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Charging New Tiny House Solar Battery Bank

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Now that my little harbor freight generator is running nicely again I am using it to top off my tiny house battery bank. I have it connected to a battery charger through an extension cord.

The little HF generator is actually running better than ever before. I am surprised and cannot believe what is happening here.

It only ran about 5 hours on a gallon of gas before. Even with no load it only ran 5 hours before running out of gas.

Now that I patched it up, it ran 10 hours that very same night. I used it for about 2 hours and then shut off the battery charger and left the generator running. I figured it would run out of gas and stall out.

In the morning, ten hours later it was still running. I actually used the battery charger for one of those hours before the little generator finally ran out of gas.

That is an incredible amount of hours on a single gallon of gas. I dont know why it is to much improved now but it sure is better.

Now I can top off my battery bank as needed with the little – and now more efficient – harbor freight 800 watt 2 cycle generator.

I got some packages in the mail from IrishKitty from youtube. I knew it was from her because she said some packages were coming from China.

Baby cat loves her new toy a lot. Thank you 🙂

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39 Comments on "Charging New Tiny House Solar Battery Bank"

  1. Loved watching Baby Cat and thought this video was funny. Hope it shows up.  Troy which Progresso soups do you like the most?

  2. Lynn Morrow says:

    Good job troy. Way too go, looking good. Hang in there, pat on the back.

  3. Hi, Troy! I would like to thank you for your channel. You are doing great job on learning people like me how to live off-grid, how to use solar power. I hope you get you solar power system running.  God Bless You and your channel subscribers! 

  4. flash001USA says:

    Ahhh I didn't realize you have a MPPT controller. For some reason I thought you were running a old school PWM controller. Didn't you start out with a PWM controller?

  5. Lori Harpman says:

    12.6 to 12.7 is fully charged dude

  6. Lori Harpman says:

    If your batteries are sitting at 12.7 after sitting for 8 hours nothing going in or out they're fully charged just a little tidbit of information

  7. OK. I usually do not get involved in squabbles but after seeing "fixed by docs" parody of baby cat I posted this on it "Man…you need some serious professional help.Hope you get enough viewers to pay for it. UNSUBSCRIBED"

  8. you need to learn about battery charge voltage. 12.64 is 95% full.  12.7 is 100% full.  12.2 is 50% full   12.00 is 25%   11.9 is dead

  9. Jason, my son said he wouldn't have windows 8 after I got my laptop at best buy with windows 8. I am hoping the simple things I do won't cause me problems. TROY, I enjoy seeing babycat. How long have you had her? 

  10. bitmaxim says:

    I like the clock – it'll look great hanging over the edge of a shelf in your home.  The inspiration for it – Salvador Dali's oil painting, The Persistence of Memory – is part of the collection at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in NYC.

  11. What make and model cameras do you use. What make and model are you using to film this video. I have never seen a video of you discussing your camera equipment. Maybe you did and I missed it.

  12. I was just at the geek squad and the tech guy there recommended windows 7 over windows 8. I have to agree. Waiting to see what. Windows 10 offers.

  13. Troy, I've been watching all your vids going back to the first camper with the wood stove.  Love the new tiny house…for the first time you will be toasty warm this winter.  I think if you hadn't went to Australia last winter baby cat and you would have froze in that RV.  I want to make a suggestion that will end the need for ANY gasoline for AC or DC power generation.  Please research how easy it is to convert gas engines to run on biogas…yes…firewood.   If 4 wheel drive pickups can run on firewood, any size ac gens can provide endless power to charge batteries, and run ac in summer, etc.  One session a day charges batteries, runs ac, etc….Hope you check into this…you have plenty of firewood, and it is easy with  so many youtubes on how to do it.  A tv show on Discovery channel had guys driving everywhere with firewood as their only fuel!  🙂   PS   I live in a vintage 1976 Avenger camper…21 ft, and I have been off grid with those batteries….JUNK..don't waste any more money on them, and I had the same small 2-cycle gen from HF…became dependent on it because of those crappy batteries…

  14. Jim Thompson says:

    It is a nice little generator, for the price, and good for using to charge up batteries. But for longtime off grid living, a person needs a quality generator that is economical, dependable, and will do a wide range of jobs.

  15. RGWhite53 says:

    It is very easy to use. I loaded it on and off I went.Everything I could do on Windows I could do on Ubuntu on day 1. If you can use windows OS or Mac OS you can use Ubuntu. There would not be a huge learning curve. Its just a thought

  16. Been Thinking About This HF Generator This Week & Also Finding The Right Thin Film Solar Set-up  !

  17. Link Knight says:

    Troy, Microsoft lost touch with the rest of the world YEARS AGO. and its reflected in their software. they remind me of rich pooncy politicians who have no idea how the rest of the world lives….

  18. Link Knight says:

    that clock is how babycat sees most clocks after a good load of catnip…

  19. Dawn Minard says:

    Brussell sprouts will tolerate snow and cold for awhile

  20. Rob Busch says:

    Why is Troy not running a wind turbine during the winter months if he is getting insufficient energy from his solar panels?  I'm glad he is getting alot out of that HF generator, but I don't think he wants to hear that thing running all winter long, even if gas is pretty cheap right now!  I may have missed it but I'd like to see Troy put something up about his long term plans for generating power.  I know he may not have the money to buy everything he needs immediately, but I think he has been in the meadow long enough to have an idea what will work and what won't work on a seasonal basis. 

  21. Hey there , how many batteries are in your bank ? I'm currently purchasing 12v 35ah batteries to start one myself for my cabin . What i'm thinking about doing is be able to charge my bank from a generator and this coming spring connecting a
    100w solar panel to maintain the bank when i not using it . What kind of advice can you give me ?   thanks Joe 

  22. ROBERT VICE says:

    slow charging on on deep cell battery

  23. ROBERT VICE says:

    never charge deep cell battery fast 

  24. fade7887 says:

    Nothing says home like the smell of home made fresh baked bread, God I miss that smell!!!

  25. joohop says:

    nice 1 troy have you caught anymore trout lately ?

  26. FixedByDoc says:







  27. allan brown says:

    Why don't you use your DC generator?

  28. mascottie says:

    First time I've ever heard you cuss haha

  29. Troy put a whicker basket on the beam for baby cat to sleep in she will love it!

  30. petnzme01 says:

    It's a salvador dali clock…you're such an intellect…

  31. hi roller here nice work

  32. Steve Nash says:

    linux runs better,less drivers,less crashes,easy to protect if you understand the unix kernal.

  33. steve huber says:

    Dont feel bad dude I am an IT specialist and Windows 8.1 is a bit confusing for me as well. Is that belkin inverter good enough for a macbook pro 13 inch?

  34. mecanicman66 says:

    maybe its me but I tought 12.6 volt was full charge batteries in cars anyway

  35. SuperMaiki76 says:

    And you call your self Green…

  36. Matthew G says:

    12.2v your batteries are 60% charged. i wouldnt let my batteries go below 12.4

  37. get a new 350watts solar 5 panels to power up your home and get outbacks system

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