kudos to you two. it takes a lot to do what you are doing. it is not easy. you are doing a fine job. do things how you want to, when you want to. it is hard wheeling and dealing to get things done.sometimes you have to do things for others. people today do not understand the concept of helping others out. anyways keep it up, and again good job. Be Proud. you should be. to chris as well.i hope you see this.

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